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No subsystemBugPY-23409The extension point runConfigurationProducer doesn't work
BDDBugPY-21950AttributeError if there's a falling assertion in the behave steps
Code InsightBugPY-24383type inference broken for Union[Any, List[int]]
BugPY-23625Incorrect default argument value in print() function
ConsoleBugPY-21591Use of "?" for help in IPython console does not format help properly only in Pycharm (outside is OK)
DebuggerBugPY-24026Debugger skips breakpoint added to the current frame while running
BugPY-22335Dataframe viewer gives UnicodeDecodeError from inside debugger in 2016.3.2 , complains of non-ascii characters when there are none-pandas handles them fine
DjangoFeaturePY-24579``TEST_RUNNER`` value is not parsed
BugPY-24300Freezes when typing in the class of a Django model
BugPY-21343Class-based view link from template gives menu with multiple similar choices
BugPY-24417PyCharm URLs regexp false "Number expected" error detection
BugPY-24345Wrong inspections for {% static %} template tags
BugPY-18694Django, Cannot find declaration to go to: if url 'namespace:name'. It finds only if url 'name' (without app_name)
BugPY-24577redundant slashes should be ignored in "static" tag
DockerFeaturePY-19251Docker Compose on Windows
IDEUsabilityPY-24580Come up with a list of synonyms for our settings and actions
InspectionsBugPY-23707False positives for __new__ arguments of some builtin classes
BugPY-23429False warning about expected type of parameter
BugPY-23623False positive: __getitem__ not being defined for list after isinstance check
BugPY-23057"Statement has no effect" inspection should ignore ellipsis operator
BugPY-24364Type inference fails when generator is converted to list, but the variable name is kept.
ExceptionPY-24610Exception because of Invalid TextRange in format string
Jupyter NotebookBugPY-16983iPython notebook undo bug and redo can not get back
BugPY-24565Copy & paste first cell works only on the second time
BugPY-24397Jupyter Notebook: infinite loading in editor window
PerformancePY-18625ipynb files performance problems
UsabilityPY-14218Move editor inner toolbar to the proper place.
PyramidBugPY-24519Error when adding a new file template
Test RunnerBugPY-24302Python unit tests fail in project with multiple modules. Only 1st configured module works
BugPY-24010Renaming project removes py.test context configuration option
No subsystemBugGO-3453Double click on Go file not opening source in editor (when show members is enabled)
No subsystemBugWEB-27230'Module is not installed' is not shown for references inside module
CSSFeatureWEB-17218Support for CSS modules
DebuggerBugWEB-18191Debugging Node.js is slow (~2 seconds to step over one line and see variables update)
BugWEB-27312Child process debugging doesn't work when using Node 8 'inspect-brk'
JavaScriptBugWEB-25713Optimize Imports (ES6) splits one import into two
BugWEB-25653Fix for updating method return incorrect for Promise
BugWEB-13212Wrong error and highlight with JavaScript ternary operator
BugWEB-25192Optimize imports should respect code style settings
PerformanceWEB-27283PyCharm Frezzes or work very slowly during writing code
JavaScript. FrameworksBugWEB-27251Provide completion for webpack aliases
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-26353Incorrect detection of unused ES6 import
BugWEB-15524Extra inspection 'The value assigned is never used' inside 'if' section
JavaScript. RefactoringBugWEB-26852quick fix changes "declare var" to "let"
LESSBugWEB-26642LESS & operator not resolved in `not` expression
LintersBugWEB-27100ESLint inspection inexplicably shows an error on ignored file
BugWEB-27220Linters: hide notification about invalid path to Node.js when Node.js is updated for the project
UsabilityWEB-26971ESLint: Code/Inspect Code reports errors for each ignored file of the .eslintignore
Node.jsBugWEB-26220Update highlighting after invoked "Add module to package.json dependencies"
TypeScriptFeatureWEB-26678provide support for tslint-language-service TypeScript Language Server Plugin
FeatureWEB-19686TypeScript: Improve a way to show type inference information (auto declaration) for variables and expressions
BugWEB-25160Some types are ignored when using arguments destructuring in Typescript
BugWEB-26895Since latest update double click on TypeScript file in Project tree expands the node to show the .js and .map files
BugWEB-23698Typescript for ... of variable type not inferred by the IDE
BugWEB-23742Types from module imported from index.ts not resolved if imported file name matches directory name
BugWEB-26874'Constructor' keyword is shown twice in completion
BugWEB-27296Error with TypeScriptLibraryIndexableSetContributor#getAdditionalRootsToIndex()
BugWEB-27236TypeScript: improve member access completion
BugWEB-24710Remove 'Create setter and getter' actions for enums
BugWEB-27200TypeScript: unexpected auto import for the export default import
BugWEB-27209TypeScript. Wrong code inserted when autocompleting object's property
BugWEB-27208Adding async after await. TS error is still there.
