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IDEA-132478 (Bug)

Check for updates doesn't suggest latest major version

Code Insight


PY-13477 (Bug)

PyQt5: missing completion for QApplication class

PY-5422 (Bug)

import autocomplete is incomplete when using package namespace

PY-6477 (Bug)

Missing completion for modules in installed namespace packages without _init_.py

PY-10354 (Bug)

Autocomplete does not work for some installed eggs

PY-3770 (Bug)

Autocompletion fails on zope.testing

PY-7376 (Bug)

Unresolved reference: false positive for relative imports of namespace packages

PY-7375 (Bug)

Missing completion for implicit namespace packages in py33

PY-14205 (Bug)

navigate > symbol does not show classes (regression)

Code: Parsing


CPP-975 (Bug)

"syntax error" on function-style cast of an expression to a primitive type



PY-14173 (Usability Problem)

Run Python console action is not discoverable



PY-14274 (Feature)

Enable "attach to process" in PyCharm Community Edition

IDEA-132100 (Usability Problem)

Debugger: Evaluate Code Fragment: restoring from history without semicolon is a problem for class definitions

PY-12003 (Bug)

Debugger loses a thread on exception break

IDEA-132566 (Bug)

"View as" hex for byte array is not working

IDEA-132017 (Bug)

Debugger|Code Fragment evaluation mode: restore text from history provides red highlighting (unexpected token)

PY-14317 (Exception)

View as Array: Bad Frame at com.jetbrains.python.debugger.pydev.ProtocolFrame.<init>



IDEA-126464 (Bug)

Empty "Show Diff" warning

Eclipse Integration


IDEA-132645 (Bug)

Eclipse integration problem: all imported modules have been lost after project reloading (100% reproduce)



PY-11357 (Bug)

Unable to use "Surround With" on anything if it's the first or the last declaration in a class

PY-14261 (Bug)

"Surround with custom folding region" breaks indentation in Python



PY-14380 (Bug)

PyCharm 4 EAP doesn't start on OS X

IPython Notebook


PY-14322 (Usability Problem)

IPython Notebook: do not move focis out of the cell on ESC in the completion popup

PY-14342 (Usability Problem)

IPython Notebook run cell shortcuts don't work when the cell is in edit mode

PY-14121 (Usability Problem)

IPython Notebook: missing Undo action

PY-14310 (Cosmetics)

IPython Notebook: active cell green selection is not updated on selecting code inside the cell

PY-14302 (Cosmetics)

IPython Notebook: overlapping balloon notifications on run server failure

PY-14220 (Task)

Fix darkula theme issues

PY-14362 (Bug)

NPE trying to run a cell

PY-14130 (Bug)

IPython Notebook: slash at the end of the URL prevents cells from running

PY-14304 (Bug)

IPython Notebook: markdown cells in newly created files are not rendered properly



PY-11541 (Bug)

Unresolved references after isinstance(s, basestring) check

PY-11956 (Bug)

Still complaining after an "Ignore unresolved reference"

PY-12864 (Bug)

Inspection falsely claims flush() is an unresolved attribute reference

PY-11426 (Bug)

"Getter should return or yield something" false positive on abstract property

PY-14222 (Exception)

Code analysis stalls on specific code



WEB-14013 (Feature)

Code Cleanup does nothing

WEB-13466 (Bug)

Binary and Octal Literals

WEB-13780 (Bug)

Coloring for @constructor

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-14095 (Bug)

JSCS: "Edit rule ..." and "Exclude file ..." inspections should create .jscsrc file inside project



PY-13870 (Bug)

Import is deleted after module move

PY-7378 (Bug)

Refactor/Move: moving nested namespace package out of the parent nspkg doesn't correctly update first form import statements



PY-14235 (Bug)

PyCharm auto completion doesn't work for PyQt 5.3 (but does for 5.2)

PY-14103 (Bug)

Skeleton Generator Problems with PyQt4

PY-13990 (Bug)

PyCharm 4 EAP: fails on generation index for PyQt5 (5.3.2) and python 3.4

Test Runner


PY-8523 (Bug)

Pycharm wrongly detects test name when using Nosetest's test generator

PY-11911 (Bug)

Nosetests: test name gets trimmed if it starts with module name in which test is located.

PY-9074 (Bug)

Test runner starts all tests if cursor is at the very end of the test method

PY-14391 (Exception)

NPE at com.jetbrains.python.testing.PythonTestConfigurationProducer.setupConfigurationFromContext



WEB-13704 (Cosmetics)

TypeScript: Colors&Fonts: properties from lib.d.ts are not colored

WEB-11508 (Bug)

Class name after 'new' keyword not colorized

User Interface


IDEA-128713 (Usability Problem)

Pycharm causing a mount storm in linux using open dialogue due to "look ahead"

IDEA-127185 (Exception)

Switcher throws exception and stops working

User Interface.Darcula


IDEA-132363 (Bug)

NPE invoking recent searches with Darcula

Version Control


IDEA-132507 (Usability Problem)

"Clear Read-Only Status" dialog too wide

IDEA-132492 (Bug)

Don't show origin/HEAD in the log

IDEA-132577 (Bug)

Git Add does not fully stage the conflicted file

IDEA-131489 (Bug)

Git-Log: not able to filter by author and by branch in external git log window

IDEA-131956 (Bug)

Tons of exceptions after closing the project

IDEA-132218 (Bug)

Filter by relatively old branch + user name => empty log is shown

IDEA-121949 (Exception)

Exception on trying to filter by non-existent branch

Version Control. Git


IDEA-120611 (Usability Problem)

Github create pull request dialog: master should be default branch unless other branch was previously selected

IDEA-130702 (Bug)

Using git-svn: git4idea.branch.GitBranchUtil - No remote found with the name [origin]

IDEA-98781 (Bug)

Unregistered Git root detected in excluded directory

IDEA-87769 (Bug)

"Unregistered git root detected" pointing to HomeBrew's /usr/local

IDEA-132430 (Bug)

'Open on GitHub' doesn't use http if specified on host

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