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Code InsightFeaturePY-20769Support PEP 519: File system path protocol
ExceptionPY-21399Backslash in the middle of another escape sequence inside a string literal causes exceptions
ConsoleBugPY-21373Python console working directory setting ignored
BugPY-21330Receive "Value Error A return_control_callback must be supplied as a reference before a gui can be enabled" with "Show command line afterwards" option
BugPY-21317ANSI Coloring in Remote Python Console
BugPY-21248First line becomes hidden in the first cell of IPython console
BugPY-21452virtualenv auto activation does not work on windows (cmd) with the latest build (171.948)
DebuggerBugPY-21487Concurrency Visualizer doesn't work
BugPY-14999tput: unknown terminal "emacs"
BugPY-20532Debugger completely broken with Qt5
BugPY-21096Debugger is not working
ExceptionPY-21457Reopening Debugger Console causes IllegalArgumentException
DjangoBugPY-21473NPE in Django templates when a non-existing directory is listed in settings.TEMPLATES.DIRS
DockerBugPY-19531Failed to locate container name if it's defined via container_name instruction
BugPY-21465PyCharm sometimes keeps waiting for docker containers to stop when they are already stopped
BugPY-21443Docker container with docker-compose utility keeps running if an error occurs during service containers startup
BugPY-21442PyCharm opens too many file descriptors or TCP socket connections on running Python scripts with Docker
BugPY-21444Errors occurred on running Python script with Docker Compose interpreter are swallowed
BugPY-21264Docker: debugger hangs after connecting to PyCharm
BugPY-21352Debugger does not connect to specifically spawned Python subprocesses running with Docker interpreter
BugPY-21167Progress indicator may stuck after docker-compose process finished
CosmeticsPY-21242Simplify UI of docker-compose Python interpreter configuration dialog
Interpreters SettingsFeaturePY-18473Detect installed third-party Python interpreters based on the Windows registry according to PEP 0514
Jupyter NotebookBugPY-21429Duplicate output in Jupyter Notebook
ExceptionPY-21428Cutting only cell raises ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
ExceptionPY-21427Double click on the output field inside jupyter notebook raises UnsupportedOperationException
ExceptionPY-21430"File of this document has been deleted" exception after removing notebook and switching interpreter
RefactoringFeaturePY-21161Intention that converts .format() calls and prrintf-style formatting to f-string literals
BugPY-21245"Convert to f-string literal" action doesn't work correctly with dictionary keys including quotation marks
BugPY-21244"Convert to f-string literal" action doesn't work correctly with parametrized formats
BugPY-21246"Convert to f-string literal" action do not place parentheses if format contains expression
BugPY-21243"Convert to f-string literal" action doesn't work correctly with old string formatting and dictionaries
Remote InterpretersCosmeticsPY-21237Align fields in Configure Remote Python Interpreter dialog
RunBugPY-21194Latest 2016.3 EAP does not honor env variables in server configuration
Test RunnerBugPY-7659Incorrect unit test status in pycharm
BugPY-21132pytest with coverage fails due to -m option used
BugPY-15166Test runner mixes up class names for tests when `subTest` method is used
BugPY-21454tox.ini is not found by default in the project root directory
DebuggerBugWEB-14233Add property of object to watches fails
BugWEB-21216Debugger should show contents of Map/Set
ExceptionWEB-24091IllegalArgumentException when inspect closure
ExceptionWEB-24089TypeCastException within debug session
JavaScriptBugWEB-24058Bad analysis: lambda argument breaks method resolution type inference in method chain
ExceptionWEB-24108AssertionError when call 'Choose color'
JavaScript. FormatterBugWEB-24067Some bugs with reformat code
JavaScript. InspectionsFeatureWEB-16380No error is shown for -> used instead of => in javascript
JavaScript. PredefsBugWEB-24024Incorrect warning when using symbol[Symbol.iterator] to define object property
Node.jsUsabilityWEB-23926The toolwindow "react-native start" doesn't have running indicator and stop button
Code NavigationBugIDEA-163673IntelliJ was frozen for 3 minutes without obvious reason
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-163905Zero Latency Typing is excruciatingly slow with 20 carets and unusable with 50.
ExceptionIDEA-162595`Wrong offset` exception when start typing on the first line of any file if there're >1 lines [#171.78]
IDE ConfigurationBugIDEA-161375What is Pin Active Tab doing here?
TerminalFeatureIDEA-147703Support fish shell to use as terminal
BugIDEA-118848Pos1/End don't work in the terminal if zsh ist used
BugIDEA-163474Terminal shell path can't be changed (falls back to default value): IntelliJ IDEA 2016.3 (builds 163.7342.3, 163.7743.17 and 163.7743.37)
BugIDEA-162571Terminal does not read zshrc from ZDOTDIR defined in .zshenv
BugIDEA-163063It's impossible to deactivate auto-activated virtualenv on zsh and fish
User Interface.DarculaBugIDEA-163377Darcula scheme: Expired entry in Log Console should have foreground color
XMLBugIDEA-84959Billion laughs XML pasting/clipboard & create 100% CPU
PHP InterpretersExceptionWI-33843Exception is thrown during editing of Remote Interpreters
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..BugWI-33840Server with the name of removed server won't work till PhpStorm restart
BugWI-33527Save password checkbox can't be applied
BugWI-33836Error about missing passphrase is not updated when "anonymous" checkbox is selected
ExceptionWI-33837ClassCastException is thrown on menu opening
No subsystemBugVIM-1007Enabling zero latency typing introduces visual artifacts in normal mode
PuppetBugRUBY-17055When a new branch is detected, the "Sync environment with VCS branch name" setting is lost
Remote InterpretersBugRUBY-17587Cannot add another gemset of the remote Ruby SDK that is already in list
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