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WI-17365 (Feature)

internal web server should serve PHP files

RUBY-13850 (Bug)

SCSS should auto-complete imports to paths with no extensions

IDEA-112315 (Bug)

Smart code completion for 'do' is wrong in RM 6.0



WEB-6019 (Usability Problem)

CSS, LESS: 'Autoscroll from source" in Structure view doesn't work for selectors like <tag>.<class>

WEB-8597 (Bug)

CSS formatter doesn't normalize space in CSS selector

WEB-8772 (Bug)

Reformat Code Breaks CSS When Using @MEDIA

WEB-8735 (Bug)

Autoindent broken in at-rules

WEB-4825 (Bug)

CSS dialects configurable shows same folders two times if modules are nested

WEB-8635 (Bug)

PhpStorm freeze upon source files indexing?

WEB-234 (Bug)

Dashes should be included as part of the word when double-clicking in CSS

WEB-8496 (Bug)

Border optimizations disabled for simple scenario

WEB-6987 (Bug)

Formatting of css calc(...) removes the space after the + or -

WEB-6323 (Bug)

CSS autoformat breaks the imageset

WEB-6199 (Bug)

Double click to select hex color value

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-47151 (Usability Problem)

Settings of "Result of method call ignored" inspection should have choosers and/or completion for class and method names

IDEA-112125 (Bug)

"Accept suggested Final modifier" action in inspection view does nothing

Code Coverage


IDEA-98897 (Bug)

no coverage info on gutter

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-88210 (Feature)

"Remember" the global code style selection for each project

IDEA-110960 (Bug)

Reformat action with virtual space disabled should preserve caret position

Code Insight


PY-3413 (Feature)

Complete identifiers from context anywhere in a plain-format docstring

PY-10423 (Feature)

Python-compatible type syntax

PY-10413 (Bug)

TypeChecker: confusing warning when passing function which returns unexpected type as argument

PY-10526 (Bug)

Disable class name completion after dot in string literals

PY-10386 (Bug)

Ctrl+hover doesn't show type from TypeProviders

PY-7065 (Bug)

Provide completion for field user for HttpRequest instance

PY-6584 (Bug)

Missing completion for class field members type for which is defined in class-level docstring

PY-9849 (Bug)

Restructuredtext type annotations and function arguments

Code Navigation


IDEA-111885 (Feature)

Go to line number < 1

IDEA-100392 (Usability Problem)

Allow file template configuration from generate popup

IDEA-109493 (Bug)

Ctrl+Alt+B (Navigate to implementations) on equals shows Object instead of interface implementors.

IDEA-111135 (Bug)

critical: NPE when invoking Go To Class (Ctrl+N)

IDEA-111312 (Exception)

Go to File: certain characters cause NPE at PsiElementListCellRenderer.getBackgroundColor()



WEB-2435 (Bug)

coffeescipt "do" with arguments and incorrect hint about unused variable

WEB-8638 (Bug)

Incorrect variable scope

WEB-8834 (Bug)

CoffeeScript compiler doesn't warn when creating array without separating commas

WEB-8120 (Bug)

Coffeescript variable destructuring into arrays not working in parameter lists

WEB-7579 (Bug)

Invalid "unresolved variable" error in coffeescript

WEB-8009 (Bug)

Duplication intention: Replace single-quoted string with double-quoted string.

WEB-8866 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: loops parsing bug

WEB-6963 (Bug)

Extract variable bugs



PY-10618 (Bug)

Terminal: inconsistent action and tool-window button behavior during indexing

PY-10496 (Bug)

Refresh VFS after commands are executed in terminal toolwindow

IDEA-112054 (Bug)

Console view clear all button is enabled when the list is empty

IDEA-112052 (Bug)

Console view "Scroll to the end" button enabled when caret is at the end of the list



IDEA-111402 (Feature)

Create DDL Data Source by drag-n-drop (project view/Finder/Explorer/etc)

IDEA-111403 (Feature)

Detect SQLite DB files and create Data Source by drag-n-drop (project view/Finder/Explorer/etc)

