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No subsystemBugPY-23759Duplicate Path Mapping after creating a remote project
DebuggerFeaturePY-24114Create an option for selecting PyQt backend while debugging
InspectionsFeaturePY-8325String format inspection for new-style format method
BugPY-20599False positive for %a format specifier
BugPY-21164False positive inspection 'Too few arguments for format string' with unpacking argument list inside other list
BugPY-24182datetime.isoformat(timespec='seconds') argument is not recognized as valid
BugPY-21166No inspection if unknown format code is used in formatted string
Jupyter NotebookFeaturePY-14224show line numbers in code cell
FeaturePY-15790Refactoring not available in notebook view
FeaturePY-14740Convert an .ipynb file to and from a standard .py file
BugPY-20674Terminating 'Jupyter Notebook' enforces to force quit PyCharm
BugPY-19813ASCII CR character creates new line in jupyter notebook rather than returning to the beginning of the current line
BugPY-14395IPython notebook: Bad grammar and style in the tooltip
BugPY-14394IPython Notebook: specify type in docstring: quick-fix opens separate code tab
BugPY-16470Help for IPythonNotebook shows wrong page
BugPY-14132IPython Notebook: navigate to symbol from other cell doesn't scroll to the caret position
UsabilityPY-14305IPython Notebook: add shortcuts to the action popups
CosmeticsPY-21136Jupyter notebook editor buttons have some weird gray circles on the background on Windows
PackagingBugPY-20522Pycharm doesn't understand "compatible release" (~=) in requirements.txt?
BugPY-22275Package requirements tracker does not recongize versions with asterisks
Remote InterpretersBugPY-24247JSch logger is not initialized in some cases
Test RunnerBugPY-23738Unittest - test stopped with chars wider than 7 bits (not ascii)
BugPY-24302Python unit tests fail in project with multiple modules. Only 1st configured module works
BugPY-24282Raising SkipTest on PyCharm results in KeyError
BugPY-24047unittest passing when exception is raised
BugPY-20457Rerun tests does not work with subtests
No subsystemBugWEB-26269Missing escaping quotes when insert in string variable
BugWEB-24662Angular CLI not detected if not in the main project directory
CSSBugWEB-27071Reporting invalid parameter in -webkit-column-span: all; even though "all" is a cs supported parameter
BugWEB-26826When formatting CSS with braces set to "on next line", if there are parentheses for a mixin, the brace style is not honored
ExceptionWEB-26721'Extract inline CSS | Current file' causes PsiInvalidElementAccessException
DebuggerBugWEB-26794Can't debug node 8 nightlies
BugWEB-26960Node 7, 8:Debugger can't detach when debug unit tests
BugWEB-26567console.log() cause bug about file and line info when output has newlines
HTMLBugWEB-26853Wrong redutant notification
UsabilityWEB-23578HTML tag "hgroup" marked as not recognized (both in HTML and CSS): change to deprecated
ExceptionWEB-26738NullPointerException when call Code | Generate | XML Tag
JavaScriptBugWEB-26408Flow object type spread is not supported
BugWEB-26885Edit Live Templates Predefined Functions: JavaScript predefined functions don't appear unless all JS subelements are selected
BugWEB-26881Option to disable auto imports in JavaScript
BugWEB-26101Type detection fails on "await"-ed promise that returns an array (works for simple values)
BugWEB-27041Don't report 'red' errors based on JSDoc
BugWEB-23985folding inline JSDoc issue and adding JSDoc type feature
BugWEB-20791Move Statement Down action breaks code
JavaScript. FormatterFeatureWEB-22783Add options to control blank lines
FeatureWEB-20668Code Style: spaces around ES2015 (ES6) Generator
BugWEB-17628javascript indentation problem
BugWEB-26763Wrong indent in .vue files with .editorconfig
BugWEB-24513Reformat code action doesn't retain indent for ES6 shorthand arrow function
BugWEB-24527Phpstorm does bad auto formatting in functions with jsdoc inside arrays
BugWEB-18509WS 11 EAP: Assigment syntax dependent indentation issue
BugWEB-2226JS: "if" braces always inserted on next line by formatter
JavaScript. FrameworksBugWEB-25562Angular-cli: New Project Name validation
BugWEB-26165Unused default export
BugWEB-21570React: provide path completion/validation for <img>, etc. tags in JSX components
BugWEB-26801Refactor: Rename Angular selector: 'aa-bb' is not a valid identifier
BugWEB-26793Angular: <ng-content> is reported as 'unknown HTML tag'
BugWEB-26915VueJS plugin shows unused default export
BugWEB-26833Formatting: Code Styles: JS/TS: "Keep Maximum Blank Lines" option saves only 2 blank lines
CosmeticsWEB-26821Vue files don't properly highlight es6 imports
ExceptionWEB-27026IllegalStateException when stop debugger
JavaScript. InspectionsExceptionWEB-26859PsiInvalidElementAccessException when call 'Remove unused export' in vue files
