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No subsystemPerformancePY-19141 PyCharm 2016.1.2 freezes randomly
Code InsightExceptionPY-19047Exception on interpreter indexing
ConsoleBugPY-18440Python consoles with scrollbar constantly twitching on repaint
CoverageBugPY-19114coverage report exit error 1
CythonBugPY-19045Async-await and function annotations highlighted as errors for Cython 0.23 and Python 3.5
DebuggerBugPY-18742Debugger hangs on Jython with "Attach to subprocess" option enabled
BugPY-18929Eventlet monkey patching breaks debugger
DjangoBugPY-19152Django templates: url name auto-complete not work after adding media urls
DockerBugPY-19201Relative paths declared in build or context tags for docker compose services are not supported
BugPY-18911docker-compose parser does not support extends
BugPY-19082Error on parsing docker compose configuration file with command tag as list
BugPY-17732docker interpreter fails to detect libraries
BugPY-19056volume in docker-compose don't work
BugPY-19019Support overriding configuration with docker-compose.override.yml
BugPY-19115Always create Docker image and container with PyCharm helpers
BugPY-18775can't locate env file referenced by compose
InspectionsBugPY-18954False positive in % string by PyStringFormatInspection for dictionary argument
BugPY-19096Inspection "PEP 8 Naming convention violation" is too restrictive about names of context manager classes
BugPY-18877PEP484 Python 2/3 compatible function type hint return type not allowed on same line
BugPY-19028Byte slices return incorrect type inference
PackagingBugPY-18851RequirementParseError: Invalid requirement, parse error at ... for packages with broken requiremnts
BugPY-18405Version of devpi package is always latest
BugPY-18404Not able to install package from devpi repo with old version
BugPY-18395Install button isn't available if only devpi repo exists
ParsingBugPY-19036Using await in a non-asynchronous nested function not marked as a syntax error
Build toolsBugWEB-20879pressing enter on a gulp file in the gulp run popup should run the default task for that file.
BugWEB-21105gulp/grunt task runner does not wrap around with arrow keys
JavaScript. FrameworksBugWEB-20707Weird behavior with Angular 1.x custom attribute directives and autocompletion.
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-21164ESLint: custom severity chosen for ESLint inspection is ignored
TypeScriptBugWEB-21090Incorrect autoformat tsx code
BugWEB-21087[TypeScript] False error when initializing an array of objects with string literal types
BugWEB-21172Initializer type any[]<Foo> is not assignable to variable type Foo[]
BugWEB-21079'Add import statement' quick fix for Typescript ignores 'use single quotes' setting
BuildBugOC-13252Multiple issues when using shared DerivedData folder in AppCode and Xcode simultaneously
Cucumber JVMBugIDEA-152821Allow Cucumber tests run configuration under JDK 7
DockerBugIDEA-153513Docker: terminals for `attach` and `exec` are broken
BugIDEA-153214Docker plug-in depends on SSH Remote Run which is not available in Community Edition
Editor. Intention ActionsBugIDEA-153614Flip ',' (comma) generates invalid code
Find, Replace, Find UsagesBugIDEA-154525"Find in path"-Action // Previous searches popdown conflicts with live preview
BugIDEA-154342Find Usages: Editor preview should not animate scrolling to the selected line for newly opened file
BugIDEA-151531Amount of matches reported in search bar doesn't correspond to reality
BugIDEA-120337after upgraded to 7.1.2, searching in previous Favorites doesn't work
IDE ConfigurationBugIDEA-152606IDEA fails on startup if one of plugins required for ruby or python plugin cannot be loaded
User InterfaceBugIDEA-153630gdb console is blinking and adding and deleting scroll bar.
BugIDEA-153753Find by mouse shortcut does not work with mouse button 4/5
EditorUsabilityEDU-591Find in Path - Preview: Keeps refreshing - unuseable
No subsystemBugRUBY-17384The Clear All Button(Trash Icon) not work in Debug
DebuggerBugRUBY-17873presence of the debugger console prompt breaks console "Soft Wraps" and "Scroll to the end" options
BugRUBY-16949Scroll to end button broken in Debugger console when debugging
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