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IDEA-120533 (Performance Problem)

Selection by double click in big files has slowed since last update

WEB-10542 (Performance Problem)

Setting javascript version to Harmony causes pegged cpu

IDEA-120665 (Bug)

Custom file type identifiers should include underscores

WEB-11207 (Bug)

Patch to 8.0 build 134.1361 fails on Win 8.1

IDEA-117734 (Bug)

Clipboard history no longer works by num hotkeys



PY-12317 (Bug)

PyCharm 3.1 with python 3.4 debug assert thrown



PY-12105 (Bug)

Incredibly slow performance in Django/Javascript project

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-121609 (Bug)

Cannot find '+' + using Find in Path



WEB-10916 (Performance Problem)

Heavy memory usage to the point of crashing



WEB-10124 (Performance Problem)

Performance Issue - still

Language Injection


IDEA-114386 (Bug)

Width of Inject Language options

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-120912 (Bug)

auto update fails on Windows

Product Documentation


PY-9532 (Bug)

Funny Unicode characters in license agreement strike again



IDEA-121813 (Bug)

ide freezes while editing sql



PY-12321 (Bug)

PyCharm fails to auto-complete inherited PyQt methods

Test Runner


PY-12147 (Bug)

Can't rerun failed tests if using Django 1.6 and django_nose

User Interface


IDEA-119642 (Performance Problem)

UI is laggy during the build

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-120663 (Usability Problem)

Log and History broken for mercurial 2.9

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