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No subsystemFeatureEDU-2602Submissions tab shouldn't be available in local courses/course previews
BugEDU-2643Sound goes on playing after project is closed
ActionsCosmeticsEDU-2750Change wording
Answer placeholdersBugEDU-2706AtomicKotlin opening in CC: placeholders are not updating at task file change
CheckIOBugEDU-2486Reformat code of tasks for CheckIO courses while creating
CosmeticsEDU-1614CheckiO: Order of stations and missions in local course doesn't respond to order on checkio
Course creatorFeatureEDU-2554Hide Peek Solution for particular tasks
GradleBugEDU-2751Support Java 13
BugEDU-2666Atomic Kotlin: No tests have run
BugEDU-2630Can't debug code properly in Idea, shows a lot of gradle output
HyperskillBugEDU-2757Hyperskill: solutions are loaded twice for new projects
BugEDU-2713Log in to Hyperskill in Android Studio works only once
BugEDU-2692Technical Bug! Shows Log Out from null while signed in via EduTools plugin.
BugEDU-2749Hyperskill: exception on update
BugEDU-2742Hyperskill: exception on existing project reopening
BugEDU-2641Hyperskill: "Solve in IDE" button doesn't work for Android Studio
UsabilityEDU-1960Open last unsolved stage on "Open hyperskill project" action
TaskEDU-2241Change hyperskill icon
TaskEDU-2444Support custom tags in Hyperskill HTML (problem statements)
IDEBugEDU-2697Edu actions are unavalable
Language.PythonPerformanceEDU-2729Getting non enough memory error during lesson updating
Language.RustFeatureEDU-2296Implement run configuration based task checker for Rust courses
BugEDU-2720Rust: expected/actual display doesn't work
BugEDU-2736Wrong Rust task check result in case of compilation error
TaskEDU-2649Rust: add `sum` example as a template for a new course
Languages.C++FeatureEDU-2682C++: Support Catch test framework
BugEDU-2658C++ Stepik course fails
Stepik integrationBugEDU-2689Kotlin Koans: after update course all tasks are shown as unchecked
BugEDU-2759Submissions tab is not available for unittest python courses
BugEDU-2686Kotlin Koans: IndexOutOfBoundsException
BugEDU-2734Update Course: always create task directories at task update
BugEDU-2756Do not load old solutions for updated tasks
BugEDU-2732Retrofit client is created for every query which might cause performance issues
BugEDU-2752Atomic Kotlin Update: delete lessons wrapped into section
TaskEDU-2627Submissions: don't hide submissions at log out if they are already loaded
Task DescriptionBugEDU-2675Next button is not always shown in task description for solved tasks
BugEDU-2632Task Description: including JS script requires absolute path
BugEDU-2705Video tasks: video controls lost icons
BugEDU-2660KotlinKoans: Task description text is empty after update
YAMLBugEDU-2684Project reopen for Algorithmic Toolbox is really slow
BugEDU-2645Lesson is broken after lesson type change
BugEDU-2719"Revert Task" wipes out task's insivible files
BugEDU-2680Empty possible_answer in Algorithmic Toolbox causes error on project reopen
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