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No subsystemExceptionPY-20026IndexOutOfBoundsException in PyClassImpl.mroMerge
Code InsightBugPY-20280Warn if class variable listed in __slots__
ExceptionPY-20421IOOBE on processing function type comment containing single element tuple
DebuggerBugPY-19642Break Points ignored and random debugger freeze in 2016.1.2/3
BugPY-19724Can't create application "setup" in Django if pycharm-debug.egg is installed
BugPY-20165AttributeError: 'DebugConsoleStdIn' object has no attribute 'buffer'
BugPY-20154debugging with fabric commands fail with sys.stdin argument must be an int, or have a fileno() method.
DjangoBugPY-20097Installing django-chameleon when creating Django project with chameleon template engine
DockerBugPY-20111Support stdin when running or debugging Python scripts
BugPY-20358Reloading generated skeletons keeps on running
BugPY-20270Argument for @NotNull parameter 'strings' of com/intellij/util/ArrayUtil.contains must not be null
InspectionsBugPY-19975When both PyQt and PySide are installed, auto import quick fix can't get proper import name for symbols from PyQt
BugPY-19858type checker: wrong type for List[List] elements
BugPY-19998Inspection "Chained comparisons can be simplified" falsely suggests quickfix "Ignore statement with a constant in the middle"
BugPY-19999Quickfix "Ignore statements with a constant in the middle" for the inspection "Chained comparison can be simplified" doesn't update settings
PerformancePY-20553Performance problem: One CPU core running always at full speed
ExceptionPY-20223NumberFormatException in requirements normalizer breaks code inspection in PyCharm 2016.2
Interpreters SettingsBugPY-13708Project Interperter: remove for the duplicated interpreter removes both
BugPY-18785Interpreter appears twice
BugPY-20263PyCharm doesn't recognize built-ins and standard modules if there are entries in the interpreters list that end with (1), (2), and so on
Jupyter NotebookBugPY-20033Annoying PEP 8 "no new line at end of file" in IPython Notebook cells
CosmeticsPY-20058Suppress pep8 e402 warning for jupyter notebook
No subsystemExceptionWEB-22881Python code inspection fails to finish due to JavaScript indexing problems
JavaScriptBugWEB-22839Debug files in JavaScript library reclassified as release on index
JavaScript. FrameworksBugWEB-22827angular2 Navigation to the file from the path styleURLs and templateURL are failed (from all components)
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-22668Erroneous conversion to arrow function
Node.jsBugWEB-22900Log is spammed by WARN - ry.NodeModulesDirectoryManager messages
BugWEB-22909node_modules folder is always marked as "library root" with no ability to change the setting
TypeScriptBugWEB-22676Typescript: Module importing flags import as unused if only type is imported
HAMLBugRUBY-18415RubyMine 2016.2.1 freezes while open HAML file
Code NavigationBugIDEA-157786File matching pattern results showed twice for some files
Eclipse IntegrationBugIDEA-160071When eclipse plugin is not available, show error message (instead of exceptions)
Find, Replace, Find UsagesFeatureIDEA-156611Find/Replace toolbar: Escape now clears the replace lineedit which also clears the lineedit history entry
BugIDEA-160080Find query lost when switching between "find in path" and "replace in path" dialogs
IDE ConfigurationBugIDEA-160459Nothing happens after 'Check for Updates...'
Packaging and InstallationBugIDEA-151793IDEA failed to restart after plugins activation
Plugin Support. APIBugIDEA-160143java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: com.intellij.util.containers.ContainerUtil.intersection(Ljava/util/Collection;Ljava/util/Collection; )Ljava/util/Collection;
Run | Debug configurationBugIDEA-158654Debug becomes disabled for Run Configuration with dependency in 'Before run' section
SpringBugIDEA-157013Exception in usage statistics blocks closing project
User InterfaceBugIDEA-152939deadlock on 16 EAP 144.2925.2 startup
BugIDEA-159856Colors & Fonts > Import button is present in IDEA-based IDEs and does nothing
Version ControlPerformanceIDEA-158252IDE completely freezed after indices failure
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-159580GIT project update hangs
UsabilityIDEA-160000Keep second line empty in commit messages on git cherry-pick
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