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PY-2168 (Bug)

Improve sample in code style preview

PY-2138 (Bug)

Wrong line continuation char on enter

PY-2212 (Bug)

PyCharm imports current file when needs a class that is defined later in that file

PY-2201 (Bug)

Optimize Imports should not delete unresolved imports



PY-2194 (Bug)

PyCharm inserting backslashes on Enter in empty file



PY-2154 (Usability Problem)

Support unicode in pycharm python console

Django Support


PY-2207 (Bug)

Pycharm gives wrong warning while parsing an explicit array address in Django template



PY-2149 (Cosmetics)

Introduce Constants should create the constants after the imports section, not at the top of the file

App Engine Support


PY-2117 (Bug)

App Engine deploy and update logs actions should be dumb-aware

Test Runner


PY-2124 (Bug)

Running all tests in folder doesn't work with Python 3

Code Insight


PY-2182 (Bug)

PyCharm suggests circular import incorrectly

PY-2226 (Bug)

Parameter unfilled false positive when class inherits more then one class

PY-2133 (Bug)

Can't resolve superclass method call

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