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DebuggerBugPY-23419Data view don't show the index of DataFrame neither rows numbers from numpy array.
BugPY-23906Jython remote debugging fails with attribute error
EditingBugPY-23453"Strip trailing spaces on Save" not working in doc comments
InspectionsBugPY-21655False inspection: @asyncio.coroutine decorated function treated as non-awaitable
PyramidBugPY-23177Empty template file for Chameleon based project
Remote InterpretersBugPY-23653Ssh console hangs on connecting to vagrant box
Test RunnerBugPY-23452sys.path[0] incorrect when running unittests with "Add source roots to PYTHONPATH"
BugPY-23217django-nose: Test Results don't lead to test anymore
BugPY-22505New jb_unittest_runner doesn't print text from input and any flushed text until end of test
BugPY-23856space in test name
BugPY-23785(unittest2) AttributeError: 'super' object has no attribute 'addSubTest'
BugPY-23846Dot in subtest name breaks output
BugPY-23490New test runner in 2017.1 does not find unit tests
VagrantBugPY-23997Remote CLI Interpreter using Vagrant Instance can not find vagrant settings.
TerminalBugIDEA-169111Fish user functions not loaded
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