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No subsystem


PY-15807 (Bug)

Resource roots: renaming the root clears root type

App Engine


PY-15845 (Bug)

App Engine: OAuth2 is used even if password is provided

Build tools


WEB-16502 (Bug)

Grunt: support navigable links in the output from the grunt-tslint package



WEB-8240 (Bug)

coffescript inspection 'unused local symbols' occurs when parameter used for extending a class

File Watchers


WEB-16470 (Bug)

File watcher: spaces in paths prevent to run program



WEB-16198 (Bug)

Javascript : unresolved function or method from super class where there is also a "static" method

Remote Interpreters


PY-15858 (Bug)

NullPointer exception in plugin SSH Remote Run



PY-15849 (Bug)

Vagrant: abandoned winpty-agent processes on each vagrant command run

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