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No subsystemBugPY-23407No jre x86 in zip archieves for PC edition
Code InsightBugPY-23055Default value of None is not shown in the parameter info popup
BugPY-22685PyCharm fails to show documentation for builtins
BugPY-22522Allow PyImportResolver results to override standard import roots
ConsoleBugPY-23345matplotlib support not working after installation of update
CosmeticsPY-22611Disabled "Show cmd afterwards" options is clickable after run config window reopening
ExceptionPY-22601Remote interpreter causes exception if "Emulate terminal" option is enabled
DebuggerBugPY-24537Debug console isn't working with IPython 6.1.0
BugPY-22978Debugger fails to connect to spawned subprocesses with Docker interpreter
BugPY-23009Debugger finishes in _pydev_execfile
BugPY-23680Error when debugging PyQt application
BugPY-21815"Execute Line in Console" doesn't work when debugging script
BugPY-21215"ImportError: No module named stackless" leftover in sys.exc_info()
BugPY-22999Attach Debugger to console fails
BugPY-24026Debugger skips breakpoint added to the current frame while running
BugPY-23290TypeError: SignalInstance() takes at most 2 arguments (3 given) when debugging with PySide
BugPY-23202Frame evaluation debugger: enable old tracing debugger for long functions with bad absolute jump instructions
BugPY-23140Debugger fails with ValueError if "Collect run-time types information" option is enabled
BugPY-23022Exception raised when Python code hits breakpoint: ValueError from get_bytecode_while_frame_eval
BugPY-23249Process finished with exit code 139 (interrupted by signal 11: SIGSEGV) upgrading from 2017.1 RC1 to RC2 171.3780.111 OSX
BugPY-20476Argument parsing for subprocess under debugger
BugPY-22904Updates from PyDev debugger
UsabilityPY-23079Debug Console doesn't get focus after Execute Line in Console action
DjangoBugPY-20431Cannot rename Django URL to a new name including a hyphen
BugPY-22951Default Django run configuration doesn't work with Docker & Vagrant interpreters
BugPY-23386Tools -> Run manage.py Task... no longer works
PerformancePY-24023CPU/Memory Usage
ExceptionPY-23143Exception if try to navigate to a removed template
DockerExceptionPY-23041NPE is thrown on adding docker-compose interpreter if service description is empty
DocstringsExceptionPY-22445DocstringFormatter: ValueError: cannot use LOCALE flag with a str pattern
EditingBugPY-23086Optimize imports removes all but first trailing comments after combined "from" import if it turns out to be the last
BugPY-23035Comments on the same lines with imports are deleted when optimize imports joins imports from the same source
BugPY-23104Optimize imports cannot join/reorder names in "from" imports containing multiline name-alias pairs in parentheses
BugPY-19837Some line comments are deleted when optimize imports is invoked
FormatterBugPY-23578Optimize Imports action removes blank line between import and module docstring
BugPY-22422Code style options for "from" imports are not taken into account in several cases where imports are automatically created/modified
BugPY-22355Optimize imports doesn't honor new code style settings for imports (parentheses in particular)
IDEBugPY-23930"Add to currently open projects" not working
InspectionsBugPY-22087False positive "Local variable is not used" for comprehensions and f-strings
BugPY-23138tuple concatenation (type checker)
BugPY-23053False positives about unconstrained type parameters (TypeVars('T')) not matching class object types
BugPY-22806False positive "Old-style class..." inspection if class is inherited from six.with_metaclass
BugPY-22892False positive "Old-style class, because all classes from whom it inherits are old-style" for subclass of Exception
BugPY-22899type __getattribute__ unresolved reference
BugPY-22094Incorrect "Unresolved reference" warning with string literal in assert statement
BugPY-23164unittest unresolved attribute reference in setUp inside with statement
BugPY-22507False positive: parameters unfilled after the isinstance check for datetime.date.timetuple
BugPY-22775Python regex: incorrect "redundant character escape" for '{'
BugPY-22937type's __setattr__ unresolved reference (Metaclass)
BugPY-22919max() function transmits argument type to return type
BugPY-22767Zip with 5+ arguments raises "unexpected arguments" warning
BugPY-22763False positive in type checking for typed chained comparison methods
BugPY-23634min() from comprehension with unknown items type return list
BugPY-23069Wrong signature of __new__() method
Interpreters SettingsBugPY-21787Cannot add symlinked Python/virtualenv as interpreter, e.g. created with venv
