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BDDBugPY-19641Inline statistics are in miliseconds but displays seconds
Code InsightBugPY-19967Type inference and completion doesn't correctly when inheriting from namedtuple
BugPY-19825Tuple sub-assignment typing broken
BugPY-19530from MODULE import SUBMODULE as NAME not find inheritance
BugPY-16404Syntax highlighting does not work for the pattern in `re.fullmatch`, but works for `re.match`
BugPY-19461Inspection does not recognize all subclasses
BugPY-19220Multi-line assignments break type hinting
DjangoBugPY-17107utilities in django.db.models.locating are deprecated
BugPY-19636the blocktrans `asvar` parameter introduced in Django 1.9 is not supported
DockerBugPY-19944"unacceptable character #x0000" error on adding docker compose interpreter
InspectionsBugPY-19956Slotted attributes considered read-only
BugPY-11943Type annotation and checking does not consider `dict` a `MutableMapping`
BugPY-19085Unresolved attribute reference 'fullmatch' for class '__Regex'
BugPY-20038"Call to __init__ of super class is missed" inspection if super is used with __class__
Remote InterpretersBugPY-14940No "Reload paths" button for remote interpreters
Test RunnerBugPY-20091Test runner hides tests that errored during the collection phase
BugPY-20194Unitests should have project root as working directory if not specified explicitly
No subsystemBugWEB-22601When collapsing a react/jsx component it shows as <xml /> instead of the component name.
BugWEB-21664Unexpected "Cannot resolve symbol" error
Build toolsBugWEB-22578Debugging Gulp with Node.js v6: add --expose-debug-as=v8debug
DebuggerBugWEB-22522Debugger: java.nio.file.AccessDeniedException on Karma tests debug
JavaScriptBugWEB-22521wrong style for js keyword operators (void, typeof)
BugWEB-22520[regression] [js] get and set are not styled as keywords
BugWEB-22542JS: let is not considered a keyword
PerformanceWEB-22544Poor editor performance with 25000 line javascript file
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-22376"Missing import statement" in code inspection by mistake
BugWEB-22503Inspections: "Convert to let": do not change operations order
BugWEB-22502Inspections: "Convert to let": do not place result 'let' into another scope
Node.jsBugWEB-22499Npm: Missing module dependency inspection: search in all package.json files in the project
BugWEB-22619Node.js: node_modules recognition: remove "Node.js dependencies for" library
BugWEB-22620Node.js: node_modules recognition: each node_modules folder is treated as separate library
ExceptionWEB-22627Node.js: node_modules recognition: StackOverflowError on old project opening
Code: IndexingBugOC-13991AppCode won't update project symbols on start
Code Analysis. InspectionExceptionIDEA-159043NPE running 'Unused declaration' inspection
IndicesBugIDEA-156411UI lockup on updating indices
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..TaskWI-32722Move auth data to separate files out of usual VCS integration and settings repository
CucumberBugRUBY-11046Cucumber's resolve variant window should look more human
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