IDEA-111461 (Bug)

DB2 XML Support - dialect and XML Columns

IDEA-110933 (Bug)

Database table editor: in editing mode attempt to move focus to different view immediately moves it back

IDEA-111695 (Bug)

No structure or code completion for SQL Server script

IDEA-111521 (Bug)

Database visualisation missing relationships after moving to Postgresql

IDEA-112497 (Bug)

Exception on getting tables from ODBC data source



WEB-8816 (Bug)

Breakpoints are not recognised during nodejs debugging if sourcemap sources URLs specify 'file://' protocol

WEB-8689 (Bug)

Debugger: Variables view: do not fold array length



PY-10517 (Feature)

Would be nice to show a UML class diagram of a Python package

PY-10455 (Cosmetics)

_abcoll.Hashable on a UML class diagram

PY-10554 (Bug)

SQLAlchemy diagram doesn't show fields defined in _table_

PY-6726 (Bug)

Model Dependency Diagram: GAE: support collection_name parameter for ReferenceProperty

PY-6848 (Bug)

Model Dependency Diagram: missing backwards relation field for self relation

PY-7601 (Bug)

Model Dependency Diagram: missing OneToOne relation when there is some other relation to imported Model

PY-7567 (Bug)

"Show Model Dependency Diagrams" showing no results

PY-9685 (Bug)

Two commands produce same result

PY-7332 (Bug)

SQLAlchemy Model Dependency Diagram: relationship field is not displayed on the diagram



PY-2880 (Feature)

Django: provide completion for context_object_name value in django template

PY-10194 (Feature)

Support os.path.normpath in PyPathEvaluator

PY-8206 (Cosmetics)

Django: Missing variable icon in completion for variables passed to template with user-defined dictionary

PY-6775 (Bug)

Django: missing context variables completion for class-based views

PY-10527 (Bug)

Django: missing completion for logging handlers

PY-10565 (Bug)

Django: rename for value of context_object_name doesn't update usage in template

PY-10563 (Bug)

Django: missing context variables completion in templates with not redefined template_name

PY-10116 (Bug)

Incorrectly tries to resolve URL pattern names as functions

PY-10449 (Bug)

False positive inspection in logging handlers

PY-8205 (Bug)

Django: duplicated elements in template variable completion if passed variable is reassigned in the template

PY-7483 (Bug)

completion for variables fails when view code is not in views.py

PY-8413 (Bug)

PyCharm settings.py parser should understand concatenation in INSTALLED_APPS initialization

PY-5583 (Bug)

request.session unresolved in HttpRequest class

PY-7521 (Bug)

Template directory autoconfiguration does not handle string concatenation

PY-10542 (Bug)

Django: missing resolve for context variables passed to class-based view

PY-10543 (Bug)

Django: missing context variables completion in templates rendered not with TemplateViews

PY-6999 (Bug)

Django: missing icon for template parameter in Find Usages (refactoring preview)

PY-7000 (Bug)

Django: not able to Find Usages for template reference variable passed to template from view

PY-10452 (Bug)

Django HttpRequest.user is unresolved

PY-9787 (Bug)

static tag is not resolved when os.path.realpath is used in STATICFILES_DIRS

PY-10284 (Bug)

Inspections did'n know about :memory: in settings.py

PY-10525 (Exception)

Django: AIOOBE at com.jetbrains.django.ref.ViewMethodReferenceProvider.b

PY-10540 (Exception)

Django: Throwable at com.intellij.refactoring.rename.RenameUtil.doRenameGenericNamedElement



PY-10389 (Bug)

Replace with function call: invalid replacement with backslash after print statement

PY-10665 (Exception)

Move Statement: IOOBE at com.intellij.openapi.editor.impl.EditorImpl.a

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-104759 (Feature)

The character " is not escaped in soutv live template

IDEA-112134 (Usability Problem)

$SELECTION$ variable doesn't work as true variable, but as $END$

IDEA-111275 (Bug)

emacs kill appends when it shouldn't

IDEA-111634 (Bug)