Jupyter NotebookBugPY-23192Wrong warning in Jupyter Notebook settings for url for remote notebooks
UsabilityPY-22830Improve UI for remote notebooks
PackagingExceptionPY-22944ISE PyPIPackageUtil$PackageDetails$Info.getSummary on selecting typing library to install
PyramidFeaturePY-10649Pyramid: Show yellow notification about not run setup.py develop for opened project
BugPY-22680PyCharm's internal scaffolds do not correctly render Pyramid projects
Remote InterpretersBugPY-23070Cannot start ssh session after previous session was terminated by server
BugPY-23383Automatic upload does not work for remote project
RunBugPY-17069runnerw.exe sometimes finishes with exit code -1073741819 (0xC0000005)
Test RunnerBugPY-23233PyCharm bad run failed tests configuration created
BugPY-22750Excessive warning about pytest plugins
BugPY-23820unittest generates a bunch of empty lines with no reason
BugPY-23821nose generates a bunch of empty lines with no reason
BugPY-23357No longer able to run BDD tests by context clicking on feature directory in the Project Tool Window
BugPY-23167Can't run test by "Python" name in Py2 if folder does not have __init__.py
BugPY-22992Pycharm EAP test file detection
BugPY-22556New test runners: bad configuration created from context if file is inside of folder which is not a package
BugPY-17485Cannot run Unittests with -Werror
BugPY-22857Python Unittests with Python 2.6.4 Fail with SyntaxError in _jb_runner_tools
BugPY-22406New Test Runners can't separate unittest subTest tests
BugPY-7856Doctest: missing diff link for failed doctest
BugPY-23281 PyCharm 2017.1 | Nosetest Test Runner finds no tests when attributes are used.
VagrantBugPY-23469PyCharm doesn't see my Vagrant environment after upgrading to 2017.1
ExceptionPY-23061Exception on Run Ssh Console action
User InterfaceExceptionDBE-2292Exception is thrown when Search Everywhere is invoked and Database table exists in a project
No subsystemFeatureWEB-24502Allow to expand text into an empty tag
BugWEB-26160Typescript community stubs can't be downloaded from Settings | Languages & Frameworks | JavaScript | Libraries
BugWEB-26052Emmet: implicit tag names don't work in Vue templates
BugWEB-25928webpack config inspection incorrectly flags "empty" as invalid value for node.fs
BugWEB-22819ESLint and .vue files
BugWEB-26093JavaScript Standard Code style support does not seem to apply the settings from package.json
BugWEB-26079Creating a new "Node.js Express App" fails
TaskWEB-25801Webpack config files support powered by JSON Schema: highlighting -> inspection
Build toolsBugWEB-26018in 2017.1 EAP node run configuration runs before without file changes resulting from pre-build task
CSSBugWEB-25710CSS3 Grid Layout: `grid-column-gap`, `grid-row-gap` and `grid-gap` are marked as unknown CSS properties
BugWEB-25938Square brackets syntax for defining Grid line (row, column) names is seen as error.
DartBugWEB-25629Source Maps not working when opening Dart project in Browser
BugWEB-25900Webstorm Dart "pub serve" proxy is slow
BugWEB-25974WebStorm opens wrong file when debugging in Dartium
DebuggerBugWEB-25717Docker debug does not work on Mac
BugWEB-25841Debugger: kotlin.KotlinNullPointerException when inspecting variables in async call
BugWEB-26794Can't debug node 8 nightlies
JavaScriptBugWEB-19318Autocompletion shows keys on module.exports that are not there (they are in other modules)
BugWEB-25903webpack.config.js: update built-in schema
BugWEB-17449Wrong message "variable might not have been initialized" in node.js project
BugWEB-25758webpack.conf.js: do not provide completion inside quotes for options names
BugWEB-25753webpack.conf.js: do not validate content of the new instance of webpack plugin
BugWEB-25752webpack.conf.js: recognize exporting multiple configurations
BugWEB-25576Flow: support for getters in interfaces
BugWEB-25337Commenting in TSX Components (within render())
BugWEB-25806Don't provide completion from Webpack 2 schema when using Webpack 1
BugWEB-26041JQuery-CSS: Incorrect "an identifier expected" error with jQuery constructor with expression as argument
BugWEB-26072Erroneous flow type error with optional function argument
BugWEB-26355TypeScript create field inspection for constructor generates them incorrectly (in the same line)
BugWEB-25919Code folding folds wrong block in switch case with block statement
CosmeticsWEB-25738Module dependency diagram: do not show closing quote on the imported element
ExceptionWEB-26231JSON Schema: IllegalArgumentException when no value is set for property covered with oneOf validation
JavaScript. FormatterFeatureWEB-25899Suggestion: use 'smart' indents for multiline destructuring parameters.
