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PyCharm 1.1 has been released in December 2010. The following roadmap is available as historical reference.

  • (tick) FTP synchronization plugin
  • (tick) Tasks and contexts plugin
  • (tick) GitHub integration plugin
  • (tick) Completion autopopup on typing any character
  • (tick) Floating editor windows
  • (tick) Console in debugger
  • (tick) Conditional breakpoints support
  • (lightbulb) Exception breakpoints support
  • (lightbulb) Possibility to open files in a running PyCharm instance from the command line
  • Better support for editing files outside of project
  • (lightbulb) Better support for nosetests and unittest2
  • (tick) Initial support for doctests
  • (lightbulb) A number of new inspections and intention actions for editing Python code
  • (tick) Bundled dark color scheme
  • (lightbulb) Better code completion (tracking of collection element types, more knowledge specific to Django and App Engine)
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