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PY-2048 (Feature)

indent configuration preview does not show continuation indent

PY-7365 (Usability Problem)

Create virtualenv: Associate this virtualenv with current project has no effect

PY-7384 (Bug)

pycharm 121.141 freezes

PY-7367 (Bug)

Incorrect Code Reformat

PY-7395 (Bug)

Map Help button of the Macros dialog to the specified mapId

PY-2171 (Bug)

Override Methods generates an unqualified base class reference

PY-7336 (Bug)

Python interpreter installed via the official installer is not listed in Select Interpreter Path

PY-7335 (Bug)

Cannot use local documentation

Code Insight


PY-7091 (Usability Problem)

Specify type intentions are not available when cursor is at the very beginning of the reference with undefined type

PY-7389 (Bug)

List comprehension inner variable visibility

PY-7327 (Bug)

Missing completion for self._class_ and type(self) members

PY-7316 (Bug)

Wrong text ranges for type references that have qualified canonical names

PY-7089 (Bug)

Insert type assertion: leads to syntactically incorrect code when invoked for one-line function

PY-7355 (Bug)

Specify type using annotation: quick-fix is not available for top-level statements

PY-7348 (Bug)

Unable to find all usages of namespace package

PY-6707 (Bug)

Ctrl-U on inherited class attribute should navigate to superclass in which this class attribute is initially defined

PY-7379 (Bug)

Missing highlighting for usages under caret for top-level package imported with first form of import statement

PY-1514 (Bug)

"Highlight usages in file" doesn't work for imports



PY-7330 (Bug)

SQLAlchemy Model Dependency Diagram: missing string fields on the diagram

PY-7331 (Bug)

SQLAlchemy Model Dependency Diagram: diagram is missing for default flask diagrams



PY-7296 (Cosmetics)

UI issues in Template Languages configuration

PY-7366 (Bug)

Django: missing completion for else tag inside ifchanged

PY-6084 (Bug)

Document type of derived template not guessed correctly (PY-116.49)

PY-2837 (Bug)

HTML Error Reported When Using Django Templates to Specify Different Beginnings to a Form Block

PY-7350 (Bug)

Django: Element is not closed: false positive with ifequal/ifnotequal/ifchanged tags



PY-7360 (Bug)

Enter after backslash in the line with return shouldn't dendent

PY-5567 (Bug)

Remove simple statements completion right after def (module level functions)

PY-7400 (Bug)

Auto-import treats parenthesized imports incorrectly, adds new name outside

PY-6755 (Bug)

Missing else in completion in for compound statement

PY-3701 (Bug)

'as' keyword should be completed in 'with' statement

PY-7319 (Bug)

"Join lines" does not remove trailing backslash correctly

PY-7370 (Bug)

Remove lambda and not from completion right after class and def in class



PY-2191 (Usability Problem)

Alt+Enter on importable unresolved references adds an unwanted auto-import

PY-7358 (Bug)

JDK Path is sometimes incorrect when multiple modules are in same project

PY-6515 (Bug)

Welcome screen dots missing



PY-7315 (Bug)

Imports used for declaring types in docstrings are highlighted as unused

PY-7253 (Bug)

Decrease severity back to warning for unresolved references inside strings

PY-7374 (Bug)

Multiple compatibility messages for 'yield from' syntax if a range of language versions is selected

Product Documentation


PY-7044 (Bug)

Update screenshot in the ToD



PY-7383 (Feature)

Intention for replacing explicit iteration with delegation to sub-generator

PY-7382 (Feature)

Extract sub-generator for Python 3.3

PY-7381 (Bug)

Extract method with yield breaks code

PY-3680 (Bug)

Add alias to import: regard imports in different functions

PY-7399 (Exception)

Extract Method: NPE at com.jetbrains.python.refactoring.extractmethod.PyExtractMethodUtil.a

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