JavaScript. RefactoringFeatureWEB-24775Incorrect shorthand object literal refactoring
BugWEB-27074'Refactor | Rename' skips functions call (import via module.exports)
BugWEB-27023'Refactor | Rename' skips functions call (import via module.exports)
LESSCosmeticsWEB-27002Typo in Sass/SCSS/Less | Resolved by name only inspection popup
LintersBugWEB-24814Enable TSLint by default for Angular CLI projects
BugWEB-27024Standard Code Style: can't start linter when using "plugins" option
Node.jsBugWEB-26965Excluding directory should disable indexing descendant node_modules/ folders
BugWEB-26490Tslint 5.1.0 errors are not clickable in NPM console
REST ClientBugWEB-24584Test REST Client can't delete pramertes or headers anymore
TypeScriptFeatureWEB-11078TypeScript: allow navigation to javascript when using .d.ts
FeatureWEB-26727ES6 / TypeScript: move symbol refactoring improvements
BugWEB-27028Typescript: StackOverflowError on recursive generic types
BugWEB-27008TypeScript file are not pretty formatted
IDE PreferencesBugOC-15550Tab closing Policy is not persisted
No subsystemFeatureIDEA-60161Automatically "inherit" quick javadoc for getters/setters from field
BugIDEA-173017JavaFX WebView not HiDPI rendering on Windows 10
BugIDEA-172559Quick-search does not work in "Register new file type association" dialog
BugIDEA-172558Progress popup is small by default
BugIDEA-172705Big files marked as read-only can't be deleted
BugIDEA-171010Idea doesn't close properly some project windows
BugIDEA-172231Incorrect rendering of text with combining marks
BugIDEA-140901Tip of the Day is not working nicely with HiDPI under Linux
BugIDEA-171238Keymap of Export Test Results does not function
BugIDEA-147100Default File Header template causes pointless javadocs in projects
BugIDEA-173347 PSI invalidated outside transaction
BugIDEA-173342Some non-URL paths in IDEA settings are stored with system-dependent separator
PerformanceIDEA-167733High CPU usage due to Component.setCursor
PerformanceIDEA-172762ProjectRootManagerComponent$1.fileTypesChanged on AWT causes 30-60s freeze
UsabilityIDEA-173487New "Find in Path" dialog loses "File mask" dropdown history
CosmeticsIDEA-96168PhpStorm window is not restored in proper maximized state on Windows OS
TaskIDEA-173294Enable by default Win10 LookAndFeel
Meta IssueIDEA-173344System-independent and system-dependent paths are often intermixed in IDEA code
Code Analysis. InspectionBugIDEA-130443Inspection settings: tree node does not turn to "modified" state on changing scope set
BugIDEA-169227Inspection settings: Restore Defaults does not remove option added to disabled inspection
PerformanceIDEA-172904Slowness viewing inspection result
UsabilityIDEA-173023Inspection settings: parent elements do not become "changed" after changing inspection severity
CosmeticsIDEA-173147Ugly Suppress combobox in batch inspection results
Code Formatting and Code StyleExceptionIDEA-173144Find action exception
Code NavigationBugIDEA-124800Does not work go to the implementation of the method
DebuggerBugIDEA-172505Gradle mulitmodule project debug jumps to wrong module for breakpoint
UsabilityIDEA-172772Action "Resume program" is not available when IDEA is updating indexes
Diff_MergeFeatureIDEA-170174Implement "Mirror to left/right" from FTP compare on local compare
BugIDEA-127612Optimize imports action available in diff
BugIDEA-173149Next Difference does not work on emptied files
DockerFeatureIDEA-172226Support docker stages synthax
FeatureIDEA-170246Docker: Support HEALTHCHECK and SHELL instructions in the Dockerfile
BugIDEA-173387Unable to install or update to docker plugin 2.5.5
ExceptionIDEA-173553AssertionError on COPY --from
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-173263"Auto-Indent Lines" does not move to the next line when caret is inside a string with injected language
BugIDEA-172912Garbled characters in quick documentation
PerformanceIDEA-164157Editor lags on typing 'Tab'
UsabilityIDEA-171904Parameter hints exclude dialog should remember the selected language
UsabilityIDEA-173273Renaming a parameter with a hint looks weird
UsabilityIDEA-127845Select logical line rather than visual line if an action which requres selection is invoked
ExceptionIDEA-172324IndexOutOfBoundsException in SegmentArrayWithData
Editor. Intention ActionsCosmeticsIDEA-151324Not all actions in Generate menu have description in Status Bar
Find, Replace, Find UsagesFeatureIDEA-166464Be able to merge usage from the same line in the "find in path" preview pane dialog
UsabilityIDEA-157440No space between line number and code when exporting found occurences to text file
CosmeticsIDEA-172116Module dropdown in find window is too narrow, not resizable or scrollable
IDE ConfigurationBugIDEA-173324Some Code Style settings are applied on Cancel