Bring back code selection

IDEA-111272 (Bug)

"Save to kill ring" keyboard action requires a file modification

IDEA-112194 (Bug)

Incorrect type was displayed in autocomplete dialog for unicode character

IDEA-112373 (Bug)

Rectangular selection paste bug

File Watchers


WEB-8180 (Feature)

Allow usage of Path Variables (and Environment path variables ?) in File Watcher

WEB-7161 (Feature)

Add /FileParentDir and /FilePath macros that use Unix path separators

WEB-8965 (Feature)

Stylus: provide predefine File Watcher

WEB-8709 (Exception)

Dart: File Watcher: avoid exception on updating SDK

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-111801 (Usability Problem)

FindInPath with focus in "Find window" has Scope "Directory" preselected.

IDEA-111028 (Usability Problem)

Inconsistent accelerators in "Find" and "Find in Path" dialogs

IDEA-112377 (Usability Problem)

Caret moving problem inside "Find" input

IDEA-111918 (Bug)

Find: comments / string literals only: just 1 entry is found in each comment or literal

IDEA-111942 (Bug)

Replace: mnemonics prevent @ sign.

IDEA-111833 (Bug)

Search entry in analyze stack trace inserts text backwards



WEB-8773 (Feature)

Bootstrap template: change the Github URL of the project to the new one

WEB-8334 (Usability Problem)

Wrong caret position using Emmet inside JS string

WEB-6862 (Bug)

WebStorm, link marked "Cannot find resource" but link is found

WEB-8568 (Bug)

Angular templates no longer correctly syntax-hilighted



RUBY-14033 (Bug)

'Changes' tool window is unusable with multiple projects

RUBY-14081 (Bug)

Support different colors for braces and parenthesis

IDE Configuration


IDEA-111927 (Usability Problem)

PluginManager: CTRL+C should copy selected plugin's name from list

IDEA-111514 (Usability Problem)

Focus on filter text field in Add Action to Quick List window

IDEA-110995 (Bug)

Custom variables dialog does not appear for included templates.

IDEA-107074 (Bug)

[Project View] Recursive notification in case of removed Include template with an empty name



IDEA-111691 (Bug)

While updating from EAP 13.0 to the most recent EAP IDEA failed to start



PY-10497 (Feature)

Teach code compatibility inspection about differences in unittest implementations

PY-8970 (Usability Problem)

Missing docstring inspection should ignore test classes

PY-10208 (Bug)

Pycharm does not understand python 3.0 metaclass declaration

PY-10402 (Bug)

replace function incorrectly inferred as returning bytes

PY-8845 (Bug)

false positives like "Function 'x' does not have a parameter 'y'"

PY-9329 (Bug)

Instance attribute defined outside init: disable inspection in testCases methods which start with setUp

PY-10420 (Bug)

False positive in redundant parentheses inspection with yield



IDEA-97264 (Feature)

IntelliLang support for "Path to File" language

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-112067 (Usability Problem)

Type text is hardly visible in autopopup selection

IDEA-101452 (Bug)

A number of IPA symbols that are represented correctly as Enum items with the main editor pane are mangled and unrecognizable in the Code Completion popup list.

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-111652 (Usability Problem)

Make Window 'Select Methods To Propagate Parameters' maximizable

IDEA-111294 (Bug)

Rename sqlite3 table is applied twice

IDEA-112133 (Bug)

newline can be pasted into file rename dialog

IDEA-111902 (Bug)

Refactor/Rename for package with 'rename directory' option removes the empty subpackages

IDEA-111904 (Bug)

In-place extract popup changes its position in Editor after AppCode window has moved



WEB-8382 (Usability Problem)

function expression color unchangeably linked to variables instead of functions

WEB-8591 (Bug)

JavaScript libraries: invalid download path for several typescript stubs

WEB-8592 (Bug)

JavaScript libraries: "Invalid library name" error for predefine lib name

WEB-8642 (Bug)

