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PY-12991 (Bug)

Missing Added by user mark on paths added to the interpreter

WEB-11422 (Bug)

No highlighting in Debug files of external JavaScript Library.

WEB-12179 (Bug)

Freezing when switch windows

Build tools


WEB-12199 (Bug)

Grunt tool window fails to load Gruntfile tasks, when an "&" is in the path



PY-7425 (Feature)

Button to disable IPython Console

PY-11728 (Feature)

Starting PyCharm console without printing "header" information



IDEA-125172 (Bug)

Cannot execute statement 'EXPLAIN PLAN FOR <statement with parameters>'

IDEA-124835 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: exception instead of data at columns of type 'box[]'

IDEA-125295 (Bug)

SQLServer/jTDS shows same schemas for each catalog

IDEA-125000 (Bug)

Database write via viewer pane



PY-12405 (Bug)

--noinput option does not work when running django unit tests



WEB-12149 (Bug)

Freezes if html link href contains semicolon.



IDEA-117698 (Bug)

Auto closing of tags in jsp seems to incorrectly prioritize html tags

IDEA-125129 (Bug)

I would like to reopen IDEA-117698

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-8471 (Feature)

Support .jshintignore with newer jsHint versions

WEB-7597 (Usability Problem)

JSHINT: expose warning numbers



PY-12970 (Bug)

Extract variable: disable refactoring for parts of comrehensions



IDEA-125363 (Bug)

Getting exception from "SQL support" plugin when using "Go to symbol"

IDEA-123172 (Bug)

Bad SQL indent



IDEA-125385 (Performance Problem)

Terminal consumes a lot of my cpu cycles

IDEA-125223 (Bug)

Terminal invisible content and copy issue

IDEA-125317 (Bug)

Terminal window content is drawn on the status bar

Test Runner


PY-11041 (Bug)

Unable to specify multiple --options for Django test

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