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WEB-16009 (Feature)

Support JSON files with one object per row

IDEA-141232 (Bug)

Selecting "All Files" part way through a Replace in Path goes back and replaces any matches already replaced

PY-16049 (Bug)

Creating a Flask project with None as a templating language triggers a pip install error



PY-16188 (Bug)

debugger variables window shows a key error when expanding a dictionary with long key values



PY-16092 (Bug)

Run manage.py Task... Failed to get real commands on module

PY-15540 (Bug)

PyCharm does not obey new template dirs for filesystem.Loader

PY-16083 (Bug)

Any use output prevents manage.py from running

PY-16181 (Bug)

PyCharm Freezes

PY-15978 (Bug)

manage.py commands I/O seems broken



PY-15701 (Feature)

Add "..inside function" versions of "minimum blank lines" settings

PY-12360 (Bug)

Formatter won't fix PEP8 E303 and W292

PY-16050 (Bug)

Formatter doesn't handle spaces in annotations after ":" and "->" according to PEP-8

PY-9923 (Bug)

conflict between code formatter and PEP 8 whitespace before def with comments

PY-16078 (Bug)

Change default right margin to 99 to conform to PEP 8



PY-15927 (Bug)

Quickfix "Add super class call" can't handle conflicting tuple parameters

PY-16036 (Bug)

Quickfix "Add super class call" doesn't preserve original name of the "self" parameter

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-16924 (Bug)

eslint validation context.getFilename incomplete



PY-15974 (Bug)

HTML indents are not obeyed when template is set to "Jinja2"



PY-9419 (Feature)

New intention: convert tuple to list and vice-versa

PY-9285 (Bug)

Change Signature: cannot perform refactoring for project files, when project root is added to interpreter paths

PY-10553 (Bug)

Move file refactoring badly process imports for class with the same name as containing file

PY-11561 (Bug)

"Add super class call" incorrectly inserts parameter annotations

PY-14617 (Bug)

Moving module out of the parent package doesn't correctly update relative import statements for Python 2 and old-style relative imports without dots

Test Runner


PY-16054 (Bug)

pycharm_helpers have priority in sys.path

PY-8042 (Bug)

Subclasses of NoseTestSuiteRunner not recognized by django-nose support.

User Interface


IDEA-141585 (Usability Problem)

Sluggish scrolling when Soft-Wraps are enabled and text is wrapped

Version Control


IDEA-141480 (Bug)

Changes are lost after push

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