JSDoc: @typedef does not work with @name

WEB-7910 (Bug)

Bad code green: object literal property names are not arbitrary expressions

WEB-8608 (Bug)

jQuery.on(): Missed argument for parameter one

WEB-7260 (Bug)

support for a special type of JSDoc rest parameter

WEB-8737 (Bug)

Files within directories which belongs to disabled libraries are not excluded from completion

WEB-8705 (Bug)

Doc comments or empty block comment shows as error in Json files

WEB-8702 (Bug)

JSDoc "@throws" tag should not require a type

WEB-8667 (Bug)

JSDoc: @returns excess types

WEB-8626 (Bug)

JSDoc: if only inline parameter type is defined for function no documentation is generated

WEB-8758 (Bug)

JSDoc: @returns considers primitives as objects

WEB-2290 (Bug)

module.exports breaks inheritance

WEB-8655 (Bug)

Parser trips over `new function...method()`

WEB-757 (Bug)

JS: local variable is highlighted as global after splitting declaration and then merging back

WEB-3688 (Bug)

Wrong inspection is referenced in "Edit inspection profile settings"

WEB-8968 (Bug)

JSDoc: correctly treat optional parameters for functions defined with @name

JavaScript. Frameworks


WEB-8877 (Bug)

Refactor incomplete from jQuery selector, broken code

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-8912 (Usability Problem)

JS: Inspection "Execution of dynamically generated JavaScript" false positive

WEB-8618 (Bug)

"Binary operation argument type goog.net.HttpStatus.UNAUTHORIZED is not assignable to type number"

WEB-8997 (Bug)

JSHint: setting custom scope for JSHint inspection disables JSHint

WEB-8607 (Bug)

JSON validation inspection doesn't work

WEB-8782 (Bug)

Closure Linter: possiblity to pass real path of a file via argument

WEB-8536 (Bug)

JS incorrect 'Invalid number of parameters, expected 2'



WEB-7679 (Feature)

LESS: completion should suggest parameter name when typing named argument

WEB-8648 (Feature)

LESS: Add resource validation (file is present) for strings in standard data-uri() function

WEB-8688 (Feature)

LESS v1.4: Add support for new @import syntax

WEB-8703 (Feature)

LESS: Double click on @import entry in Structure View should open that file

WEB-8502 (Feature)

LESS: Add @import and variables into Structure tool window

WEB-8510 (Usability Problem)

LESS: Add standard function names to the spellchecker dictionary

WEB-7678 (Bug)

LESS: refactor/rename for mixin parameter should update named argument

WEB-8511 (Bug)

LESS: Standard function pi(); shown an error: "a term expected"

WEB-8704 (Bug)

LESS: Improvements for new @import syntax support (LESS v1.4)

WEB-8904 (Bug)

LESS formatting problem with ampersand - extra spaces

WEB-8584 (Bug)

"&" combinator in LESS doesn't recognized.

WEB-5778 (Bug)

Selection by double click on LESS variable should include the "@" character

WEB-8500 (Bug)

LESS: Wrong position of @media elements in Structure toolwindow when no sorting applied

Live Edit


WEB-8042 (Bug)

Live Edit JS/CSS - doesn't hot swap correctly

WEB-6878 (Bug)

LiveEdit CSS hot swap works incorrectly under windows (local file system)



WEB-8769 (Bug)

Available packages: select package when navigating to it by double click

WEB-8766 (Bug)

NPM: Upgrade should work

WEB-8770 (Bug)

Available Packages: UI improvements

WEB-1907 (Bug)

Node.js plugin: module.exports brokes resolving

WEB-1887 (Bug)

Error run node from command window

PHP Formatter


WI-17814 (Bug)

Javascript as Template Data Language does not indent right

PHP debug


WI-19584 (Bug)

Run configurations for new PHP files are broken

WI-19480 (Bug)

Can't debug using internal webserver

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-112304 (Bug)

Compile annotations.jar with lowest possible version of java

Plugin Support. API


IDEA-112462 (Feature)

Crossplatform loading of native libraries by idea plugin.

