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The focus of PyCharm development leading to the 1.0 release will be less on major new features and more on ensuring that the existing functionality works great in different kinds of projects. However, there are a number of features that will definitely be added before the 1.0 release.

  • (tick) Integrated REPL with syntax highlighting and code completion
  • (tick) Improved type system (tracking of method return types)
  • (tick) IronPython support
    • (tick) Support for completion and resolve of .NET types in IronPython projects
  • (tick) Google App Engine support
  • (tick) Highlighting of unused import statements and Optimize Imports
  • (tick) Whole-project completion (completion of not imported classes and functions, with automatic addition of import statements)
  • (lightbulb) More inspections (similar to pylint/pyflakes)
  • (tick) Syntax highlighting for regular expressions in Python code
  • (tick) Mercurial support as a bundled plugin
  • (tick) Buildout support
  • (tick) Support for Mac installations of CPython (which have only .pyc files for the standard library and do not have .py sources)
  • (tick) Option to hard-wrap code automatically when typing reaches right margin
  • (tick) Option to create _init_.py when creating a directory inside a Python package
  • (tick) Highlighting of inconsistent indentation and tab/space conversion

The following features are under consideration for 1.0 but are not guaranteed to be included:

The following features are explicitly out of scope for 1.0, but may be added in future versions. You're welcome to vote for linked YouTrack issues when available, or file issues if none exist.

  • Cython support
  • TurboGears support
  • Support for additional template languages (Genshi, Mako, Jinja... - YouTrack issues are welcome)
  • Bazaar support as a bundled plugin (right now a third-party plugin is available)
  • Support for documentation systems like Sphinx, docstring generation, integration with parameter info
  • Support for setuptools/Distribute, egg installation etc.
  • Syntax highlighting, code completion and test runner for doctests
  • Syntax highlighting for reStructuredText
  • Improved type system (tracking of collection content types)
  • Django i18n support
  • Tools for migrating Python 2 code to Python 3
  • A few more refactorings (Move Class, Introduce Parameter, Convert Lambda to Function...)
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