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WEB-16843 (Usability Problem)

Bower: notify users when searching for packages fails because of time out

IDEA-138443 (Bug)

Selecting Window->(Minified Window) does not show the minified window

WEB-16884 (Bug)

Add support for JSHint 2.8.0

IDEA-137908 (Bug)

External documentation (from javadoc.jar) is not shown

RUBY-16676 (Bug)

if you hit enter in the rails console while the completion window is open, it does not evaluate the current line

WEB-16724 (Bug)

Extract variable in reactjs .jsx file fails

IDEA-141078 (Bug)

Javadoc quickdoc popup: "null" text instead of "@Nullable"?

IDEA-141222 (Bug)

Cannot switch between projects



PY-16031 (Usability Problem)

Behave test output should link exception call stack to lines in source code



IDEA-132315 (Bug)

IDEA marks double hashes as Error



PY-15500 (Feature)

"Step Into My Code" action in debugger

IDEA-141324 (Bug)

Line numbers in breakpoints dialog box broken by line wrappin

IDEA-132852 (Bug)

Debugger: values in editor are still shown after disconnect



PY-16012 (Bug)

Env variables are not passed to manage.py when it fetches commands.

PY-16021 (Bug)

mange.py task broken and doesn't launch



WEB-16748 (Bug)

Simultaneous tag editing feature fails at PHP string

WEB-15277 (Bug)

Repeating breadcrumbs

WEB-16802 (Bug)

Misplaced lang attribute in new HTML file (head instead of html)

WEB-2329 (Exception)

Exception is thrown for Zen coding in injected HTML



RUBY-16725 (Bug)

File Encodings settings page are missed



IDEA-141130 (Exception)

InvalidVirtualFileAccessException at com.intellij.openapi.vfs.newvfs.persistent.PersistentFSImpl.getFileId

IDEA-136562 (Exception)




PY-11541 (Bug)

Unresolved references after isinstance(s, basestring) check

PY-15898 (Bug)

Unresolved references inspection doesn't work for Python scratch files



WEB-16476 (Bug)

False positive "Unresolved function or method" with valid javascript forward references

JavaScript. Formatter


WEB-16646 (Bug)

Reformat code renames variables start which "в" char (maybe other)

JavaScript. Frameworks


WEB-16753 (Bug)

Component name shows multiple time in the code completion suggestions

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-16840 (Feature)

Add support for eslintConfig field in package.json

WEB-16403 (Feature)

Code Quality Tools - JSHint Search for configs(s) Correction

WEB-16001 (Cosmetics)

ESLint .eslintrc as YAML causes spurious error

WEB-16652 (Bug)

Code Quality Tools: inspections settings should be taken from profile chosen when running Code/Inspect Code

WEB-16816 (Bug)

ESLint does not work on *.es6 files

WEB-16860 (Bug)

ESLint Plugin needs to support the --reset option



WEB-16701 (Bug)

Parser throws error on valid LESS variable names beginning with numbers



WEB-16715 (Bug)

Node: detect npm location for nodist on Windows

PHP debug


WI-27433 (Feature)

Navigate to php.ini from interpreter settings for remote interpreter

Plugin Support. API


IDEA-141111 (Bug)

CustomUncommenter#findMaximumCommentedRange is broken

Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..


WI-7231 (Feature)

Provide 'Create file' action for 'Remote Host' view

WI-27566 (Usability Problem)

Allow to assign shortcut for action ''New'' in Remote Host tab

WI-27569 (Usability Problem)

Make remote edited files navigatable to Remote Host with Alt+F1 (Select in... action)

WI-27639 (Cosmetics)

Remote Edit: cannot undo dialog shows internal id of the server

WI-27239 (Bug)

Remote edit: doesn't check on upload whether remote file was changed

WI-27688 (Exception)

Exception on adding new server

Task Management


IDEA-131992 (Feature)

FogBugz improvements

Test Runner


PY-14560 (Bug)

Console doesn't parse tracebacks generated by py.test



WEB-15917 (Bug)

Typescript: wrong declare class and declare var constructs formatting

User Interface


IDEA-139761 (Bug)

Incorrect rendering of scrollbar track

Version Control. Git


IDEA-140436 (Usability Problem)

Git | Merge Changes with conflicts does not automatically display Resolve Conflicts

IDEA-140297 (Usability Problem)

Drag-n-drop in interactive rebase editor works incorrectly

IDEA-91996 (Usability Problem)

Git: rebasing actions are disabled for repository in rebasing state depending on selection in Project View

IDEA-140501 (Performance Problem)

Using all of the CPU and eventually WebStorm is unusable

IDEA-141204 (Bug)

Git log displays labels incorrectly for Git 2.4.3

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