Plugin Support. Architecture


IDEA-86885 (Usability Problem)

When plugin is being downloaded from repository, no corresponding indication is shown

IDEA-111128 (Bug)

IDEA should not try to update plugins when invoked with command line arguments

Plugin: Command line


WI-19265 (Usability Problem)

bad charset on comman line tool in windows 7

Plugin: ini4idea


WI-19650 (Bug)

Support colon ((smile) as key-value separator

WI-16381 (Bug)

Inspection: Duplicate Key in Section

WI-19669 (Bug)

Support arrays

WI-19817 (Bug)

Valid keys are shown as error

WI-19795 (Bug)

Duplicate Key in section: doesn't work if there is key without value

WI-19654 (Bug)

Allow single-letter key (property)

WI-19656 (Bug)

Ignore = and : after first occurence (inside values)

WI-19643 (Bug)

Support keys(properties) with spaces

WI-19699 (Exception)

Exception on using duplicate section inspection

WI-19493 (Exception)

DuplicateSectionInFile when running code inspection on the command line

WI-19658 (Exception)

Exception about range is thrown during typing

Project View


IDEA-112280 (Bug)

Mark directory as... disappears from the context menu if multiple directories are selected

IDEA-111257 (Bug)

Custom scope + Autoscroll from Source

IDEA-112157 (Bug)

Currently selected file is not displayed correctly after import change



RUBY-14087 (Bug)

Hash definitions are improperly parsed in puppet class



PY-10556 (Feature)

Chameleon: autocomplete closing bracket of python code blocks

PY-10558 (Bug)

Chameleon: Closing quote expected: false positive for attribute values of metal

PY-10443 (Bug)

Chameleon: metal namespace prefix should be available without explicit namespace declaration

PY-10446 (Bug)

Chameleon: when enabled breaks auto indentation for html tags

PY-10445 (Bug)

Chameleon: strange highlighting for tal arguments

PY-10444 (Bug)

Chameleon: autocomplete closing curly bracket for ${...} operator

PY-10448 (Bug)

Chameleon: closing tag and attributes quotes autocompletion doesn't work after tal namespace attribute

PY-10440 (Bug)

Detect Pyramid project structure on opening existing project

PY-10461 (Bug)

Chameleon: highlight python code blocks inside template like code blocks in mako

PY-10460 (Bug)

Chameleon: missing completion of code blocks opening and closing tag

PY-10462 (Bug)

Chameleon: do not pop up autocompletion right after python keyword

PY-10456 (Bug)

Chameleon: Closing '}' expected: false positive after TALES expression types prefixes

PY-10459 (Bug)

Chameleon: Statement expected: false positive for multiline code blocks



RUBY-14020 (Bug)

Cannot rerun application on Windows

Run Configurations


RUBY-14067 (Bug)

Working directory field in External Tool is not pointing to a default project directory when left blank

Run | Debug configuration


IDEA-111730 (Bug)

Updating IDEA changes XML of a run configuration



WEB-8812 (Bug)

Incorrect syntax error in SCSS extending selector sequence with interpolated variable

WEB-8819 (Bug)

SASS: Incorrect indent before include

WEB-7352 (Bug)

Implement 'unknown at-rule'-inspection and make it suppressible

WEB-8586 (Bug)

Sass/Compass within @each marks hash (id) selector as invalid



IDEA-111931 (Feature)

SQL formatter is wanting additional "new line before" options

IDEA-112612 (Feature)

SQL: replacing "*" with list of all columns in SELECT statement

IDEA-111636 (Usability Problem)

Create New Table dialog should not be modal

IDEA-111306 (Bug)

good code yellow: GRANT FLASHBACK in Oracle (and Oracle SQL*Plus) dialect

IDEA-110967 (Bug)

Mysql: charset reference

IDEA-106040 (Bug)

Oracle: false positive ambiguous column reference

IDEA-112077 (Bug)


