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BDDBugPY-24876pycharm behave integration matches wrong rule in editor
Code InsightBugPY-25076Inspection "Method may be static" doesn't report methods referencing attributes named "self"
DjangoUsabilityPY-24224Django 1.11: Can't ctrl-click widget template
DockerBugPY-25077Docker remote interpreter skeletons not copied correctly when image has Python PIP packages
ExceptionPY-24604Unable to create Docker-Compose interpreter - InternalServerErrorException: invalid environment variable
DocstringsBugPY-24923Empty Numpy style Docstring breaks syntax error scanning
EditingUsabilityPY-24430Do not show completion popup after ellipsis
UsabilityPY-24432Unindent after ellipsis
InspectionsBugPY-25045False positive: expected type '{__div__}', got 'Union[int, float]' instead
BugPY-22091Incorrect "method may be static" inspection with string literals in Python 3.6
ExceptionPY-24260PyCharm Inspections engine crashes
PackagingBugPY-24682"AttributeError: NamespacePath has no attribute sort" during package installation
ExceptionPY-21002Exception is thrown when new project is created
Test RunnerBugPY-24619Hyphen in the file/folder name blocks PyCharm to detect tests
BugPY-23926Testing does not work if ``teamcity-messages`` is installed on interpreter
User InterfaceBugDBE-4824Modify Table dialog doesn't show context
DockerBugIDEA-175930Cannot Use Docker Plugin in Offline Environment
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