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PY-5934 (Cosmetics)

Remote Interpreters: show notification about uninstalled pip in Python Interpreters Settings page so it won't stretch settings window

PY-5917 (Bug)

Unable to configure remote interpreter when using non-standard SSH port

PY-5913 (Bug)

Remove Remote Interpreters from the list of base interpreters for creating a new virtualenv

PY-5795 (Bug)

Quick fix import does not respect _future_ import statement

PY-5886 (Bug)

Icorrect type detection (datetime.date minus timedelta)

Code Insight


PY-1392 (Feature)

Support for metaclasses

PY-5806 (Usability Problem)

When auto-importing, PyCharm defaults to subclassing a module instead of a class

PY-5597 (Usability Problem)

Don't offer auto-import hint if we're in a class context and class has a member matching the unresolved identifier text

PY-5930 (Cosmetics)

Rename quickfix "Statement can be replaced with function call"

PY-5629 (Bug)

Heuristic completion doesn't work for longer qualified expressions

Django Support


PY-5920 (Bug)

Django install not recognized when using remote interpreter

PY-5853 (Bug)

HTML5 detection with template inheritance

PY-5914 (Exception)

Create New Django project: django installed validator is not updated on selecting interpreter from Browse Dialog: IAE at com.jetbrains.django.model.DjangoAdmin.createProject



PY-5667 (Usability Problem)

Don't show auto import popup if variable with same name is declared below in the same function

PY-5764 (Bug)

Parameter information quickly goes away when there's an unresolved name in your editor



PY-5949 (Bug)

Structure View: properties should have correcponding icons when defined with property() built-in

PY-5900 (Bug)

Hide "Code" tab from File Templates configurable



PY-5661 (Bug)

'Type checker' inspection won't identify itertools.count() et al. as valid iterators



PY-5814 (Usability Problem)

Run setup.py task: disable action if there is no interpreter configured for project

PY-5926 (Cosmetics)

Packaging: strange white line in Available Packages dialog

PY-5846 (Bug)

Create setup.py: adds several unnecessary references to packages argument with source root different form project root.

PY-5855 (Bug)

virtualenv SDK isn't removed properly if the virtualenv directory has been removed



PY-5878 (Bug)

reStructuredText links show "unknown target name" when more than one space appears after ..



PY-5626 (Bug)

Introduce Variable shadows and tries to rename dict

PY-5832 (Bug)

Inline variable mishandles tuple literal without parentheses

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