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EditingUsabilityPY-36639Auto completion popup shows up in prefixes for subsequent implicitly joined strings
UsabilityPY-32808Typing "f" for f-string in front of existing string brings up autocomplete
Jupyter NotebookBugPY-35874Ctrl+Enter stops working in Jupyter Notebooks at certain points (just now after matching kernel to project interpreter)
BugPY-36534Inline debugger in Jupyter files
BugPY-36623"'PyDB' object has no attribute 'set_tracing_for_untraced_contexts_if_not_frame_eval'" is raised when user runs debug for code cell
Remote InterpretersBugPY-36618PyCharm doesn't create project with SSH interpreter on Windows If `IdentityFile` is used in `config` file
BuildBugIDEA-217032Use consistent naming for Maven / Gradle diagrams
Build. GradleFeatureIDEA-216850GradleDiagrams: Refresh opened Gradle diagram after Gradle project refresh
BugIDEA-217166Gradle dependencies diagram failing
BugIDEA-216990Gradle doesn't attach IntelliJ SDK to plugin project
BugIDEA-217126GradleDiagrams: in the project with 2 independent gradle modules it is impossible to view diagram for both modules
BugIDEA-198173If Groovy plugin is disabled (with all dependent plugins), exceptions are thrown and some functionality doesn't work in java projects
CosmeticsIDEA-216984GradleDiagrams: Use the same blue color for dependency edges as in Maven Dependency Diagram
TaskIDEA-217198GradleDiagrams: Use All visibility level by default
Build. MavenBugIDEA-216867Maven diagram is empty if root selected in "Show Paths: Root->Selection" mode
BugIDEA-216878Maven dependency diagram is flickering on node selection
BugIDEA-216851Maven: project re-import doesn't change the libraries from the inherited dependencies
ExceptionIDEA-216831IAE at com.intellij.build.BuildTreeConsoleView$ConsoleViewHandler.$$$reportNull$$$0
Code Analysis. DuplicatesBugIDEA-217219Duplicated code tool window numbers the lines from 0
Code Analysis. Structural SearchExceptionIDEA-204490AIOOBE at com.intellij.structuralsearch.StructuralSearchProfileBase.compile
Core. Diagrams (UML)BugIDEA-217046Project Modules diagram is empty if root selected in "Show Paths: Root->Selection" mode
Core. File SystemPerformanceIDEA-216453UI freeze after branch switch caused by file type detection from content (via TemplateDataLanguagePusher)
Core. IDE SettingsBugIDEA-217083SerializationException on second opening Swift PM project in CLion
Core. JSONBugIDEA-212880Null is cached if schema is applied first time for already existing code
BugIDEA-216061Adding new key-value pair into single-line JSON object places comma into the next key while typing
ExceptionIDEA-217138AE at com.intellij.json.psi.impl.JsonPsiImplUtils.getNameElement
Core. Navigation and SearchBugIDEA-216794Search eveywhere does not search in libraries
Core. Platform APIBugIDEA-216927Restore UastLiteralReferenceProvider binary compatibility in 2019.2
Core. ProfilerBugIDEA-216549Wrong merged callees tree calculation
BugIDEA-215303There should be 'Run with Profiler' in Gradle toolwindow
UsabilityIDEA-216480More toolbar buttons in profiler Call Tree tab
Core. Run | Debug. ConfigurationsBugIDEA-181448Run dashboard: after adding RC type to runnable in RD list the existing started configuration is shown there in Cinfigured status
Editor. Diff and MergeFeatureIDEA-137605IDEA as external diff/merge - provide proper exit codes
BugIDEA-216171'Throwable: Invalid file' when open external diff tool
Editor. Formatter and Code StyleBugIDEA-217075EditorConfig options are not properly applied to JavaScript files
BugIDEA-216526Switch Code Style Scheme does not change the code style
Editor. Large FilesBugIDEA-216905Focus is not in editor when opening large file
BugIDEA-216265Large file editor: closing and reopening tab does not preserve state
Groovy. GrailsUsabilityIDEA-158677There is no option to hide Grails navigation bar
Infrastructure. Packaging and InstallationBugIDEA-200887"Failed to load JVM DLL" on a fresh copy of Windows 10