BugWEB-20192Wrong parsing of keywords in semicolon-free classes
BugWEB-26988JavaScript & TypeScript: Inline Method broken with object literals using property shorthand
BugWEB-22532Paramater Info (Ctrl+P) fails to suggest parameters when using TypeScript import alias
BugWEB-26616Typings aren't recognized correctly when using "ng" namespace with TypeScript service disabled
BugWEB-22817JSDoc: param's types are missing in auto-generated JSDoc
BugWEB-19279Scratch files: errors are shown in a correct code
BugWEB-27249Typescript service doesn't start with TypeScript 2.4.0-dev
BugWEB-26789Typescript - rxJS issue with type inference for argument of onNext function in observable subscription
Unit TestsBugWEB-23966Failed unit test results diff shortcut key (cmd+d) does not work
CosmeticsWEB-27307Mocha + nyc: Change warning's text
No subsystemPerformanceIDEA-172762ProjectRootManagerComponent$1.fileTypesChanged on AWT causes 30-60s freeze
Code Analysis. DependenciesExceptionIDEA-174088'Group by leaf expression' always fail with IDEA error
Code Formatting and Code StyleUsabilityIDEA-173905Code Style settings doesn't apply integer field value when pressing Enter
Code NavigationBugIDEA-173471Goto File can display everything "INVALID" if indexing happens in the middle
Diff_MergeBugIDEA-174009Diff highlighting level "Syntax" shows "Duplicated Code" inspection highlights
DockerBugIDEA-174134Docker plugin fails on every deploy after upgrading Docker for Mac to 17.06.0-rc
BugIDEA-174134Docker plugin fails on every deploy after upgrading Docker for Mac to 17.06.0-rc
Find, Replace, Find UsagesPerformanceIDEA-174426Find in Path long line performance
Project ConfigurationBugIDEA-174388Load/Unload modules: Error loading module if it has been unloaded before saving(before module has been created by idea)
BugIDEA-174394Unloading Modules: Load/Unload actions are enabled for module group but don't work
BugIDEA-174387Load/Unload modules: Load all/Unload all buttons work incorrectly
UsabilityIDEA-174404Modules Unloading: confusing navigation to unloaded module via FindUsages
Unit Testing. JUnitCosmeticsIDEA-174002JUnit test status icons colors do not align with severity
User InterfaceBugIDEA-174304Editor background image hides editor gutter (VCS) marks
BugIDEA-174367Font settings: Can't set non-monospace fallback font
CosmeticsIDEA-170096Settings|Code Style: "Set from" should be above the separator
Version ControlFeatureIDEA-172015Update Project notification: mention the number of files matching filters
UsabilityIDEA-172375Project update summary in one line
UsabilityIDEA-174459Do not ask about removing empty changelist after a successful cherry-pick
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-108316Unregistered Git roots are not auto-detected if they are more than 2 folder levels deep than any project module
BugIDEA-172234Git Branches Popup Menu does not pop up at all
BugIDEA-173634Reword commit from log: Undo reword commit may lead to commit(s) lost
UsabilityIDEA-174227New git status bar popup: Multiple repos: Can no longer easiliy see all current branches
Version Control. LogExceptionIDEA-174129.ProcessNotCreatedException at com.intellij.execution.configurations.GeneralCommandLine.createProcess
Version Control. MercurialBugIDEA-138876List of commits to push is not populated (hg outgoing not run)
PerformanceIDEA-174155IDEA Community hangs and doesn't respond with broccoli tmp (marked as excluded)
PHP InterpretersBugWI-36576Docker-compose: save all project before evaluating interpreter information
UsabilityWI-36137Docker-compose: allow to avoid manual saving of docker-compose
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..BugWI-36764Password/passphrase entered in "Login to ... by SFTP" is not saved and used regardless checkbox Remember state
ExceptionWI-36765NPE is thrown in case mapping folder is not a subfolder for mounted folder deployment server
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