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CPP-3150 (Usability Problem)

Warn users about Vim plugin on Welcome screen

WEB-16446 (Bug)

JSCS package path is configured globally rather then per project

WEB-16467 (Bug)

HEAD request not handled correctly in built in server

WEB-16386 (Bug)

WebStorm 10.0.2 hangs and does not respond

App Engine


PY-15782 (Usability Problem)

Use OAuth2 as default option in App Engine deploy

PY-14551 (Bug)

PyCharm doesn't resolving files and variables in App Engine project.



PY-14532 (Feature)

Support for behave’s default parse mode for step parameters

Code Insight


PY-11214 (Bug)

No code completion for _next_() method

PY-15271 (Bug)

Numpy: Unresolved reference: false positive for numpy array scalar like string_

PY-15503 (Bug)

Numpy: unresolved reference: false positive for testing package referenced with numpy import only

PY-15818 (Bug)

Import from project isn't resolved in Scratch

Cucumber JVM


IDEA-128412 (Bug)

Gherkin parser does not work with several features in one file

IDEA-118568 (Bug)

Unicode characters in StepDef are used should not match \w



PY-15500 (Feature)

"Step Into My Code" action in debugger

WEB-16172 (Bug)

Javascript debugging - breakpoints dont match display when using <script> template blocks (and not <template>)

PY-15793 (Bug)

Remote debug: hide message after downloading sources



PY-15803 (Bug)

URL isn't clickable in PY-141.583

PY-15789 (Bug)

manage.py - failed to get real commands on module

File Watchers


WEB-16470 (Bug)

File watcher: spaces in paths prevent to run program

WEB-12196 (Bug)

File Watcher: Output Filter: output not parsed when filename contains spaces/brackets. Unusable with Dropbox



WEB-16247 (Bug)

Some tag names duplicated in html5 completion

WEB-14928 (Bug)

End of JavaScript comments detected



IDEA-130329 (Bug)

"Cannot resolve file" in Hibernate XML <mapping resource="X"/> due to Maven target folder



PY-6149 (Feature)

Add Support for Marking Directories as "Resource Roots", a la PHPStorm

IDE Configuration


IDEA-139409 (Bug)

Persistent message "File type recognized: File extension *.vm was reassigned to VTL"

IDEA-139883 (Bug)

Changes in file associations are not saved



PY-15810 (Bug)

Function annotations cause bogus unresolved reference warnings



WEB-16410 (Usability Problem)

Download libraries: when searching for typescript stub, navigate to library with name that starts with entered substring first

WEB-16444 (Bug)

ES6 inside inline scripts

WEB-16111 (Bug)

Code completion is not working for nested objects defined outside

WEB-16260 (Bug)

Failing type inference with an object conforming to a typedef

WEB-14921 (Bug)

Better Structure View for ExtJS Files

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-16405 (Bug)

JSCS: correctly recognize type for each rule

WEB-16406 (Bug)

JSCS: use correct list of operators for rules type completion

WEB-16163 (Bug)

jscs unknown options

WEB-16189 (Bug)

Select path to Node.js and JSCS automatically

JavaScript. Predefs


WEB-14761 (Bug)

The Object.freeze definition in EcmaScript5.js (EcmaScript 5 library) is wrong

JavaScript. Refactoring


WEB-15848 (Bug)

Support rename of the imported\exported variable



WEB-16134 (Usability Problem)

Inspections: "Insert require()" quick fix: use single quotes

WEB-16133 (Bug)

Inspections: "Insert require()" quick fix: suggest module name and show it first in the list

WEB-16242 (Bug)

Node js auto import: correctly calculate main module



PY-15366 (Bug)

No completion for matplotlib figure

Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..


WI-27246 (Bug)

Remote Edit: it's impossible to open a file without known file type

WI-21962 (Bug)

Upload changed when document save

WI-27232 (Bug)

Remote Edit: tabs names are not updated on deployment server name change

WI-27231 (Bug)

Remote Edit: Symlinked files are truncated

WI-27233 (Bug)

Remote edit: Hide file extension in editor tabs doesn't work



PY-15822 (Cosmetics)

Profiler: add padding for node on the graph near call count

PY-15831 (Cosmetics)

Profiler: missing profiler icon in toolwindow after stop process

PY-15825 (Bug)

Profiler: Test Runner: not able to run pytest with profiler: ImportError: No module named 'teamcity'

PY-15820 (Bug)

Profiler: Remote Interpreter: Capture snapshot button seems to do nothing

PY-15821 (Bug)

Profiler: Remote Interpreter: Navigate to source doesn't open downloaded sources.

PY-15840 (Bug)

Empty profiling results for Unittests

PY-15832 (Bug)

Profiler: strange tmp suffix in snapshots paths from remote interpreter

PY-15800 (Exception)

new python profiler integration doesn't work with remote debugger (build 141.988)

Project and File Wizards


CPP-2746 (Bug)

CMake variables aren't processed in the "Create new C++ class" dialog



RUBY-16444 (Bug)

You can't use the class name starting with -



WEB-13406 (Bug)

Stylus nested media query duplicate rule flag invalid

WEB-13162 (Bug)

Stylus: Structure view: correctly recognize several @media queries



IDEA-139633 (Bug)

Terminal doesn't show prompt or current folder

Test Runner


PY-12621 (Bug)

pytest: stdout/stderr output not shown for individual tests



WEB-14009 (Bug)

Rename TypeScript import statement does not also rename references to imported module

User Interface


IDEA-138257 (Bug)

High DPI monitor issue: small text in notification popups

Version Control


IDEA-139870 (Bug)

Issue with context menu for annotation panel for files without an associated type

Version Control. Git


IDEA-137749 (Exception)

Compare with branch: Read access is allowed from event dispatch thread or inside read-action only: Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.fileEditor.impl.FileDocumentManagerImpl.getDocument

Version Control. Log


IDEA-138326 (Bug)

Selected commit can get out of sight after switching IntelliSort on or off.

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