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Code InsightFeaturePY-18598Proposal to extend PY2 type signatures with "(...) -> rtype"
FeaturePY-18741Support inline comments with type annotations for individual function parameters
FeaturePY-18254Support Python 2.7 additions to PEP 484
BugPY-18820Intention "Annotate types" inserts "NoneType" instead of plain "None" in function type comments
BugPY-18726PEP 484 function type comments containing Callable types are not recognized
BugPY-18762Support annotations for homogeneous tuples, e.g. Tuple[int, ...]
BugPY-18763Support annotations for callable objects with unconstrained parameter types
BugPY-18739Old type format for auto-generated annotations
ExceptionPY-18328CTRL+ALT+B on method leads to excpetion
DebuggerBugPY-18780Remote debugger: incorrect warning
BugPY-18655PyCharm ships with "tests" pydev helper
DockerFeaturePY-18652Support version 2 of Docker Compose configuration file
BugPY-18671Docker Compose: PyCharm hangs on creating docker-compose interpreter
BugPY-18818Coverage and Profiler don't work with Docker based interpreters
BugPY-18776Docker Compose: error on adding Docker Compose interpreter because some build paths are not mapped
CosmeticsPY-18678Docker Compose: R label is missing for remote interpreter
EditingBugPY-18803Intention "Annotate types" inserts annotation for return type second time it it already exists
FormatterBugPY-13304Wrong indent used for continuation of method call arguments
BugPY-17979Pycharm incorrectly uses continuation setting producing non PEP-8 compliant formatting
DartBugWEB-20759WebStorm unresponsive when html_dartium.dart is opened
JavaScriptBugWEB-20651Infinite indexing loop
Packaging and InstallationCosmeticsIDEA-152947MacOSX: IDEA 145.257 application should have name 'IntelliJ IDEA 2016.1', not 'IntelliJ IDEA 2016'
User InterfaceBugIDEA-152939deadlock on 16 EAP 144.2925.2 startup
BugIDEA-153084IntelliJ IDEA 2016.1 requires acceptance of privacy policy each time I run IDEA
BugIDEA-70943Tooltip animations and buggy visibility are exceedingly frustrating
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-152902Git4Idea doesn't work on windows if home directory contains whitespaces
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