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ConsoleBugPY-21510virtualenv auto activation fails on windows
DockerBugPY-21488Debugger sometimes unexpectedly stops docker container under debug in the very beginning
BugPY-20999Python interpreter could not be added for Docker for Mac with socat workaround
BugPY-21505docker-compose remote interpreter skeleton generation hangs
BugPY-21022Сould not execute python via docker
Remote InterpretersExceptionPY-21386StackOverflowError trying to add Vagrant Remote Interpreter (Win 10)
VagrantBugPY-20992Modal window appears constantly when creating new project on newly created remote vagrant interpreter
TypeScriptExceptionWEB-24229StackOverflowError in JS code
No subsystemBugIDEA-164049'Export Settings' option exports broken settings.jar
DockerBugIDEA-161514Docker Deployment run configuration hangs
Project ViewBugIDEA-164074Exception using "Select Target" popup menu
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