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PY-11340 (Cosmetics)

Invalid case for can't assign to literal inspection

IDEA-115351 (Bug)

Idea UI hangs after performing Move Module to group

App Engine


PY-11706 (Bug)

GAE: app.yaml inspections should not be shown on other yaml files

Code Insight


PY-11884 (Bug)

Missing completion for finally keyword after else statement



IDEA-116280 (Feature)

Set cursor at postgresql error position

IDEA-119708 (Bug)

Cannot create package



PY-11736 (Bug)

Empty model dependency diagram with App Engine project



PY-11869 (Bug)

Formatter: missing continuation indent before in keyword in multi-line while statement

PY-11901 (Bug)

Insert two spaces before line comment

PY-11904 (Bug)

Indent comments in tuples

PY-11868 (Bug)

Formatter: Missing continuation indent issue in multi-line compound statemtns with parenthesis



PY-11696 (Bug)

Cancel after adding new interpreter removes configured project interpreter



PY-3569 (Feature)

Inspection to warn if a loop variable is assigned inside the loop

PY-6955 (Usability Problem)

Unused import not greyed out if also failing

PY-11277 (Usability Problem)

Python: Wrong "argument equals default" inspection

PY-11341 (Cosmetics)

Invalid case for identifier expected inspection after as in with statement

PY-11312 (Bug)

False positive CamelCase variable imported as lowercase

PY-11484 (Bug)

Implement abstract method: pushes docstring out of the way

PY-11428 (Bug)

"Variable in function should be lowercase" false positive for variables declared global

PY-11882 (Bug)

Assignment to for loop inspection false positive

PY-11495 (Bug)

Create function: do not propose quick-fix for unresolved parts of fqn



PY-11875 (Bug)

Pycharm code analysis stalls on specific code

PY-11196 (Bug)

'Closing " expected' in tal tag



PY-11879 (Bug)

Refactor: Rename: references in ivar directive are not updated

PY-11561 (Bug)

"Add super class call" incorrectly inserts parameter annotations



IDEA-119653 (Bug)

Database plugin marks blob column definition as error on hsqldb

Test Runner


PY-11353 (Bug)

Creating Run Configuration from specific test gets the "target" wrong

PY-11617 (Bug)

Nosetest runner: simple function tests cannot jump to source

Version Control


IDEA-116322 (Bug)

Structure filter works incorrectly when there are several repos

IDEA-119316 (Bug)

Vcs Log: Go To Hash/Commit/Ref doesn't work in case of active filters

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