FeatureWEB-25019"New line after (" in JS function calls should ignore multiline parameters and take into account only line breaks *between* parameters
FeatureWEB-25860JavaScript Code style: Space between async and () => {} should not be merged with Before parentheses" -> "In function expression"
BugWEB-25783Javascript: Reformat incorrectly adds semicolon after default exported class/function
BugWEB-26150'For statement' wrap option should have higher priority than 'var declaration' wrap when statement contains multiple declarations
BugWEB-25936pressing enter on multiple declarations no longer preserves correct indent
BugWEB-25842Typescript Code Style. Place ')' on new line in method declarations.
BugWEB-26040Trailing comma option removes necessary commas with ES6 spread operator
BugWEB-25815'Annotate injection with comment' breaks formatting
BugWEB-25819Wrapping style of Typescript is broken, especially `Chop down if long`
BugWEB-25742Formatter messes up type annotations
JavaScript. FrameworksFeatureWEB-25937Emmet in JSX, support self closing tags for user defined components
BugWEB-24432PhpStorm lost its way when moving a file imported with alias (System.config)
BugWEB-26200After update project from Angular 2 to Angular 4 - "Attribute *ngIf is not allowed here"
BugWEB-25443RouterLink is marked as not allowed
BugWEB-25184Angular2: method used in interpolation in external template is marked as unused
BugWEB-25802Resolve platform-specific imports with .android.js and ios.js file names
BugWEB-25739Setting some ARIA attribute values dynamically in JSX generate errors in Webstorm 2017 EAP.
BugWEB-22667React: don't show 'Attribute is not allowed' for 'data-' attributes in JSX
JavaScript. InspectionsFeatureWEB-25896Enable tslint to scan .js files
BugWEB-25890method in default module is not reported to be unused
BugWEB-26339Getting error "Standard Code Style: Error"
BugWEB-26057Regression "JSCS: Node interpreter file is not found" in 2017.1
BugWEB-26158Incorrect description of second option in "equality operator may cause type coercion"
BugWEB-25837JSON Schema incorrectly validate oneOf condition
BugWEB-25884ESLint crashes when versions are not the latest
BugWEB-23160getter MAX_VALUE shouldn't be considered as constructor
BugWEB-25809Unused inspection works incorrectly
BugWEB-25487ESLint: wrong linebreak-style
BugWEB-25417JSLint setting not persisted for projects
BugWEB-25882Vue.js: "Missing import statement" inspection should respect parent quotes type
BugWEB-25659Invalid warning "inconsistent return types" only on "async" methods (ES 2017)
BugWEB-26218Don't show "Default export is not declared" warning when importing from CommonJS-style modules
BugWEB-25864ESLint does not warn of missing eslint-babel for ES6
JavaScript. PredefsBugWEB-25784Node.js Core: add `Buffer.alloc()` to node-buffer-stub.js
JavaScript. RefactoringBugWEB-26056Convert to const/let is broken
BugWEB-26090"Replace with template string" intention produces incorrect result for expression in parenthesis
BugWEB-25684'Create field' doesn't work with export default, class expressions.
BugWEB-18157Wrong change of references when rename files from source root
Node.jsFeatureWEB-26201can not configure yarn
BugWEB-25718Error when creating a new Docker image
BugWEB-24200Can't use yarn installed using brew
BugWEB-26117Some Buffer methods missing in node-buffer-stub
BugWEB-16926NodeJS: "find usages" not finding index.js when requiring a directory
UsabilityWEB-25955Node.js: try to check npm prefix even when invalid npm path is set
REST ClientBugWEB-26307REST Client: VirtualFile: restClient/response21.html is invalid
BugWEB-24584Test REST Client can't delete pramertes or headers anymore
StylusBugWEB-21360Wrong indentation in Stylus files
TypeScriptFeatureWEB-25902TypeScript: Import blacklist
FeatureWEB-24838TypeScript: Add code style for spaces in Intersection and Union Types
BugWEB-27028Typescript: StackOverflowError on recursive generic types
BugWEB-26046Tslint not working on Webstorm 2017.1
BugWEB-26039TSLint wrongly reports invalid line endings
PerformanceWEB-25450Losing or very slow TypeScript type information after some time
Unit TestsBugWEB-25932"Run icon on the gutter" shows for Karma tests, but clicking on it shows "Nothing Here"
BugWEB-26377Jest has IDE integration warning with addTestSuiteChild
BugWEB-26029Can't run Jest with a custom setupTestFramework script file
BugWEB-26310Run buttons inside mocha test-files run as node.js process instead of Mocha
BugWEB-25593Jest: Win: tests running sometimes hang after changes made for configuration
