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PY-3016 (Bug)

annoying import autocomletion

PY-3015 (Exception)

1.2 eap working bad in ubuntu 10.10



PY-2633 (Feature)

Action to run selected code fragment in Python console

PY-3035 (Bug)

Execute selection in console: action isn't available if there is no console opened

PY-2786 (Bug)

Python Console does not correctly setup the python path

PY-3006 (Bug)

Python Console: code wouldn't be autointented after already indented statement



PY-3030 (Bug)

Renaming a name in a generator expression renames locals in the same scope

Django Support


PY-3002 (Feature)

Display template link on the margin for TemplateResponse and SimpleTemplateResponse

PY-2704 (Task)

Provide distinct icons for Django server and Django tests run configurations

PY-2912 (Bug)

Add red curly underline to name in tab for po files when there're errors in file

PY-3038 (Bug)

Django: missing line-markers for generic function-based views

PY-1409 (Bug)

Django test runner hangs on error creating the test database

PY-3010 (Bug)

Quick-fix: create view method/template: unable to select template folder

Test Runner


PY-3027 (Bug)

Custom Test Settings File Not Being Passed to django_test_manage.py



PY-3020 (Bug)

"Code Compatibility" false positive on logging.config (for Python versions >= 2.4)

Code Insight


PY-3034 (Bug)

autocompletion in import statement fails

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