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Code Insight


PY-7775 (Bug)

Resolve navigates to python_stubs instead of project files



PY-7593 (Feature)

Ability to create class diagram for all classes in file

PY-7893 (Bug)

Show Model Dependency Diagram doesn't open diagram when invoked from Editor

PY-7842 (Bug)

No relation after adding a class to diagram.



PY-6974 (Bug)

Data created in south migrations is not available to Django tests

Remote interpreter


PY-7672 (Bug)

"Copy PyCharm helpers to" setting is not preserved in Remote Python Interpreter configuration

Test Runner


PY-6252 (Feature)

Run single py.test from the editor context menu

PY-7751 (Bug)

Test Runner: pytest: skipped with skipIf decorator tests are shown as unfinished ones

PY-7637 (Bug)

Unittest stacktrace contains unittest-calls

PY-7655 (Bug)

Error in setUpClass messes up the nose test runner

PY-7816 (Bug)

No context menu to run nose tests

PY-7878 (Exception)

py.test: ValueError: Plugin already registered: terminalreporter

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