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PY-2047 (Bug)

_init_.py file created from the New -> Python Package contextual menu don't match template

PY-2044 (Bug)

Remove Goto test from the Goto menu

PY-936 (Bug)

Exception when using DomManager in PyCharm with abstract classes (works in IDEA 9.0.2) (Repro project included)

PY-1499 (Bug)

When adding a virtualenv interpreter, pycharm should obey --no-site-packages by default

PY-1998 (Bug)

Indentation is lost when pasting multiple lines

PY-2069 (Bug)

"File Encodings" settings page says "IntelliJ IDEA" instead of product name



PY-1985 (Bug)

Do not add backslashes on pressing enter between function and its decorator

PY-1907 (Bug)

Class instead of its members list in file hierarchy



PY-2065 (Task)

Add existing tips of the day to PyCharm

App Engine Support


PY-1995 (Bug)

AppEngine+Django project generation with Python >=2.6 fails



PY-1788 (Bug)

Extract Superclass: create _init_ when extracting to not yet existing package

PY-1983 (Bug)

Introduce field: respect fields order when introducing in init

Django Support


PY-2060 (Usability Problem)

Django settings file chooser should be restricted to meaningful choices

PY-2073 (Bug)

Django: default TEMPLATE_DIRS should have comma in definition

Test Runner


PY-1976 (Bug)

Pycharm 96.1203 cannot run unit tests with Python 2.4

PY-868 (Bug)

Python Unittest configurations (utrunner.py) do not inherit parent PYTHONPATH



PY-2027 (Bug)

Wrong "Too few arguments for format string" warning

PY-2046 (Bug)

Format string parameter inspection mistakenly highlights rejects tuple-valued expression

PY-1968 (Bug)

Incorrect base class: false positive for old-style superclass method calls

Code Insight


PY-1965 (Bug)

pycharm unnecessary in the analysis reported warning

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