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IDEA-74463 (Feature)

Favorites: provide possibility to add external files to Favorites by drag'n'drop

PY-5418 (Feature)

Provide possibility to configure color for keyword arguments

IDEA-94094 (Feature)

Provide ability to open Goto Implementations targets in Usage view

IDEA-42567 (Usability Problem)

Settings / File encoding / Default encoding for properties files combobox has GUI defects

IDEA-97444 (Usability Problem)

Cannot change SQL dialects while indexing

IDEA-96581 (Usability Problem)

Updates: offer new EAPs regardless current major version, if updates channel is set to EAP

IDEA-91428 (Usability Problem)

directory prefix is useless in "Show directory in editor tabs for non-unique filenames"

IDEA-21987 (Performance Problem)

idea is very slow after getting focus back

WI-15315 (Performance Problem)

"Stopped" on Loading Modules

IDEA-96557 (Cosmetics)

Fix wording in settings

IDEA-97212 (Cosmetics)

Wrong mnemonic for close button in plugin manager's browse repository

PY-8231 (Bug)

Optimize imports - standard library modules

PY-8237 (Bug)

Default "create function for reference" before "create parameter" in the quick fix list

IDEA-94369 (Bug)

SVN "Browse changes" after switch branch shows changes for previous branch

PY-8178 (Bug)

PEP8 validation is applied to ReST files

IDEA-96834 (Bug)

Intellij IDEA fails to start

IDEA-96575 (Bug)

Persistence Tool Window is disabled

PY-8069 (Bug)

Python code style option "Spaces - Within Braces" doesn't work

IDEA-96848 (Bug)

Unable to change any colours under Editor, Colours & Fonts

IDEA-97352 (Bug)

Find action popup not closed after choosing Settings item

PY-7946 (Bug)

Wrong indentation for closing bracket of tuple

PY-8112 (Bug)

Reformat of 'from . import x' removes space before import keyword.



IDEA-96256 (Usability Problem)

Android: it could be possible to configure Android SDK if no JDK is defined



WEB-2325 (Bug)

CSS incorrectly marked as invalid: "border-radius: inherit"

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-96788 (Usability Problem)

"Group inspections by severity" should also sort by severity

IDEA-96789 (Usability Problem)

Remember "Group inspections by severity"

Code Insight


PY-8175 (Usability Problem)

Rename quickfix "Create function for reference" to "Create function <name>"

PY-7970 (Bug)

Find usages doesn't work properly

PY-8189 (Bug)

Doctest: Import this name quick-fix breaks doctest when invoked inside one

Code Navigation


IDEA-92555 (Usability Problem)

Go to class doesn't find my class if I type it in lower case

IDEA-94184 (Performance Problem)

Make ChooseByNameBase#REBUILD_DELAY configurable

IDEA-96852 (Bug)

Found a case where "Go to implementation" jumps to declaration instead of showing chooser



IDEA-97086 (Bug)

Wrong filter behavior in logs panel



PY-7528 (Feature)

Support putting breakpoints in .egg files

WEB-2096 (Bug)

Can't find Firefox profile.ini

WEB-703 (Bug)

JS: Debugging not possible for path with certain characters

PY-8164 (Bug)

Debug of tests is not working with Jython



PY-6172 (Feature)

Use relative path for TEMPLATE_DIRS

PY-8256 (Bug)

Django: Databases: missing completion and resolve for absolute paths in DATABASES 'NAME'

PY-7984 (Bug)

Django related_name='%(class)s' is not recognized by PyCharm

PY-8271 (Bug)

Django: Create template from usage: intention is not available for unresolved templates in views

PY-8198 (Bug)

Wrong INSTALLED_APPS when creating Django project with admin enabled

PY-6234 (Bug)

Unresolved reference: false positive for backlashes used as delimiter in template paths

PY-8224 (Bug)

Django: TestRunner: not able to run django tests under django 1.5 on py3: ValueError: level must be >= 0

PY-8227 (Bug)

Django: templates: with keyword in include tag should have keyword color, not identifier

PY-8223 (Bug)

Django: Test Runner: DeprecationWarning on trying to run django tests under django 1.5b

PY-7433 (Bug)

Django: completion in DATABASES 'NAME' not available in raw strings after slash



IDEA-95505 (Bug)

Drools: referenced class move is processed incorrectly



PY-5700 (Usability Problem)

Function call arguments should be aligned when multiline by default according to PEP-8

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-76327 (Bug)

Wrong warning "File was loaded in a wrong encoding"

IDEA-81689 (Bug)

Switched file (SVN) doesn't change the Foreground color to Green.

