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Code Insight


PY-3818 (Cosmetics)

Current parameter blinks for starred arguments

PY-5945 (Bug)

import resolves to it's containing file

PY-6083 (Bug)

Lambdas in Python decorators incorrectly trigger "unresolved reference"

PY-5546 (Bug)

Too many quotes when replacing text by dict key insertion handler.

PY-5951 (Bug)

Missing completion for properties setter and deleter in decorators



PY-5890 (Bug)

Console: Environment variables are not passed to console



PY-4778 (Feature)

Allow multiple remote debugging path mappings.

PY-5820 (Usability Problem)

Specifying an invalid port number in the Python remote debugging run configuration results in debugger silently not working

PY-4542 (Cosmetics)

Smart Step Into: do not cut out methods parenthesis

PY-5244 (Bug)

Python exception breakpoint: allow to handle only first generation

Django Support


PY-5805 (Cosmetics)

Provide unified capitalization for Run manage.py task menu item

PY-5329 (Bug)

"Error" in django template

PY-5980 (Bug)

Problem parsing array-dereferencing in Django templates



PY-5990 (Bug)

Code compatibility inspection false positive when using relative imports

PY-5588 (Bug)

Compatibility inspection: highlight using keyword argument in the list of base classes as errors under py2

PY-5732 (Bug)

code compat false positive, python version does not have email.Utils



PY-5960 (Bug)

Mako auto-format incorrectly removes \ characters

PY-5601 (Bug)

PyCharm erroneously reports error in Mako: expected ']'



PY-6048 (Feature)

Package requirements quickfix should allow to choose which packages to install

PY-5773 (Usability Problem)

Packaging: it should be possible to view detail about intall packages failure without closing setting dialog

PY-5643 (Performance Problem)

Poor UI responsiveness when selecting an interpreter in Python Interpreters



PY-5525 (Bug)

Move statement: loses code on moving one-line comment up to function with nested indent

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