BugIDEA-172847On restart Intellij keeps clearing my font settings
IndicesBugIDEA-173382EDT is blocked on start
UsabilityIDEA-170114"Indexing paused during Power Save mode" shows forever and IntelliSense issues on Power Save mode
Java. Code CompletionFeatureIDEA-167746Carry completion list over to the next line on Shift+Enter
BugIDEA-162109"pl" should match "println" in completion
Java. InspectionsFeatureIDEA-173177Inspection: Comparing 'compareTo()` or 'Comparator.compare()' result with 1 / -1
FeatureIDEA-167318MethodHandle/VarHandle signatures inspection
FeatureIDEA-165108Objects.requireNonNull with argument of primitive type should be reported as warning
FeatureIDEA-172358Inspection to verify parameters of VarHandle.get(), VarHandle.set(), and similar methods
BugIDEA-172636"Inspect Code" results are closed immediately for "HTML problems in Javadoc"
BugIDEA-173522"Java | Java 9 | Java module naming conventions" inspection has wrong name
BugIDEA-173021@SuppressWarnings("JavadocHtmlLint") doesn't work
BugIDEA-172529False positive: "Variable can have 'final' modifier" on code which will be final in byte code
Local HistoryBugIDEA-172561Local history diff is not properly rendered unless dialog is resized
BugIDEA-171946local history revert a dot is inserted in first char of file
Plugin Support. APIBugIDEA-173198EAP 172.2103.15 causes some tests to deadlock (regression from 172.1909.2)
Project ConfigurationFeatureIDEA-127753Ability to exclude files from indexing in a path by their names (full paths) or by pattern
Project ViewBugIDEA-167323`Copy as Plain Text` in Project Structure doesn't copy anything
RefactoringUsabilityIDEA-171755duplicate folder issue
Run | Debug configurationBugIDEA-173350Temporary configurations disappears from compound
BugIDEA-168849Cannot stop build with keyboard or menu
BugIDEA-169025Preserve run configurations order
Settings RepositoryBugIDEA-170170Kotlin compiler cannot find its libraries after the Idea application directory is changed
SpringExceptionIDEA-173559NPE at com.intellij.util.xml.impl.DomTemplateRunnerImpl.runTemplate
Structural Search and ReplaceBugIDEA-172620Structural search and replace is not properly using captured variables in replacement.
TerminalBugIDEA-172594Terminal session takes long time to initialize in EAP 2017.2
User InterfaceBugIDEA-173445IntelliJ L&F: in rename dialog default suggestion should be shown
BugIDEA-172066Toolwindow activates in another project
BugIDEA-172571IntelliJ IDEA won't start on Mac OS Sierra
BugIDEA-171395Problem focusing particular line in "Open file" / "Open class" window
BugIDEA-167760"Reset" button do nothing while trying to undo "Reset" action for default IDE scheme
UsabilityIDEA-172763Breadcrumbs placement setting
CosmeticsIDEA-165037Move tab close button to the left on MacOS
CosmeticsIDEA-172827Project frame state is cached until IDE is restarted (reopening from welcome screen doesn't preserve window state)
User Interface.DarculaBugIDEA-173312NPE on switching theme to Darcula at first time
Version ControlFeatureIDEA-166238add "Show file" menu in shelf file list for missing base file.
FeatureIDEA-156374Create patch to clipboard
Version Control. GitFeatureIDEA-57707Git Log: revert selected commit
FeatureIDEA-146930Provide 'Change Commit Message' action for committed but not pushed commits
BugIDEA-159506Empty .git folder in a directory considered as a Git root
BugIDEA-172787Bad wording in the dialog "Parent directory"
BugIDEA-155689Unable to view contents of files on shelf that are moved/removed after update
BugIDEA-87375Git cherry-pick is committed with the original comment suggested by IDEA, without my changes to it
Version Control. SubversionFeatureIDEA-138320SvnDiffProvider#getLatestCommittedRevision not implemented
UsabilityIDEA-170598Subversion: update settings page: use tree instead of tabs, update hint labels
UsabilityIDEA-140862Do not reset selection / scroll position when removing a filter in the Repository view
PHP InterpretersUsabilityWI-36177Docker compose: create compact UI for configuration files list
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..FeatureWI-27256Additional item to the menu Deployment: Compare with Deploeyd version on ...
BugWI-36363Create new project from existing source: Project root and all other button disabled during the indexing
BugWI-36362New Project From Existing Source: Empty tree for remote server
UsabilityWI-36198Deleting server in deployment setting deletes it from all projects and cannot be restored
UsabilityWI-36287Simple default project root for 'Create from Existing Files'
EditingBugRUBY-19625RubyMine can't open some files
Remote InterpretersExceptionRUBY-19599Closing project with Docker SDK throw an exception
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