Plugin. MarkdownBugIDEA-213128UI not responding after opening markdown file
Plugin. TerminalBugIDEA-191614Terminal should soft wrap long lines (and not break links)
Services. DockerFeatureIDEA-184888Docker. Support --ipc command line option
BugIDEA-209817NPE containerId was not specified when building a container without running it
BugIDEA-203226Docker: NPE at attempt to save changes in the deleted container
BugIDEA-210195Attached console shows up twice
BugIDEA-216884Docker: `Numeric value: (2147516561) is out of range of int` for windows containers with unusual exit code
BugIDEA-217078Dockerfile Syntax Error in ADD URL
UsabilityIDEA-216329Dockerfile detection: always show the "Disable this notification" link
Services. SSHBugIDEA-217092Auth failure with "Unsupported keyboard interactive request" log message for 2FA
BugIDEA-2166562019.2 — SSH tunneling always reports connect timeout
User InterfaceBugIDEA-216920The height of tabs of composite editors is too low
BugIDEA-216567Borderless UI: Diff window has wrong icon in borderless mode
BugIDEA-217146IDEA freezes in Inspection Tool Window
BugIDEA-207320Empty system tray icon with no popup hint or right-click menu
BugIDEA-216860Unnecessary empty project frame is shown together with Welcome screen when open deleted project
BugIDEA-217129[Open Recent] when trying to open an already opened project - a new empty IDEA window is opened
BugIDEA-216428Debugger: hidden content (like Memory View) appears again after restarting of debugger session
BugIDEA-217016Empty project window remains open when opening another project selecting "This window" option
BugIDEA-217057Visibility icons flickering in completion popup
CosmeticsIDEA-204326Run configuration editor should use default IDE font for all fields
ExceptionIDEA-217273Exception occurs on opening a project from Welcome screen
User Interface. Keyboard InputBugIDEA-187355µ, when extracting method
User Interface. Look and FeelFeatureIDEA-216532Theme metadata: new property "since"
Version ControlBugIDEA-215928'View Commits' link looks active but does not open commits list, if the tab has been closed
BugIDEA-217202New file is not added to VCS sometimes
BugIDEA-216389Deadlock: com.jetbrains.changeReminder.predict.PredictionService
PerformanceIDEA-207515IntelliJ freezes when a lot of GIt roots are registered in the project
CosmeticsIDEA-216408Non-modal commit: Commit options popup does not change color scheme properly
CosmeticsIDEA-217029Use one-pixel splitter for diff preview in Local Changes and Shelf
ExceptionIDEA-217161ISE: "Unexpected state: Grafting" when reverting changes with conflicts was interrupted
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-215676Deadlock on IDE exit (GitUntrackedFilesHolder)
UsabilityIDEA-216137Notification after Update Project is displayed not immediately after the progress completes
ExceptionIDEA-216463A "couldn't parse status line" exceptions happen regularly on various Git operations
Version Control. LogBugIDEA-216882Diff is not available for changes in external repositories Log
ExceptionIDEA-217277update failed for AnAction(com.intellij.vcs.log.ui.actions.CompareRevisionsFromLogAction) with ID=Vcs.Log.CompareRevisions
No subsystemBugDBE-8610Cannot change severity of inspection 'Delete or update statement without where clause'
DB ConsoleBugDBE-7388Name database console files so they can be sorted
DB IntrospectionExceptionDBE-8577MS SQL: attempts to introspect inaccessible database causes exceptions like[S0001][916] The server principal… is not able to access the database… under the current security context
Data ViewsBugDBE-8453Can not open table editor for Apache Ignite database: Failed to parse query. Table "UCP" not found
SQL CompletionBugDBE-8552Problem with cast postfix
SQL HighlightingFeatureDBE-8570Add inspection for using LIMIT (or similar clause) inside EXISTS call
FeatureDBE-8598Inspection: Check for TOP/OFFSET
BugDBE-8299PostgreSQL: No error if RENAME COLUMN is used together with other ALTER TABLE action.
