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PY-1378 (Feature)

Option form select word to select commas around a selection before widening the selection to few words

PY-482 (Feature)

Imports order in Python file

PY-1636 (Feature)

Intention to replace list comprehension with for loop

PY-2389 (Usability Problem)

"Create function" quickfix should not create nested function

PY-2403 (Usability Problem)

Allow multiple patterns in run configuration

PY-2170 (Bug)

socket.bind() is unresolved

PY-2422 (Bug)

Code analysis wrongly marks print() in Python as having unnecessary parentheses

Code Insight


PY-2245 (Feature)

Complete known keys for dictionaries

PY-1405 (Feature)

PyCharm could handle translation back and forth between literal dict and dict(**kwargs)

PY-1356 (Feature)

Quickfix to qualify unresolved local variable with 'self.' if field with same name exists in the containing class

PY-1406 (Feature)

Missing "join ifs" intention

PY-1836 (Feature)

Track iterable member type

PY-170 (Feature)

Complete method names to overridable names

PY-2092 (Feature)

Quickfix to create a function for an unresolved unqualified reference

PY-1750 (Feature)

Use Python 3's type annotations for type selection/inference

PY-986 (Feature)

Renaming a method listed in _all_ should update the _all_ declaration

PY-2384 (Usability Problem)

Don't offer any completion after "as" in import statements

PY-235 (Usability Problem)

In lookup lists for completion display not only items names but additional info

PY-1240 (Bug)

Private methods should be included in completion list if completion is performed inside a class

PY-1956 (Bug)

Completion of imported with 1st form of import statement modules doesn't work as expected

PY-2289 (Bug)

Code completion on 'nonlocal' keyword not working

PY-2296 (Bug)

'nonlocal' not properly interpreted

PY-2397 (Bug)

'else' keyword is not completed in conditional expressions

PY-1955 (Bug)

Completion for imported module adds py extension

PY-2302 (Bug)

hashlib.md5() is unresolved

PY-2409 (Exception)

Exception from dict keys completion



PY-2157 (Feature)

Repeat last input of command in console by up key

PY-2370 (Bug)

Up and down keys don't work in console completion popup



PY-365 (Feature)

Remote debugging support

PY-1498 (Feature)

Feature request: Automatically break when an unhandled exception

PY-2298 (Usability Problem)

A message saying "warning: psyco not available" is annoying for pyhon3

PY-1072 (Bug)

Copy value doesn't work

PY-2340 (Exception)

Debugger: Error evaluating expression Traceback on resuming program.

PY-2341 (Exception)

Debugger: Intaractive Console doesn't work in Python3



PY-2435 (Bug)

Restart on Invalidate Caches fails because of not found program "restarter"

PY-585 (Bug)

New Project location resets drive if chosen manually when project name is specified

PY-2416 (Exception)

Cannot read scheme from /colorSchemes/WarmNeon Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.diagnostic.Logger.error



PY-1727 (Task)

Add 'Run manage.py task to default keymap document



PY-1242 (Feature)

Refactoring: Convert lambda to function

Django Support


PY-2316 (Feature)

Inject references into Django settings.py

PY-2195 (Bug)

no south schemamigration in manage.py commands

PY-2321 (Bug)

Django: autocompletion for closing tags broken when entering opening one at EOF

Test Runner


PY-2319 (Bug)

Tests: Do not allow to run test unless run configuration has been validated

PY-2317 (Bug)

Doctest run configuration isn't suggested when a file has a module-level doctest

PY-2375 (Bug)

Doctest run configuration is suggested for non-Python files

PY-2400 (Bug)

Nosetests fails to run in PyCharm but works from command line



PY-1265 (Feature)

"Introduce Variable" quickfix for "Statement has no effect" inspection

PY-1451 (Feature)

"Boolean expression can be simplified" should detect additional patterns

PY-2404 (Feature)

Offer "add self." qualifier when property with the same name exists

PY-2204 (Feature)

Unresolved References inspection should highlight imports that resolve to their containing file

PY-2083 (Feature)

Offer 'from _future_ import with_statement'' when 'with' unresolved in Python 2.5

PY-1423 (Usability Problem)

Don't show 'Python requires 0o prefix for octal literals' if literal value is 0

PY-2315 (Usability Problem)

Option to ignore argument of % operator in redundant parentheses inspection

PY-2393 (Cosmetics)

Rename self adding quickfix

PY-2294 (Bug)

"More arguments than positional parameters left" false positive

PY-2365 (Bug)

Incorrect range for bytes inspection

PY-2395 (Bug)

"Assignment can be replaced with augmented assignment" false positive



PY-1589 (Feature)

Intention to convert between single-quoted and double-quoted strings

PY-1767 (Feature)

Automatically add "self" to new python method declaration

PY-1686 (Feature)

Ctrl-W inside argument or parameter list should have step to select list contents without parentheses

PY-2381 (Usability Problem)

Add color settings for *.cfg files or set to plain text by default.

PY-1958 (Bug)

Entering new lines with cursor at the beginning of a comment adds backslashes



PY-2217 (Feature)

Skeletons to provide sensible return values

PY-2222 (Cosmetics)

Docstring parser in skeleton generator doesn't understand tuple default values

PY-2292 (Bug)

Incorrect skeleton for deque._init_()

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