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CodeforcesBugEDU-3037Exception while C/C++ codeforces project creations
BugEDU-3038"Required 17 standard minimum" error message while C++ Codeforces course creation
Course creatorFeatureEDU-1237UI for creating other task types (for example, theory and output tasks)
BugEDU-2471Add code snippets for multiple-choice tasks
BugEDU-3050Unable to create framework lesson
Courses DialogBugEDU-3063JBA Tracks Ads: Start button in new course description design creates empty project
GradleTaskEDU-3060Update Jackson version
HyperskillBugEDU-2934Failed to launch checking (Hyperskill Python course)
BugEDU-2954Problems doesn't save when IDE terminated
BugEDU-3024Time and Memory Limits for Hyperskill (and probably Stepik) code problems
BugEDU-2805"Invalid yaml: File 'course-info.yaml': config file for item 'Problems' not found" after idea restart
BugEDU-3065"Visit JetBrains Academy" link leads nowhere
BugEDU-3006Show Hyperskill ID or email on login settings
UsabilityEDU-2858"Start Hyperskill project" should reuse existing IDE project
Stepik integrationBugEDU-2766Update course on Stepik action isn't found with "update course" search words
Task DescriptionExceptionEDU-3031Cyclic dependency: [class com.jetbrains.edu.learning.taskDescription.ui.TaskDescriptionViewImpl]
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