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PY-4083 (Feature)

Commentdocs support in manual types declaration

PY-5207 (Bug)

Exception from LocalizationReference

PY-4666 (Bug)

Code Coverage: No data to report for jython interpreters

App Engine Support


PY-5093 (Feature)

GAE: generate yaml file and example handle regard to python version specified on GAE project creation

PY-5179 (Task)

Update "Feature not supported by App Engine sandbox" for Python 2.7 runtime

Code Insight


PY-4611 (Bug)

Incorrect type detection for named tuples

PY-4273 (Bug)

Missing auto completion for timedelta created from subtracting two dates

PY-5184 (Bug)

Incorrect/unknown type signature for `enumerate`



PY-5259 (Exception)

Console: NPE at com.intellij.openapi.roots.ModuleRootManager.getInstance



PY-3740 (Usability Problem)

Debugger: rename Notifications group in Python Exception Breakpoint tab

PY-4465 (Bug)

Run to Cursor in Debugger Persists

PY-5209 (Bug)

Console input doesn't work in debug mode

PY-5185 (Bug)

"stop" in Debugger behaves like "resume"

PY-5223 (Bug)

maximum recursion depth exceeded

PY-5175 (Bug)

Can't debug Django project in new Pycharm Beta

Django Support


PY-4675 (Feature)

Django modular settings

PY-3186 (Feature)

View - Web Preview command is grayed out

PY-5189 (Bug)

Reformatting a Django template adds extra spaces and breaks it

PY-5219 (Bug)

Spaces in the application name cause difficulties

PY-5245 (Bug)

Wrong indent when reformating Django template with nested if statements



PY-3284 (Usability Problem)

Move statement up or down: inconsistent behavior depending on cursor position at a line

PY-1834 (Bug)

Move statement inadvertently applied to pass statement provides broken code

PY-3283 (Exception)

Move Statement: PsiInvalidElementAccessException at com.intellij.extapi.psi.PsiElementBase.getContainingFile



PY-5229 (Bug)

Wrong value of project default interpreter in run configuration

PY-5241 (Bug)

JAR files is incorrectly added to -Dpython.path when added as content roots

PY-5260 (Exception)

NPE at com.intellij.application.options.InitialConfigurationDialog.doOKAction



PY-4358 (Feature)

Tuple assignment balance is incorrect: extend inspection for sequnce literals other then tuples

PY-4401 (Bug)

Incorrect type inference for filter return type

PY-5255 (Bug)

Unresolved reference: false positive when assigning field in a class with slots specified

PY-4748 (Bug)

Operations involving int and Decimal are tagged as warning

PY-4451 (Bug)

Ignore unresolved identifier doesn't work for maths symbols

PY-3927 (Bug)

Types autodetection should search types for _init_ function parameters in class docstring

PY-5035 (Bug)

startswith and endswith reported as warning when passed tuple as first parameter



PY-5193 (Feature)

Move Statement: do not allow to move break and continue statements out of a loop

PY-5168 (Usability Problem)

Refactor\Move: handle moving to not-a-package friendlier

PY-1697 (Usability Problem)

Extract Method: show tooltip about inability to perform refactoring

PY-5199 (Usability Problem)

Move statement: do not perform action with cursor on empty line

PY-5157 (Bug)

Convert dict literal to dict constructor: invalid code with space in keys

PY-5183 (Bug)

Test only created for first method

PY-5195 (Bug)

Move Statement: loses code on moving nested function

PY-5201 (Bug)

Move statement: changes code logic on moving one-line compound statement outside nested one

PY-5202 (Bug)

Move statement: breaks code on moving outside with statement

PY-5203 (Bug)

Move statement: statement should not jump into docstring

PY-5198 (Bug)

Move statement: breaks code in case of one-line compound statements on module level

PY-5192 (Bug)

Move Statement: breaks code in case moving down to nested try statement

PY-5196 (Bug)

Move statement: gets stuck on moving class after compound statement

PY-5197 (Bug)

Move statement: inconsistent skipping of empty lines

PY-5221 (Exception)

Move statement: Throwable at com.intellij.psi.impl.PsiToDocumentSynchronizer.a

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