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No subsystem


PY-11794 (Bug)

Add missing images

PY-12034 (Bug)

PyCharm 3.1 hangs randomly

PY-12077 (Bug)

silly preferences typo

IDEA-118412 (Bug)

'Update copyright' on CSS file always adds

PY-12012 (Exception)

IAE in PyStringLiteralExpressionImpl

Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..


WI-22010 (Bug)

Sharing password states between server and its copy



IDEA-120529 (Bug)

Duplicated 'in' in sql console



IDEA-118846 (Usability Problem)

Editors content not auto synced on terminal activation

Test Runner


PY-12052 (Bug)

Can't run django tests with nosetests because of `nose_utils` not found.

Version Control


IDEA-117248 (Bug)

Commit preview has unformatted commit-message

IDEA-120178 (Exception)

RuntimeException if a branch selected in the branch filter doesn't exist in one of repositories in a multi-repo project

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