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PY-4865 (Feature)

I'd like to be able to have pycharm recognize pythonscripts without .py file ending

PY-5138 (Feature)

Link to source code from .po files

PY-5063 (Cosmetics)

"JDK" tooltip when hovering mouse over PyCharm interpreter in Project view

Code Insight


PY-4242 (Usability Problem)

Reduce suggestion list of parameter values as the param tags are filled in.

PY-5140 (Usability Problem)

Exclude doctests from quick documentation content

PY-5122 (Bug)

Properties have same icon as methods in completion list

PY-5021 (Bug)

IronPython code completion not working (unresolved reference problem)

PY-4279 (Bug)

Incorrect members suggested for the instance, whose name have been initialized with a value of a different type before the latest assignment

PY-2320 (Bug)

Unresolved attribute reference: false positive when passing wrong argument to super call (py2)

PY-4980 (Exception)

AE at com.jetbrains.python.psi.impl.PyQualifiedReferenceImpl.resolveInner



PY-4507 (Usability Problem)

IPythons's %edit command opens scipt in the default system editor, rather than in PyCharm

PY-5047 (Task)

Map help buttons of the console settings

PY-5125 (Bug)

Do commands in console fails while debugging

PY-4468 (Bug)

IPython Console: do not highlight arguments passed to magic functions as errors

PY-4475 (Bug)

IPython Console: provide completion for magic functions with automagic on

PY-4494 (Bug)

IPython Console: do not highlight question mark before identifier as error

PY-5101 (Exception)

Console: NPE at com.intellij.openapi.module.ModuleManager.getInstance



PY-5144 (Bug)

Remove cimport completion from regular python files



PY-5132 (Feature)

Support multiprocess debugging for all python run configurations

Django Support


PY-4514 (Cosmetics)

Incorrect highlight of items in list

PY-3833 (Bug)

Django: completion in DATABASES 'NAME' not available in raw strings

PY-4674 (Bug)

Strange list of possible targets suggested when creating a template

PY-5161 (Bug)

Django: TEMPLATE_DIRS variable is not updated on creating project under django 1.4

PY-5160 (Bug)

Django: Not able to run Django Tests in project created under django 1.4

PY-5163 (Bug)

Django: incorrect app reference is added to INSTALLED_APPS when creating django project under django1.4

PY-5162 (Bug)

Django: settings.py file is not properly configured in Project Settings -> Django Support on creating file under django 1.4

PY-5113 (Bug)

djungo support settings warning despite settings file specified.

PY-4342 (Bug)

Create template quick-fix: with several apps installed template is created in templates dir of the prev one



PY-5029 (Feature)

Editable auto stub string

PY-4393 (Usability Problem)

Python docs run configuration / sphinx: force sync after running.

PY-4390 (Usability Problem)

Python docs run configurations: provide default output file/dir with temporary run configuration



PY-2045 (Feature)

Action "move caret to code block end" doesn't work

PY-2610 (Feature)

Add colors settings for the self in classes methods

PY-5041 (Bug)

Closing pair quote not inserted if caret is before pair of quotes

PY-1978 (Bug)

Quickfix "Add alias for imported module": handle unresolved imports friendlier

PY-5106 (Bug)

Unnecessary backslash is added on enter inside string in parenthsis

PY-5066 (Bug)

super._init_ is not completed

PY-5058 (Bug)

When unicode/raw string literals are line-split, the u/r/ur prefix is missing

PY-3581 (Bug)

Pressing Ctrl-W inside a regular expression selects only one letter

PY-5099 (Exception)

SIOOBE on enter in regexp string

PY-4490 (Exception)

IOOBE at com.intellij.openapi.editor.ex.util.SegmentArray.findSegmentIndex



PY-4853 (Feature)

PyCharm should set and environment variable by default in order to allow executed scripts to detect it

PY-2376 (Usability Problem)

Mac OS App-Bundle name contains version number

PY-1838 (Cosmetics)

Python package is marked with a regular directory icon

PY-4729 (Cosmetics)

Settings: Template Languages: Add button isn't disabled with none template language selected

PY-4480 (Cosmetics)

Jython class files should be ignored by default

PY-2100 (Bug)

Unable to use source control integration inside editor if there is error in code

PY-5097 (Bug)

PyPy interpreter is marked as Unknown in interpreters list

PY-5100 (Bug)

Run configuration is proposed for different file depending on caret position

PY-5107 (Bug)

It's impossible to choose just added interpreter to be project one

PY-5116 (Bug)

unnecessary multiselection in "python interpreters" page

PY-5136 (Exception)

IAE at com.intellij.openapi.components.ServiceManager.getService



PY-3659 (Usability Problem)

Don't offer to replace set function with set literal when parameter is a string literal

PY-4039 (Bug)

Syntax error: false negative for a trailing comma in a function paramater list after starred argument

PY-4968 (Bug)

Inspection false positive on *args sequence types

PY-5130 (Bug)

Inspection 'Code compatibility inspection' false for Python version 2.6

PY-4158 (Bug)

False positive on dict.pop default value

PY-2075 (Bug)

Cannot find reference: inspection isn't disabled for unresolved first type import statements

PY-3478 (Bug)

"Unexpected type mod" in string format inspection

PY-4147 (Bug)

"Parameter is unused" false positive for class factory

PY-4378 (Bug)

false positive for unused local in try/except

PY-4890 (Bug)

false positive in analysing of parameter

PY-3036 (Bug)

Unnecessary backslash: missing for split strings



PY-4878 (Bug)

Jinja: missing completion for available templates within import tag

PY-4902 (Bug)

False-positive error in embedded Javascript in Jinja2 template



PY-4904 (Feature)

Mako: complete closing bracket on entering slash

PY-4900 (Bug)

Mako: parameter unfilled: false positive calls from namespace from regular python module

PY-4789 (Bug)

Mako: parameter unfilled: false negative for self and local namespace calls

PY-5085 (Bug)

Mako: provide attributes completion inside not yet closed tag

PY-4899 (Bug)

Mako: missing completion for args in namespaces calls



PY-4941 (Bug)

Pycharm does not report wrong indentation on the very first line of file



PY-5142 (Cosmetics)

Add alias to import: display all module path in quick-fix popup

PY-5123 (Bug)

Incorrect "execution flow is interrupted" message from Extract Method

PY-5146 (Bug)

Missed occurrences of variable when renaming

PY-5098 (Bug)

Introduce variable refactoring replaces math symbols in case of extended selection

PY-4379 (Bug)

Refactor\Move: doesn't affect module imports

PY-4437 (Bug)

Inplace introduce field: incorrect code after introducing ineffective field in constructor

PY-3856 (Bug)

Rename refactoring on package import reference offers to rename _init_.py

PY-4482 (Bug)

New introduce variable doesn't work when caret is at the right end of selection

PY-5062 (Bug)

Calls in LHS and RHS of assignment are not considered equivalent

PY-4187 (Bug)

Refactor/Rename changes name in function definition but not in function calls



PY-5030 (Bug)

Don't try to build skeletons for binary modules in PyCharm helpers directory

PY-4709 (Bug)

Skeleton generator attempts to re-build broken skeletons on every launch

PY-4509 (Bug)

Unexpected argument: flase positive for 3rd argument in gettatr

PY-5141 (Exception)

Unable to add virtualenv as project interpreter: Throwable at com.jetbrains.python.sdk.PythonSdkType.getSysPathsFromScript

Test Runner


PY-4138 (Usability Problem)

Would be nice to have some diagnostic for test runners

PY-5073 (Bug)

Django test can not run if settings are not at the top level of the project

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