File System


IDEA-96292 (Exception)

SOE at startup of 12.0 rc



IDEA-97091 (Bug)

Groovy: more correct triple quote handling



PY-8012 (Usability Problem)

Change save call signatures setting name to something more appropriate

PY-7431 (Usability Problem)

It is not possible to restore removed by user interpreter paths

PY-8275 (Bug)

Not able to start pycharm with bundled textmate plugin

PY-7430 (Bug)

Removed user interpreter path considered as default one after reload

PY-7749 (Exception)

SOE com.jetbrains.python.psi.PyElementVisitor.visitPyExpression

IDE Configuration


IDEA-96529 (Cosmetics)

Settings: Editor | Code Completion: it is not clear what "For explicitly invoked completion" label is referred to



IDEA-92230 (Bug)

OOM when indexing jar with large text files



PY-7743 (Bug)

PEP-8: Reformat file does nothing for 1 line after import statements

PY-8190 (Bug)

Doctest: Package requirement inspection highlight entire doctest in every project file



IDEA-97251 (Bug)

Suppression comment inserted with quick fix mutes language injection comment (properties)

IDEA-97280 (Bug)

Ruby19RegExp Fragment:cannot undo changes in main editor

IDEA-97243 (Exception)

Language injection by comment: AE at ProperTextRange.assertProperRange() in .properties file

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-94884 (Usability Problem)

Completion: Respect previous lookup choices in case of chain calls

IDEA-93198 (Bug)

Middle matching shouldn't be so noisy

IDEA-94682 (Bug)

Completion popup disappears when viewing implementation of toString() method

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-96761 (Cosmetics)

"Safe Delete" for method does not always correctly show usages in "Usages Detected" dialog.

IDEA-97458 (Bug)

Refactor-Delete: IDEA wants to "Clear Read-Only Status" even though "Those occurences will not be changed"

IDEA-91092 (Bug)

Extract Constant threw a NullPointerException



WEB-1410 (Usability Problem)

Local file to remote HTTP mappings should be at the project level like in PHPStorm

WEB-1371 (Bug)

Copying watches to the clipboard results in java namespaces



PY-7529 (Bug)

SyntaxError: false negative for invalid id in with statement

Plugin Support. Architecture


IDEA-97153 (Bug)

Adding pluggins does 2 + n * number custom installed pluggins



PY-7951 (Usability Problem)

Refactor / move for .py file should delete .pyc files

PY-8201 (Bug)

Create parameter for reference: breaks code in case code style requires spaces around = in named parameter

Remote Interpreters


RUBY-12603 (Bug)

Cannot load the application with remote sdk in the browser

RUBY-12656 (Bug)

RubyMine may hangs on the start with the project with remote sdk.



RUBY-11747 (Bug)

Color names overwrites to hex version if choose in completion

Test Runner


PY-8165 (Bug)

Running individual tests fails with pytest 2.3.4

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-95881 (Bug)

When re-running tests via the topmost rerun button, the whole toolwindow content becomes gray for some time until the test process really starts

User Interface


IDEA-96793 (Feature)

RecentFiles popup should show go to class popup if nothing found

IDEA-97416 (Bug)

Resume icon looks like run icon

IDEA-91798 (Bug)

ActionsScript quick documentation popup shows Chinese docs incorrectly

IDEA-97387 (Bug)

Retina icons are always enabled

IDEA-97386 (Bug)

Retina disabled icons are bad quality

IDEA-96360 (Bug)

Icons: Icons in Setting > Keymap are out of date

IDEA-96587 (Bug)

horizontal line in toolbar decorator

IDEA-97354 (Bug)

Show diff appears under main frame

User Interface.Darcula


IDEA-96535 (Bug)

Darcula: dop-out Commit button has misplaces arrow icon

IDEA-96584 (Bug)

Selected radio button glitch

IDEA-96626 (Bug)

NavBar inactive elements are invisible

Version Control


IDEA-95864 (Performance Problem)

Apparent dead-lock of IntelliJ

IDEA-97413 (Bug)

IOOB when applying patch

IDEA-75464 (Bug)

Jumping selection bug in Commit Changes Dialog

Version Control. Git


IDEA-84825 (Usability Problem)

The 'Commit' dialog shown during cherry-pick should contain 'Commit and Push' option

IDEA-87476 (Usability Problem)

cherry-pick commits doesn't persist the author

IDEA-85453 (Bug)

Suggestion to remove empty change list appears over commit dialog during cherry-pick

IDEA-85684 (Bug)

Better check/notify about CHERRY_PICK_HEAD and MERGE_HEAD left in the .git directory

IDEA-81181 (Bug)

Git commit does not honor author

IDEA-88236 (Bug)

Idea freezes when cherry pick

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-77287 (Bug)

Subversion: on package rename/move revert the ignored files from this package are lost

IDEA-39943 (Bug)

Subversion: after Rollback package rename some files are lost

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