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No subsystemBugPY-19573Python console - no output under OS X
BDDBugPY-19942Missing Traceback in behave 1.2.6
Code InsightBugPY-19773Symbols available via higher level package are missing in the auto import suggestions if there are other imports from same package in a file
ConsoleBugPY-14746Debug console interpreter
BugPY-18069NPE attempting to start Python Console
DockerBugPY-19886Docker for Mac Beta v1.12 Doesn't Support HostConfig
EditingBugPY-19100Bad indentation when pasting whole function definition with multiline parameter list at the top of a file (smart indent on paste is turned on)
Jinja2BugPY-19931Recognize Jinja 2.8 block assignments
Remote InterpretersBugPY-19982Remote interpreters could not be added within Python plugin if Docker plugin not installed
Test RunnerBugPY-19015tox fails for tox environments with empty commands list
BugPY-18538tox runner appears to run tests twice
VagrantFeaturePY-19781Add 'Vagrant Share' command to Tools > Vagrant
No subsystemBugWEB-22163Add braces to arrow function statement — doesn't work as expected
BugWEB-21997Go to URL matches urls incorrectly if url contains $ in it
HTMLBugWEB-12182Please remove u-tag decrepated alert
BugWEB-426"onclick" attribute parse bug
BugWEB-9936Strange tab (auto-complete) behaviour in html files.
CosmeticsWEB-430Tag bounds shower is not updated after a single-row tag is selected
JavaScriptBugWEB-21560"Replace with Template String" fails if original contains a backtick
BugWEB-22297babelrc doesn't recognize plugin options
JavaScript. FormatterBugWEB-21661Wrong 'Format Code' in React render code
JavaScript. FrameworksBugWEB-21677JSX Children PropTypes incorrectly parsed
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-22116Intentions "Convert var to let", "Convert var to const" freeze large project
BugWEB-22166Intentions: "Add braces to arrow function statement" eats any preceding comment
JavaScript. RefactoringBugWEB-22133NPE during var to let conversion
BugWEB-22132Convert to let should consider scope
TypeScriptBugWEB-22213Typescript Auto Import does not work when TS compiler is enabled
YAMLFeatureRUBY-17496Update breadcrumbs to show the element values
No subsystemBugIDEA-157266Safe delete: Exclude file is enable
Code Analysis. InspectionBugIDEA-157966Inspection result tool window shows only one result instead of several for one line when grouping by severity enabled
BugIDEA-157068Inspection result tool window - 'Nothing here' in quickfix pop-up after using Go Next/Prev problem
UsabilityIDEA-157156'Unused declaration' - suppress &quickfix actions are available after applying
DockerFeatureIDEA-142322Add possibility to close attached console
UsabilityIDEA-155356Docker. Order containers and Images in the Docker View.
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