IDEA-112072 (Bug)

good code yellow: IF INSERTING (create trigger - Oracle SQL*Plus)

IDEA-111660 (Bug)

"Unique" checkbox on Add New Index dialog doesn't work

IDEA-104329 (Bug)

SQL inspection: Adding not null column without default value: primary key without default value is green

IDEA-110508 (Bug)

SQL: Inspections: Each derived table should have alias: no inspection if there is join after derived table

IDEA-112301 (Bug)

DB console does not allow to fill in values for parameters



PY-9978 (Bug)

xrange second form: (start, stop, step) not recognized

PY-10161 (Bug)

Five "has user skeleton" gutter icons



WEB-8937 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code: recognize unary and ternary operators

WEB-8938 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code: recognize conditional assignment operators

WEB-8846 (Bug)

Styles: Red code: conditionals are not recognized

WEB-8845 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code: font family defined as a variable

WEB-8844 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code: property name with @ symbol

WEB-8843 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code: equal sign considered as unexpected element

WEB-8944 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code: recognize instance check operator

WEB-8951 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code: recognize rest parameters

WEB-8950 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code: recognize keyword arguments

WEB-8953 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code: recognize shorthand arithmetic operators

WEB-8958 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code: recognize literal CSS

WEB-8989 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code: recognize tilde(~) operator

WEB-8961 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code: recognize placeholder selector

WEB-8962 (Bug)

Stylus: recognize @extend

WEB-8984 (Exception)

Stylus: Throwable when extending rules

Task Management


IDEA-111811 (Usability Problem)

Task management: JIRA: JQL: code completion suggests nothing after closing parenthesis

IDEA-111475 (Usability Problem)

Task management: Trello: Open Task shows cards from closed boards

IDEA-111470 (Usability Problem)

Task management: Trello: tasks from archived list are shown as not archived

IDEA-111810 (Usability Problem)

Task management: JIRA: would be nice to report invalid search criteria more precisely

IDEA-111813 (Cosmetics)

Task management: JIRA: JQL: Tab in code completion inside function name doubles parentheses

IDEA-111474 (Cosmetics)

Task management: Open Task dialog opens behind quick doc popup

IDEA-64402 (Cosmetics)

Adding issue tracking servers window has strange dimensions

IDEA-111299 (Bug)

Task management: JIRA: NPE at JiraIssue$Fields.access$1000() on calling code completion in Open Task

IDEA-111819 (Bug)

Task management: Trello: closed board is not erased from URL in Settings, tasks are still suggested

IDEA-111656 (Bug)

GitHub Tasks Server: Use HTTP authentication checkbox doesn't change its state on click

IDEA-111597 (Bug)

Task management: JIRA: "Cannot connect" message on Open Task

Test Runner


PY-2388 (Feature)

Make PyCharm's testrunner aware of setup.py

PY-8437 (Usability Problem)

Nosetest runner is set as default for newly created projects when interpreter doesn't have nose installed.

PY-10488 (Bug)

Doctest Test Runner: missing default run configuration for module level doctests

PY-10531 (Bug)

Missing template python run confuiguration in context menu for file with at least one doctest

PY-10439 (Bug)

Test Runner: not able to specify setup.py test options: IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory

PY-10642 (Exception)

Run Configuration: NPE at com.jetbrains.python.testing.PythonTestConfigurationProducer.isConfigurationFromContext



WEB-2264 (Feature)

TypeScript: warn user if a class doesn't include all members declared in interface implemented by it

WEB-7917 (Bug)

typescript: window.location is not resolved

WEB-8795 (Bug)

Number.MAX_VALUE - constant is unknown

WEB-7645 (Bug)

Unresolved variable when "refrerence import" is used

WEB-8678 (Bug)

TypeScript: strange typo warning for declared module name

WEB-8930 (Bug)

TypeScript 0.9.1, WS7 130-1630: 'Method expression is not of Function type'

WEB-6944 (Bug)

Add 'Implement methods' quickfix in TypeScript

WEB-6868 (Bug)

Typescript: Primitive type names aren't being syntax highlighted.