IDE PreferencesBugOC-15196'Import scheme' popup is misplaced in AppCode
BugOC-15550Tab closing Policy is not persisted
No subsystemBugIDEA-169105IDE first start: zero size font is allowed
BugIDEA-170271Can't open file in PhpStorm from Finder if file directly under the project root
BugIDEA-169345Inspection results on directories are not handled correctly
BugIDEA-171160[macos] progress indicator in AppIcon consumes CPU
BugIDEA-169288Resource Bundle Editor: Cannot edit text
BugIDEA-171148In Settings > Colors & Fonts, I cannot change "Underscored" to "Underlined" unless I pick another option first
BugIDEA-165879Unguarded section in DocumentCommitThread that leads to spontaneous assertion
BugIDEA-170619No "Project Files" scope in "Find in Path" dialog
BugIDEA-171010Idea doesn't close properly some project windows
PerformanceIDEA-167733High CPU usage due to Component.setCursor
Code Analysis. DependenciesBugIDEA-169532Type Hierarchy doesn't handle next/prev correctly, it doesn't change editor
BugIDEA-169530Type Hierarchy refresh button doesn't work and causes nodes to disappear
Code NavigationBugIDEA-170437UI frozen after requesting to list implementations of a class (CTRL-ALT-B)
Compiling ProjectBugIDEA-166909Compiling 1.5 with JDK9 problem
BugIDEA-169747"No system java compiler" after new project is created
ConsoleBugIDEA-169065ANSI Colors in the console : some escape codes are not interpreted correctly
DebuggerBugIDEA-169993Breakpoint remove by drag is not available in breakpoints dialog
UsabilityIDEA-169918Selection is lost when removing a breakpoint
Debugger. Memory ViewBugIDEA-170477Memory View is disabled when the tab is selected
Diff_MergeBugIDEA-170909Sync with Deployed Forgets Last Used "Compare By" Method
DockerBugIDEA-169385Docker: don't show inspection errors for *, ., : in the attached Dockerfile
BugIDEA-169383Docker: inspection error for one # on the line and after two # on different lines in the Dockerfile
BugIDEA-169237Docker: wrong blue-marked part of the key in the attached Dockerfile
BugIDEA-170679Docker: new account dialog should not suggest default boot2docker certificates folder on mac / windows
BugIDEA-171013Docker: Defining DOCKER_HOST env var to anything but URI renders Docker integration useless
BugIDEA-167730docker-compose: TLS error when 'Certificates folder' is misconfigured in docker account
BugIDEA-167369Jackson UnrecognizedPropertyExceptions when authenticating at Sonatype Nexus Docker Registry
UsabilityIDEA-169251Docker: Make strings in "" or in '' green as it was before.
UsabilityIDEA-171000Docker: The list of the docker configurations should be available at once in the Docker view.
Editor. Code CompletionFeatureIDEA-171779Make default size of code completion popup configurable
BugIDEA-170558Custom File type: unfiltered completion popup appears on typing a punctuation char
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-169157Right-to-left bug
BugIDEA-169380Buggy caret position shown in status line
BugIDEA-1686432017 EAP - Middle mouse click always pastes
PerformanceIDEA-170011Join lines is extremely slow
Editor. Error HighlightingBugIDEA-163829Cannot save 'Use Inherited attributes' for C++ language inside 'Semantic highlighting'
Editor. Intention ActionsUsabilityIDEA-168917"Do not show hints for current method" is unclear
File SystemPerformanceIDEA-169698VirtualFIle.findChild() is slow on negative lookups
Find, Replace, Find UsagesBugIDEA-169992Different results in the results panel of the "Find in Path" window in comparison to the preview (specific Regex)
BugIDEA-168259`Find in path` highlights all file in preview window
BugIDEA-169331File mask field keyboard behaviour inconsistent with search field
BugIDEA-169685Regexes inserted into "Find" field are replaced with the value of its selection if "replace" mode is invoked
BugIDEA-169060Find in path: Home+End keys not working in text field
BugIDEA-170768Search stopped working
UsabilityIDEA-157440No space between line number and code when exporting found occurences to text file
UsabilityIDEA-170049"Find in path" dialog: find anywhere/in comments/... doesn't have a shortcut
UsabilityIDEA-168982New Find/Replace in tab dialog: Add spacing to checkbox list
ExceptionIDEA-168857Find usages preview throws exception: java.lang.Throwable
IDE ConfigurationFeatureIDEA-165592Bring back opening files from CLI in new window as option
BugIDEA-170230Message "Unable to save settings: Failed to save settings. Please restart IntelliJ IDEA" when leaving the IDEA window of a big project
