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No subsystemBugEDU-1785ISE: Expected BEGIN_OBJECT but was STRING at line 1 column 44 path $.attempts[0].datase
BugEDU-1726Task Description toolwindow doesn't switch to High Contrast theme
BugEDU-1725Note is duplicated for non-featured courses
BugEDU-1707"New course available" notification should show only new courses (not updated)
BugEDU-1668Replace template variables in case file created from archive and not from our template
BugEDU-1475.DS_Store is added as task file in study_project.xml
CosmeticsEDU-1316Cursor should change from the arrow to the cursor-hand on welcome screen
TaskEDU-1731Improve action: Import Local Course
TaskEDU-1631Replace all educational actions on Welcome Screen with single popup
ExceptionEDU-1651KotlinNullPointerException at com.jetbrains.edu.coursecreator.stepik.StepikCourseUploader.processCourseContentChanged(StepikCourse Uploader.kt:265)
ActionsBugEDU-1739Remove shortcuts
BugEDU-1680Peek solution link isn't shown if there are at least one taskfile without placeholders
BugEDU-1136EduTools for AS: “Make Visible to Student” enabled even if you didn't hide anything
BugEDU-1137EduTools for AS: “Make Visible to Student” and “Hide from Student” options are enabled at lesson and task levels but don't affect anything
CheckIOFeatureEDU-1743CheckiO JS: UI for selecting Node JS interpreter in Advanced Settings
FeatureEDU-1744CheckiO JS: automatically enable coding assistance for Node
BugEDU-1745CheckiO: getting missions from non-verified account results in exception
BugEDU-1611Py CheckiO : forbid to start the course with python 2
CosmeticsEDU-1595CheckiO: ide notifications about errors (ex. connection problems, user isn't logged in when checking task)
TaskEDU-1734CheckiO JS: do not allow to start project without NodeJS interpreter
TaskEDU-1719CheckiO: don't allow to start course if no JavaFX
TaskEDU-1601CheckiO: Provide logos for py.CheckiO and js.CheckiO
TaskEDU-1561CheckiO project generation
TaskEDU-1607Implement CheckiO missions checking
TaskEDU-1599CheckiO: JavaScript language support
TaskEDU-1543CheckiO OAuth authorization implementation
TaskEDU-1723Show CheckiO response with check result in Check Details tool window
TaskEDU-1608Implement CheckiO course updating
CheckerBugEDU-1768Can't check task with test file with no test class
BugEDU-1733CheckiO response is shown with white background in darcula
BugEDU-1676Incorrect representation of wrong test results in check panel for output tasks
CosmeticsEDU-1497Move Checking Task window to background by default
TaskEDU-1722Show output for output tasks, output for theory tasks and compilation errors in Check Details tool window
TaskEDU-1669Show failed compilation messages in Tests Results tool window
TaskEDU-1639Task Description/Check redesign
Course creatorBugEDU-1696Drag & Drop doesn't add file into task
BugEDU-1635Move action inside task directory breaks inner course structure
BugEDU-1628Additional files text isn't loaded
BugEDU-1632Folder deletion doesn't remove child files from course structure
BugEDU-1508Hide from student and make visible to student are shown both for the same files
TaskEDU-1724After removing UI for hints creation "Add Answer Placeholder" dialog looks bad
TaskEDU-1648Task Description/Check redesign: support synchronization between new task description panel and task.html files
CourseraBugEDU-1656Coursera: checker doesn't use updated token after asking for a new token
BugEDU-1654Coursera: provide a link to open submissions page
UsabilityEDU-1717Submission of task hangs
ExceptionEDU-1679Exception in Start Coursera Assignment in PyCharmEdu
Framework LessonsBugEDU-1521Framework lessons: New task action:image file is copied from root task folder to task<#>/src
Language.AndroidFeatureEDU-1620Support UI tests for Android courses
FeatureEDU-1096Possibility to take Android courses
FeatureEDU-1097Android course creation
BugEDU-1646Android course creation: incorrect format of Android SDK location
BugEDU-1570Renaming a package inside a task does not work properly
TaskEDU-1659Generate resource classes for android courses
TaskEDU-1618Add `packageName` and `Android Sdk` fields to "Create New Task" dialog
Project generatorBugEDU-1577Do not show notification about all courses as "new" when user just installed plugin.
Stepik integrationBugEDU-1697Upload course on Stepik doesn't upload "Additional materials files"
BugEDU-1498Support wrap/unwrap into section
BugEDU-1652Synchronize action adds "additional materials" lesson and never removes it
BugEDU-1664Error message when uploading new lessons to Stepic
BugEDU-1299Remove deleted task when getting progress for a course
BugEDU-1622Leave a comment link doesn't work in Atomic Kotlin
BugEDU-1557Log in action is not available while idea is updating indices
BugEDU-1612Load all courses including private ones from Stepik
BugEDU-1591Adaptive Python Course not working
BugEDU-1576build.gradle isn't updated to Stepik
ExceptionEDU-1559IOOBE at com.jetbrains.edu.coursecreator.stepik.CCStepikConnector.updateLessonInfo(CCStepikConnector.java:667 )
ExceptionEDU-1558Exception from course update
Task DependenciesBugEDU-1681Idea fails to load Task.kt from "Atomic Kotlin" EduTools course
Task DescriptionBugEDU-1770Code block is overlapped by text
BugEDU-1772Display image as block and make it resizable
BugEDU-1740Markdown on rendering doesn't work
BugEDU-1738In Android Studio hints for placeholders from previous tasks are visible in task description
BugEDU-1735Task tool window: empty tab instead of empty text
BugEDU-1688Migrate placeholder hints for course creator
BugEDU-1672Add `Edit task description` action in new task description toolwindow
BugEDU-1649Task Description/Check redesign: check button doesn't change appearance to run in theory tasks
BugEDU-1641Task Description: replace "Leave a comment" footer with action in check panel
BugEDU-1336Empty text font is too small
TaskEDU-1642Task Description: show hints in task text area (inline)
TaskEDU-1645Task Description/Check redesign: support adaptive courses reactions in new UI
TaskEDU-1644Task Description / Check redesign: integrate choice tasks options panel to task description's text panel
TaskEDU-1640Task Description: remove the top toolbar
TaskEDU-1363Task tool window: replace non-native scrollbar with native
ExceptionEDU-1661NullPointerException in swing description tool window while importing a local course
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