WEB-8685 (Bug)

Typescript colorization of default Object functions

WEB-8959 (Bug)

Major Issue with Typescript

WEB-8650 (Bug)

TypeScript import module and class autocomplete does not work.

WEB-8918 (Bug)

TypeScript: referencing variable with 'module' used as a name causes syntax errors

WEB-8785 (Bug)

TypeScript: Property setter type is incorrectly reported as not compatible

WEB-8787 (Bug)

Error when referencing a property named 'true' or 'false' in dot notation

WEB-8674 (Bug)

TypeScript Import statements not resolving correctly

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-112328 (Bug)

IDEA consumes CPU during test run

Unit Tests


WEB-8936 (Exception)

Karma: read access throwable exception for Coverage

User Interface


IDEA-111565 (Feature)

Bug reporting tool has incomplete description

IDEA-96644 (Usability Problem)

With clean config settings frames for new projects are opened at full-screen size

IDEA-99336 (Usability Problem)

Trash icon in Event log would be helpful

IDEA-111753 (Usability Problem)

Colors blend when I cmd+click on method name with blue breakpoint line

IDEA-111734 (Task)

Debug tab labels are always white

IDEA-100949 (Bug)

Misplaced popups due to incorrect insets calculation (X WIndow; multi-monitor; Java 7)

IDEA-107413 (Bug)

Cannot drag'n'drop more than one item in Changes View

IDEA-111020 (Bug)

Status bar changes its height when progress is shown

IDEA-112093 (Bug)

White stripes in Status Bar

IDEA-110999 (Bug)

Project window provides inconstistent selection if module group is mixed with other nodes

IDEA-112006 (Bug)

Impossible to click checkbox in "Find Action" dialog

User Interface.Darcula


IDEA-111497 (Cosmetics)

Darcula theme lighter since the new update

IDEA-95904 (Cosmetics)

Darcula parameter info pop-up colors hard to read

Version Control


IDEA-81143 (Bug)

Changes/Repository/Create Patch action's "don't ask again" setting not saved across runs

Version Control. Git


IDEA-111654 (Usability Problem)

GitHub: Remove login field for token authentication

IDEA-111653 (Cosmetics)

GitHub: confusing successful login message for email logins

IDEA-111284 (Bug)

Project checkout from Github doesn't work

IDEA-92009 (Bug)

GitHub: do not propose to set http upstream on Rebase My Fork if there is already ssh one configured

IDEA-111256 (Bug)

Cannot log into github with email, user name is required

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-68795 (Cosmetics)

Mercurial: align revisions in tag and branch lists

IDEA-108367 (Bug)

Idea hangs if try to merge with old branch from branches dialog

IDEA-95569 (Bug)

Mercurial Repository view: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when file name has ")" in it

WI specific


WI-19479 (Usability Problem)

Internal webserver: improve warning/error message notification about incorrect project configuration

WI-19483 (Usability Problem)

Internal Webserver: Necessary to restart PhpStorm to change PHP interpreter

WI-19694 (Cosmetics)

PHP-CGI console should force new lines after each output

WI-19524 (Task)

PHP files: doesn't work 'Open in Browser'

WI-19609 (Bug)

PHP-CGI built-in web server console is needed



IDEA-60895 (Feature)

No completion for enumerated and boolean values of xml tags

IDEA-64561 (Feature)

Provide navigation for XSD enum values

IDEA-111421 (Bug)

Reformat code action on spring xml config included in another config can break entire spring config

IDEA-112136 (Bug)

"Optimize Imports" removes XML namespace declarations which are in use

IDEA-72077 (Bug)

Quick Documentation Lookup window is NOT always displayed for spring namespace tags

IDEA-111176 (Bug)

Invalid Inspection - Element PUBLIC/PROTECTED/STATIC is not allowed here

IDEA-79276 (Bug)

Valid xml element substitution highlighted



IDEA-98765 (Bug)

Quick documentation in XML completion popup uses element at cursor, not completion selection

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