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WEB-14347 (Bug)

JSX emmet support incorrect for <input> tag

Code Insight


PY-14365 (Bug)

make __Classobject invisible in import suggestions list

PY-14331 (Bug)

Do not show excluded folders in import completion



PY-14564 (Bug)

Remote console never opens



PY-14506 (Bug)

Deadlock during debugging of PyQt5 application

PY-14592 (Bug)

Debugging Console doesn't display (or create) variables



PY-14360 (Bug)

Shift+enter stopped to work in "Run manage.py task..." dialog

PY-14646 (Bug)

'Run manage.py Task' sqlmigrate doesn't show an input field for which application to work upon.



PY-9209 (Bug)

Pressing Ctrl-Shift-Enter inside a comment block doesn't put a space after the # sign on the next line

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-133649 (Bug)

Font not working

File Watchers


WEB-14104 (Feature)

Finish watcher before running tests

WEB-14380 (Bug)

If project root dir has space in it compass file watcher fails.



PY-14625 (Bug)

Scratchpad feature is reverting to disabled on every launch

IDE Configuration


IDEA-117343 (Bug)

When plugin can't be loaded (i.e. due to IDEA upgrade), related IDE settings are lost



PY-13791 (Bug)

Unresolved reference: false negative for _func_ in static methods

PY-9778 (Bug)

False notice 'is not used' for event decorated functions

PY-14158 (Bug)

Cannot ignore references in the undefined references inspection



IDEA-133714 (Bug)

"Unboxing may produce 'java.lang.NullPointer' exception" false negative with method reference expression



IDEA-133116 (Bug)

can't edit JavaScript library file

JavaScript. Frameworks


WEB-14066 (Bug)

AngularJS: Custom interpolation startSymbol and endSymbol not recognized



PY-14384 (Bug)

Refactor/Move: moving nested namespace package out of the parent nspkg doesn't correctly update relative import statements

PY-14595 (Bug)

Moving class or function to another module removes imports of used namespace packages

PY-14432 (Bug)

Refactor/Move: moving module out of the parent package doesn't correctly update relative import statements

PY-13264 (Bug)

Extract variable sometimes renames other names in scope

PY-13114 (Bug)

Refactor→Inline adds extra parentheses

Version Control. Git


IDEA-132199 (Bug)

Git>Branches... Dialog does not pop up when module is "library home"

IDEA-84715 (Bug)

Non-latin letters and git

IDEA-133652 (Bug)

git confusion when branch name is the same as file/directory name

IDEA-132502 (Bug)

Git Pull Dialog with many branches: FrequentEventDetector - Too many events posted

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