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PY-12484 (Bug)

Use the attached archive for ToD

PY-13018 (Bug)

ForeignKey to model in different file brakes backward references if referenced as APP_NAME.Model

PY-12810 (Bug)

"imported" urls are not supported by {% url %} tag



PY-12734 (Bug)

Templates in app directories not found with implicit TEMPLATE_LOADERS

PY-2980 (Bug)

Unresolved reference for ForeignKey defined as string

PY-12981 (Bug)

django apps don't resolve when INSTALLED_APPS is set with '+='

PY-11592 (Bug)

Django 1.6: TEMPLATE_DIRS variable in settings.py is not created properly on project creation



PY-12395 (Bug)

Do not suggest live templates in parameter list

PY-13080 (Bug)

super call is not autocompleted

PY-13076 (Bug)

Live Templates autocompletion appears after # (in comments)



PY-11663 (Bug)

False positive 'yield' outside of function for parenthesized yields in lambdas

PY-10967 (Bug)

Overstrict type inference on tuple default arguments



PY-12771 (Bug)

Proxy settings no longer work in PyCharm



PY-13043 (Bug)

Pyramid: not able to run pyramid run configuration on remote interpreter



PY-12970 (Bug)

Extract variable: disable refactoring for parts of comrehensions

Task Management


IDEA-125390 (Exception)

Time Tracking: Throwable at com.intellij.util.Alarm.checkDisposed



PY-13052 (Performance Problem)

Vagrant: hang on cancelling launch of vagrant instnace

Version Control. Git


IDEA-125328 (Bug)

Changes log is not shown

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