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PY-9616 (Task)

Add the attached files to the Tips of the Day

WEB-16594 (Bug)

Good code marked red. Javascript getter shown as error if version set to ECMAScript 6 or JSX Harmony.



PY-14768 (Bug)

lettuce integration doesn't know ?: in a regex group doesn't capture



IDEA-139945 (Bug)

When putting a watch on a breakpoint, Java debugger produces a boxed Integer instead of primitive int

PY-15929 (Bug)

Inline debugger seems to be not actually inline

IDEA-132852 (Bug)

Debugger: values in editor are still shown after disconnect



PY-15925 (Bug)

Run manage.py task broken in 4.5.0

PY-15894 (Bug)

Run manage.py task broken when django root is not project root

PY-15816 (Bug)

Run manage.py task: Quick doc doesn't work when the caret is at the end of word

PY-15855 (Bug)

New Django manage.py console doesn't support non-ascii help strings



PY-14236 (Task)

Please use the attached archive as a tip of the day

PY-15278 (Task)

Use the attached archive as Tips of the Day for 4.5



WEB-15884 (Bug)

ES6 'export * from' declarations

WEB-16188 (Bug)

IntelliJ 14.1 AngularJs 141.2 plugin highlighting functions as unresolved

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-16106 (Usability Problem)

JSCS integration, plugin not found

WEB-16544 (Bug)

JSCS: add verbose option and correct "validateQuoteMarks" rule type

Product Documentation


PY-15514 (Task)

Please replace tip of day file with the attached one.



PY-15905 (Bug)

PyCharm 4.5 Profiler: pstat snapshot not written when using sys.exit(0) or raising SystemExit

PY-15801 (Bug)

Profiler fails "no module named prof_io"

Remote Interpreters


PY-12143 (Usability Problem)

Show progress for uploading helpers to remote host

PY-13880 (Bug)

Tip of the Day for Configuring remote interpreter: typo

RUBY-16654 (Bug)

Can't SSH into Vagrant machine on Windows



PY-15481 (Bug)

Incorrect utf-8 encoding in the console after executing Run or Debug commands

Task Management


IDEA-139903 (Usability Problem)

TaskManagement: Trello: Change 'number' placeholder in commit message

Test Runner


PY-15869 (Bug)

Pattern does not work on unittest



WEB-16431 (Bug)

TypeScript: String arrays from lib.es6.d.ts; "Unresolved function or method map"

Version Control


IDEA-137838 (Usability Problem)

Ctrl + C - should copy a file name into a clipboard in Commit Changes window, not absolute path

IDEA-139488 (Bug)

Ctrl-C in Local Changes copies to clipboard one file name only

IDEA-130530 (Bug)

Changes Tool Window - Local Changes - ctrl+c = ctrl+shift+c



IDEA-129370 (Feature)

Support XML Schema (XSD) 1.1

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