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Code Insight


PY-3804 (Feature)

Quick-doc: Docstrings in ReStructurectText are not formatted when Python 3 is used

PY-3849 (Feature)

Support for type detection when type specified in docstring as :class:`SomeClass` or :py:class:`SomeClass` sphinx role

PY-3933 (Bug)

PyCharm won't auto-import sys

PY-4084 (Bug)

Invalid manual variable types declaration syntax for rst

PY-3541 (Bug)

PyCharm substitues global PYTHONPATH with it's local settings

PY-4109 (Bug)

PyCharm substitues global JYTHONPATH with it's local settings

PY-4048 (Bug)

Bugs in type detection with sphinx combined parameter type and description



PY-3962 (Feature)

Django Template Debugger: conditional breakpoints

PY-3964 (Bug)

Interactive Debug Console not working after upgrade from 1.5.1 to 1.5.2

Django Support


PY-4004 (Bug)

Reformating introduces erroneous whitespace in blocktrans

PY-4042 (Bug)

Space added inside translation string with two single quotes



PY-3864 (Bug)

Pre-defined function underscoresToSpaces in Live Template is not working

PY-4028 (Bug)

Don't show 'print' keyword in completion list for Py3k

PY-4034 (Bug)

Reformat Code: unnecessary indent when formatting list with comma as the last symbol

PY-2652 (Bug)

Smart completing "def" result in duplicate colon



PY-3886 (Feature)

Recognize that 'TestCase.fail' method breaks control flow

PY-3919 (Bug)

Import in try block should also be defined in except block: false positive for classes defined in except block

PY-4016 (Bug)

A trailing comma in a function paramater list is incorrectly marked as an error.

PY-3823 (Bug)

Wrong warnings in the code analyzing

PY-4013 (Bug)

inspection on order_by



PY-3922 (Bug)

Newlines (and more generally extraneous markup) in inline rst markup should be folded/ignored.



PY-3914 (Bug)

Extract Method with parameter renaming fails

PY-4101 (Bug)

Rename refactoring doesn't update type names in epydoc docstrings



PY-3898 (Performance Problem)

Running 'generator3 -L' for some users doesn't complete within the 2 minute timeout

PY-3950 (Bug)

unicodedata is not recognised as a valid system library

PY-3985 (Bug)

Skeleton generator for PyQt4 puts duplicates of all Qt declarations in Qt.py

PY-4103 (Bug)

'start' parameter for enumerate builtin is missing in skeletons for Python 3

Test Runner


PY-3836 (Usability Problem)

With default python interpreter on Mac OS PyCharm in not able to find valid py.test

PY-3942 (Bug)

Test runner doesn't seem to notice py.test tests have completed when using classes

PY-4045 (Bug)

pytest does not work with virtualenv (when pytest is installed globally)

PY-3924 (Exception)

PyTest: IAE at com.intellij.execution.configurations.ParamsGroup.addParameter

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