BugIDEA-163039Editor > General > Auto Import settings should really be per project
BugIDEA-152335Selecting "Underscored" from "Bold Underscored" doesn't work in Settings>Editor>Colors&Fonts>somelanguage
BugIDEA-169647Font family is not preserved after upgrade to 2017.1 RC
BugIDEA-169803Cannot modify existing rule for parameter hints
BugIDEA-169926Changing application font size impact on code font size after restart
ExceptionIDEA-169363Internal error on stating RubyMine EAP
IndicesUsabilityIDEA-170114"Indexing paused during Power Save mode" shows forever and IntelliSense issues on Power Save mode
Java. Code CompletionBugIDEA-168948Strange ordering change in code completion popup
JavaEE.WebLogicBugIDEA-167820Weblogic shutdown fails is password contains "@"
MavenCosmeticsIDEA-169606Action links are too close to each other in the information popup
Packaging and InstallationBugIDEA-1694152016.3.4 'Restart the IDE' fails on patches, updates, and plugin changes
BugIDEA-170328Command-line launcher does not work on Python 3
Plugin Support. APIBugIDEA-169570Any test fails when LightPlatformCodeInsightTestCase.getTestDataPath() returns relative path in IJ 2017.1 EAP(171.3780.15)
Project ConfigurationBugIDEA-168933Moving source folder breaks project
Project ViewBugIDEA-169292Infinite loading in "Project" view
BugIDEA-169461Scroll from source inside a scope changes scope to "Project Files"
RefactoringBugIDEA-170159Pasting in a directory to overwrite most of the files inside it, there is no "skip all" or "overwrite all"
Run | Debug configurationBugIDEA-40962Can't pass single "*" character as command line argument in run configuration
BugIDEA-149344Program arguments in application run configuration are expanded
BugIDEA-168864Run Configuration - dirty state is not changed after adding any action to Before launch section
User InterfaceBugIDEA-172571IntelliJ IDEA won't start on Mac OS Sierra
BugIDEA-169587Welcome Screen unusable small
BugIDEA-171299IDE is closed even I canceled exit
BugIDEA-170024Checkboxes are broken
BugIDEA-169672FindInPath popup: keyboard focus can't be moved to results list after some control selecting or moving focus to preview
BugIDEA-172066Toolwindow activates in another project
BugIDEA-172136Search text area has an improper height
BugIDEA-169270Tab key doesn't bring you into General Tab in Datasource Properties window
BugIDEA-170910Diagram printing prints empty
BugIDEA-170092Color scheme import feedback is missing
BugIDEA-169925'Import Color Scheme' is broken (scheme is reset to Default after IDE restart)
CosmeticsIDEA-169688Buttons Yes/No in "Add file to Git" dialog lost their position
User Interface.DarculaBugIDEA-169540Current tab indicator for vertical splits is shown for each split instead of one with current focus
Version ControlBugIDEA-171478Spelling is not checked on first commit dialog invocation
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-54753Git: Unstash changes: Apply and pop actions fail.
ExceptionIDEA-170463Throwable on authentication failure in case both login and password asked
Version Control. LogFeatureIDEA-168629Let reorder columns shown in the VCS Log and new File History
BugIDEA-169336Show affected files in file history has no preselection
PerformanceIDEA-170443Indexing git log takes too long on repositories with big (in terms of changes count) commits.
ExceptionIDEA-169831Adding duplicate element ref to the set containing otherref
Version Control. MercurialBugIDEA-170411hg4idea always tries to load too much data sometimes completely filling Java heap
Version Control. PerforcePerformanceIDEA-170991Repository/Incoming changes refresh takes long time
PHP project configurationBugWI-35344New Project dialog reuses previous state instead of default project settings
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..BugWI-27179Do not browse server tree from root in places other than choosing root path
BugWI-29847Mappings for single file doesn't work
BugWI-26878Cannot connect to pure IPv6 host from Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10
CosmeticsWI-33565File Transfer tab capitalizes "k" for kilobit prefix
No subsystemBugRUBY-19319Stuck in Indexing loop
EditingFeatureRUBY-1983Offer "Create method" quickfix for unresolved methods
PuppetFeatureRUBY-19388Puppet: detect modules' path from environment.conf
BugRUBY-19158Unexpected heredoc indentation after reformat
BugRUBY-19182Missing word in the title bar
BugRUBY-19288librarian-puppet downloads empty folders while installing dependencies
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