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PY-3846 (Bug)

Set PYTHONIOENCODING env var when running Sphinx from PyCharm

PY-3847 (Bug)

"Command line launcher" options doesn't work, if /usr/bin/python is python3

PY-2559 (Bug)

Menus painted incorrectly in PyCharm on Linux with GTK+ L&F

PY-3249 (Bug)

Jython interpreter does not start with correct paths



PY-2528 (Usability Problem)

Debugger: notify that script execution was suspended because of exception breakpoint

PY-3901 (Bug)

Template debugger: exception breakpoint icon is missing on suspending on exception in templates

PY-3738 (Bug)

Template Debugger: stops 3 times on TemplateDoesNotExist

PY-3772 (Bug)

Debugger: unable to display children after set value

Django Support


PY-3053 (Feature)

Understand TEMPLATES_DIR defined relatively based on other variables in settings.py

PY-3840 (Bug)

Freeze when typing "not" in url template tag

PY-3841 (Bug)

Django isn't importable error message not updated when selecting interpeters

PY-3822 (Bug)

Incorrect path when refactoring templates

PY-3813 (Bug)

Django: rename directory replaces absolute path with relative one

PY-3816 (Bug)

Don't insert parentheses when completing Python function names inside Django templates



PY-3848 (Feature)

Support for type detection with sphinx combined parameter type and description

PY-3783 (Bug)

Docstring: caret position is out of the docstring when generating plain docstring with space

PY-3782 (Bug)

Docstring: not generated in case EOF is right after opening triple-quote



PY-3866 (Bug)

False positive for "Local function is not used"

PY-3885 (Bug)

"Dictionary contains duplicate keys" inspection should highlight the duplicate keys, not the entire dictionary

PY-3869 (Bug)

False positive for "...should also be defined in except block"

PY-3895 (Bug)

"Reference before assignment" warning incorrect.

PY-3854 (Bug)

Code compatibility inspection should highlight usages of 'basestring' in py3 code as error

Test Runner


PY-3637 (Usability Problem)

test runner progress in django

PY-3781 (Bug)

Stacktrace in py.test error output are not links

PY-3786 (Bug)

Test runner doesn't work with arbitrary file names

PY-3853 (Bug)

Error in utrunner.py when running unit tests

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