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No subsystemBugEDU-1994Add Stepik Scala course to featured
BugEDU-2047Update javadoc inspection profile for private methods
BugEDU-1876Education preferences should be searchable
BugEDU-1940Disable "attach idea annotations" inspection
BugEDU-2001Use correct file name in Preview task file
BugEDU-1784Reset Course action doesn't reset Task panel and progress bar instantly
BugEDU-1955'Reset task' should ask a confirmation
BugEDU-2064Quiz choices not showing up in IntelliJ IDEA Community Educational
UsabilityEDU-1949Confusing note in course description for non-featured courses
UsabilityEDU-2026Show "Choose role" dialog only in Pycharm Edu and Idea Edu
CosmeticsEDU-1185Make default tag color brighter
ExceptionEDU-2030NoSuchMethodError while Rust course creation
ActionsBugEDU-1292Show error message if user tries to create a course creator project from regular Stepik course
TaskEDU-1468Open the first file for the multi-file task by default
Answer placeholdersBugEDU-564"Extend selection" selects the whole placeholder instead of the expression
BugEDU-2094Wrong placeholder rendering
CheckerUsabilityEDU-1311Add explanation instead of "Unable to execute task" for Theory if no main method found
Course ViewBugEDU-2093Order of files in task changes after project reopening
Course creatorFeatureEDU-1643Task Description: generate refactoring to add hints in course creator projects
FeatureEDU-1364Suggest to add sections if more than 20 lessons in course
BugEDU-1966It should not be possible to create tasks with the same name inside lesson
TaskEDU-1972Provide default course type for each IDE
CourseraBugEDU-2101Coursera: redundant files are submitted
DebuggerBugEDU-734PyCharm Edu debugger doesn't stop on the first line in edu tests
EditorUsabilityEDU-1275Do not add selection if the task is already solved
Framework LessonsFeatureEDU-1945Update project if it's updated on hyperskill side
BugEDU-1965Do not show "copy tests" checkbox for the first task in framework lesson
Language.AndroidBugEDU-2044Android new task creation is broken in latest Android Studio (Canary)
BugEDU-2045Import project fails with preview android sdk
Language.JavaTaskEDU-1227Make java default task files more convenient for usage
Language.PythonBugEDU-2057Multiline failed message is not shown in Python in task description
BugEDU-1969It should not be possible to create Python course with no selected interpreter
Languages.JavaScriptBugEDU-1980Exception if trying to create JS course without NodeJS plugin installed
Stepik integrationBugEDU-2005Broken custom course
BugEDU-2063Pass null instead of isCompatible StepikUpdateDateExt#isUpToDate(com.jetbrains.edu.learning.courseFormat.EduCourse)
BugEDU-2009"New course available" notification is shown for recently updated courses too
BugEDU-2037Return random solution for stepik assignment
BugEDU-2025No task files created for theory tasks
BugEDU-2008Show "New course available" notification for featured courses only
BugEDU-2111NPE in Browse Courses Action
BugEDU-2023Do not post attempt on loading check task
UsabilityEDU-1634Import Stepik course: course id selection dialog is shown when I open another dialog
UsabilityEDU-1586Show notification suggesting to login for not-logged in users with remote courses
Task DependenciesUsabilityEDU-1604Show some notification or error message for Add dependency option
Task DescriptionFeatureEDU-2112Expected/Actual panel and "Compare outputs" action for output tasks
FeatureEDU-2004"Compare Outputs" action for JavaScript courses
FeatureEDU-2003Expected/Actual message panel in task description
BugEDU-1754Task description: garbled results output
BugEDU-1479Task Description toolwindow: synchronization with task.html is completely broken
CosmeticsEDU-1991Task Description: Java.Introduction: coure: line breaks in code block are missing
CosmeticsEDU-1998Lists are cropped in Swing Task Description
CosmeticsEDU-1999Line spacing in swing task description is too small
YAMLFeatureEDU-1615Recognize projects with yaml config files as course creator projects
BugEDU-2084Task text isn't shown for courses
BugEDU-1963Exception on "Open as Educator" Django Tutorial course
BugEDU-2096Exception on reopen project with empty lesson or section
BugEDU-2087Yaml synchronization is broken for newly opened course from github
TaskEDU-1850Add file visibility to yaml format
ExceptionEDU-2065Close COURSE_SET topic subscriptions because its listener is called on stepik push
ExceptionEDU-2066Cannot find directory for a task in framework lessons
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