SQL RefactoringFeatureDBE-8559Intention to replace GROUP BY with DISTINCT and vice versa
No subsystemBugWEB-39561Update the default parameter name hints blacklist for Array.map and others
UsabilityWEB-39664Improve in-dialog documentation for parameter hints blacklist
TaskWEB-39642Pipeline operator: add very basic support for topic references
DartFeatureWEB-39577Dart folding- add ability to fold asserts statements
BugWEB-39665Dart: exception after clicking 'show help contents' in Rename dialog
DebuggerBugWEB-38535CoffeeScript debugging doesn't work correctly in WebStorm 2019
BugWEB-38597Incorrect highlighting of methods when 'Smart step into'
BugWEB-39558Node debugger: support mappings to file:///
UsabilityWEB-39670Object properties in debugger should be shown in object order, NOT in alphabetical order
JSONFeatureWEB-39646Add lint-staged to package.json schema
BugWEB-38586JSON: validating by added schema works only after schema editing
UsabilityWEB-39592Semantic highlighting in package.json
JavaScriptBugWEB-14677Navigate/Method Hierarchy is always disabled for javascript methods
BugWEB-39675Usages in JSX attributes considered 'String usages' in 2019.2/master nightlies
BugWEB-38804Find usages of `index.jsx` file yields results where property `index` of an arbitrary object is used
BugWEB-39419Postfix completion: do not suggest any template after "this."
BugWEB-39416Completion: JS/TS: do not suggest symbol itself after extends keyword
JavaScript. FrameworksFeatureWEB-39351Add support for ngNonBindable directive
BugWEB-39460Angular: loading angular.json is broken if there are `input` sections in it
BugWEB-39501New - Angular Schematic: loading after every use
BugWEB-39709IOException with @web-types
BugWEB-39587Angular - failed to load schematics exception
BugWEB-33981Imported components marked as unknown html tags
BugWEB-29546Refactor/Rename React props doesn't rename the prop in defaultProps
BugWEB-29251Refactor/Rename React props in propTypes does not rename the html attribute
CosmeticsWEB-39672Vue.js: Add library name to tag proposals
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-39649PointlessBooleanExpression. False positive
BugWEB-39569Javascript inspection "Redundant await Promise.resolve()": "return await" is GOOD (as of recently)
BugWEB-39594False "Variable is declared and being used in different 'case' clauses" violation if same-named variable is declared in nested 'switch'
CosmeticsWEB-39707Pointless statement or boolean expression: shorten the warning
JavaScript. RefactoringBugWEB-39575'Search in comments and strings' should be off by default
BugWEB-39520Rename doesn't show preview if only string references are found
ExceptionWEB-39557Postfix 'var'/'destruct' and 'introduce obj/array destructuring' fail if inplace refactorings are off
LintersBugWEB-39615Prettier plugin - editor scroll position jumps abruptly on reformat
Node.jsBugWEB-39528Run/Debug Node.js app from Run Anything popup
BugWEB-35916npm not detected if node installed via snap
StylusBugWEB-39535"Reformat code" behave wrong on stylus (@media query with negative property value)
TypeScriptBugWEB-39316Redundant 'typeof' check warning on typescript when deconstructing
BugWEB-32282TypeScript: Type of variable from destructured assignment is incorrectly considered as just `boolean` instead of `boolean | undefined`
BugWEB-39563Autocomplete doesn't work properly when type is from a private or protected class property
BugWEB-34824Support TS 3.1 change in type guards for 'function'
BugWEB-39588TypeScript: type guard doesn't work if the second re-declaration contains assignment
BugWEB-39538Webstorm 2019.01 Fails to provide type hints with complex generics, conditional generics and wrappers in Angular Templates
PerformanceWEB-39633TypeScript project references cause IntelliJ to hang
Unit TestsBugWEB-39593Suggest mocha-webpack in the 'mocha package' field
CosmeticsWEB-39698Cucumber.js: increase width of the File type field in the Create New Step Definition File dialog
ExceptionWEB-39572CucumberJS: exception is thrown on typing regular expression
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..BugWI-47258SSHJ: Can't connect to Windows OpenSSH server
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