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No subsystemFeatureEDU-2164Hide Peek solution
BugEDU-2636Atomic Kotlin course: Submissions tab is missing
BuildBugEDU-2597Cpp: Error with getting error message on validation path in advance settings
TaskEDU-2576Change Learner and Educator pictures in the plugin
Course creatorFeatureEDU-1342Action to insert shortcuts in task description
BugEDU-2435Incorrect tab name for the file in the tests directory
BugEDU-2332Return initial size of `Add Answer Placeholder` dialog
BugEDU-2569Artifact in Course creator menu: "Unwrap Section" action
BugEDU-1383Do not highlight shortcuts as unresolved in editing mode
UsabilityEDU-2421Welcome window shows previews
CosmeticsEDU-2514Rename "Hide from Student" and "Make Visible to Student"
CosmeticsEDU-2537Rename Student to Learner in yaml templates
CourseraTaskEDU-2453Coursera: load assignments in parallel
GradleUsabilityEDU-2509Create Course preview: Gradle toolwindow is opened by default
HyperskillBugEDU-2383Hyperskill: Refactored files are invisible in course tree
BugEDU-2608"No tests have run" in Android projects in Hyperskill
BugEDU-2380Cannot rename and move files in hyperskill projects
CosmeticsEDU-2517Make Hyperskill stages tab styled as Stepik submissions tab
IDEBugEDU-2587Role selection dialog isn't shown in IDEA Edu 2019.2
TaskEDU-2555Support 2019.3 platform
ExceptionEDU-2606Throwable at com.jetbrains.edu.learning.ExperimentsKt.isFeatureEnabled(Experiments.kt:5)
Language.PythonFeatureEDU-2524Python feature idea: show output when there is "syntax error" (part 2, test_helper.py)
FeatureEDU-1996Python feature idea: show output when there is "syntax error"
BugEDU-2617Browse Courses dialog is broken
UsabilityEDU-2331Python unittest support: add `sum` example with tests as initial task template
TaskEDU-2548Create tests for syntax errors in Python, unittest
Languages.C++BugEDU-2547Delete all `run.cpp` file logic
BugEDU-2454Make default template with sum function
BugEDU-2598Make C++ default language for new course in CLion
BugEDU-2366Correct naming of task CMake projects
BugEDU-2399Provide language display name on configurator registration
BugEDU-2394Error when trying to create the second task in framework lesson
BugEDU-2355OCLight language when applying yaml config
BugEDU-2573Support new api for rename handlers
BugEDU-2396Generate right name for framework lesson
TaskEDU-2363Create output task checker
TaskEDU-2413Support framework lessons
TaskEDU-2032Support C++ course project creator mode
TaskEDU-2033Support C++ course project task checker
Languages.JavaScriptExceptionEDU-2624Throwable: at com.jetbrains.edu.javascript.learning.JsCourseProjectGenerator.createAdditionalFiles(JsCourseProject Generator.java:60)
Stepik integrationFeatureEDU-2539Preserve solutions_hidden option for course when publishing to Stepik
FeatureEDU-1401View and run student submissions from plugin
FeatureEDU-2195Support stepik video tasks
BugEDU-2519Submissions: inconsistent font size
BugEDU-2609Video tasks: white background in Darcula
BugEDU-2439Stepic icon in statuc bar sometimes missing
BugEDU-2621Submissions tab is shown in educator mode
BugEDU-2599Placeholders not correctly replacing the entire text, when uploading the course to Stepik
BugEDU-2590Framework lessons: task text is lost when course is uploaded to Stepik
BugEDU-2619Submissions: add indication that submissions are downloading after log in to Stepik from widget or settings
UsabilityEDU-2578Submissions: nothing happens after log in to Stepik
CosmeticsEDU-2563Submission icon disappears on hover
ExceptionEDU-2611Throwable at com.jetbrains.edu.learning.EduUtils.createStudentFile(EduUtils.java:584)
Task DescriptionBugEDU-2528Shortcuts are not rendered when task description is in markdown
BugEDU-2500Shortcuts are not rendered
YAMLBugEDU-2376Add selectedVariants for student in yaml
BugEDU-2377Add courseMode for student courses
BugEDU-2545Support framework lesson in student mode
BugEDU-2553Support checkiO in YAML
BugEDU-2640Lesson is broken after user changed type of a task
BugEDU-2620JavaScript for Beginners: course is broken
BugEDU-2518Unexpected refactoring action in course-info.yaml breaks UI
BugEDU-2313Store task file text in yaml
BugEDU-2312Store task check status in yaml config
BugEDU-2546Support sync in student projects
BugEDU-2315Store answer placeholder student fields in yaml
BugEDU-2628Task file text isn't set in student yaml
BugEDU-2525Educator's refactoring options shouldn/t be available in student mode
BugEDU-2565Add learnerCreated to task file
BugEDU-2475Human language is displayed in current system main language
BugEDU-2588Learner created file cannot be renamed after course project reopening
TaskEDU-2408General code insight improvements for yaml configs
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