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IDEA-63459 (Bug)

Split Window Mode - Always opens a new class even if the class is already opened in another window

PY-3287 (Bug)

Exception in PyCharm core: java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "8"

PY-3303 (Bug)

run_tests() got an unexcepted keyword argument 'failfast' when testing an app in a buildout based project.

PY-3169 (Bug)

buildout support not working for buildout >= 1.5

IDEA-66208 (Bug)

More options UI



PY-3140 (Bug)

"[: 92: Illegal number: false" every time I run pycharm.sh.



PY-3104 (Feature)

Execute selection in console: handle various indentation cases

PY-2910 (Usability Problem)

Do not scroll console editor history if there is no focus

PY-3005 (Bug)

Python Console: unindent on entering backspace

PY-2113 (Bug)

Console: commands output is messed up

PY-3204 (Exception)

Run console: IAE at com.jetbrains.django.util.DjangoUtil.getManageFile



PY-3265 (Bug)

Unicode issue: Dictionary containing unicode keys unable to be expanded while debugging

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-67268 (Bug)

search broken

IDEA-66955 (Bug)

Type tooltip shows HTML entities

App Engine Support


PY-3134 (Bug)

New error when using v1.2 instead of v1.1.1



PY-3228 (Bug)

Extract method from static method or class method should extract a staticmethod or classmethod

PY-2891 (Bug)

Refactor: Rename fails for local variables, functions, methods, class names, and modules when using virtualenv

Django Support


PY-3141 (Bug)

Pycharm mark sorl.thumbnail "empty" tag as error

PY-3129 (Bug)

Create def from django urls.py by alt+enter without create template

PY-3098 (Bug)

Doesn't understand filters in 'extends' django tag

PY-3145 (Bug)

Django template reference doesn't work with keyword arguments in direct_to_template

PY-2921 (Bug)

Django shell problem

PY-3114 (Bug)

Problem with msgid_plural in .po files

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-66601 (Bug)

Changing 'Case sensitive' option setting in Find/Replace panel does not update search results

IDEA-66865 (Bug)

Ctrl-F search no longer searches the whole document.

IDEA-66863 (Bug)

Search And Replace Too Greedy

IDEA-66399 (Bug)

gutter highlighters for search results

IDEA-66731 (Bug)

Incorrect "not found" tooltip when search is finished ("<" is removed)

IDEA-66810 (Bug)

Text editing sometimes scrolls the editor during search

IDEA-66219 (Bug)

Ctrl-F moves selection from current match immediately

IDEA-67779 (Exception)

Replace inside read-only files: ReadOnlyModificationException at com.intellij.openapi.editor.impl.DocumentImpl.a

Test Runner


PY-3128 (Bug)

Bogus assertEquals diff if value being compared is not a string



PY-3314 (Bug)

False positive on compatibility check for stdlib module copy

PY-3164 (Bug)

"Unresolved reference" false positive for `functools.partial` with Python 2.7.1

PY-3206 (Bug)

Code Compatibility false positive

Code Insight


PY-3246 (Bug)

Autocompletion: (Very) private attributes not available in autocompletion

PY-3167 (Bug)

Redundant/useless import suggestion appears after manually added import

Version Control


IDEA-66336 (Bug)

Settings dialog will not open

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