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No subsystemFeatureEDU-1370Placeholder dependencies
BugEDU-1585Atomic Kotlin in Android Studio: project tree in Course view is broken after reopening
BugEDU-1539Open the first task automatically while opening the course
BugEDU-1433Task files from additional materials lesson are not uploaded to Stepik
BugEDU-1530AtomicKotlin course is broken after update
BugEDU-1564Navigate to next/previous task Navigate with no placeholders doesn't work
BugEDU-1419"Educational.Output" toolwindow is always visible
BugEDU-1464"Solution can't be loaded, reset task to solve it again" does not resolve
BugEDU-1443PyTaskChecker.getTaskVirtualFile selects random file to check in Django course
TaskEDU-1448Open only task files with placeholder without dependencies while navigation actions
TaskEDU-1417Update notifications for incompatible courses/solutions
TaskEDU-1389Name lesson and task folder as their titles
TaskEDU-1581Remove DefaultProject usages
TaskEDU-1410No need to store task texts as a map anymore
TaskEDU-1493Improve notification about new courses
ExceptionEDU-1449Exception when opening course
ActionsBugEDU-1458Can't move task with custom name to other lesson
ExceptionEDU-1457Can't navigate to unsolved task in framework lesson
Answer placeholdersBugEDU-1447It's now impossible to delete the whole placeholder text
BugEDU-1385Invalid placeholder length after dependency text substitution
BugEDU-1435Revert task file action doesn't take into account dependency
CheckerBugEDU-1515Check for output task doesn't work if task file with main function is not selected
UsabilityEDU-1115Result of checking a task is displayed in a small popup that disappears very easily
Course ViewBugEDU-1428Allow custom order for the samples
BugEDU-1399Wrong course view after removing empty lesson
Course creatorFeatureEDU-1411View as instructor action in "Browse courses" dialog
FeatureEDU-1440Upload existing course to Stepik as new
FeatureEDU-1480Support Scala language
BugEDU-1359Improve course uploading to Stepik
BugEDU-1409Task file content is left as default
BugEDU-1438Check unsupported task types on remote for course creator
TaskEDU-1395Open file with task description (task.html or task.md) instead of editing task text in Task Description tool window
Framework LessonsFeatureEDU-785Placeholders without frames
FeatureEDU-1425Support framework lessons creation in CC mode
FeatureEDU-1362Support framework lessons in student mode
BugEDU-1547New framework task creation doesn't copy actual text of additional files
BugEDU-1511Bugs in framework lessons
Language.KotlinFeatureEDU-1001Support for AtomicKotlin course
TaskEDU-1562Checker for one module/many source roots Kotlin courses
Project generatorFeatureEDU-1522Don't allow to create courses if some required plugins are disabled
BugEDU-1439Lesson File input/output in Introduction to Python course is not shown
Stepik integrationFeatureEDU-929Push single pycharm task to the stepik
BugEDU-1568For courses with top-level lessons we have to copy top level lessons section id in Export Stepik Ids action
BugEDU-1474NPE at com.jetbrains.edu.learning.stepik.StepikCourseUpdater.taskIdsToUpdate(StepikCourseUpdater.kt:222)
BugEDU-1552Additional lesson isn't being updated in students projects
BugEDU-1492Load solutions in background on project generation
BugEDU-1491Do not load solutions if user wasn't enrolled to this course before
BugEDU-1459Actual test files content can't be uploaded to Stepik
BugEDU-1306Add user 17813950 to the admins of published courses
BugEDU-1484Course creation: Sections are not visible on Stepic
BugEDU-1489NPE at com.jetbrains.edu.coursecreator.actions.CCCreateLessonBase.addItem(CCCreateLessonBase.kt:12)
BugEDU-1533Logging out from Stepik when any settings applied
BugEDU-1550Action for updating additional materials
BugEDU-1549Update position of other tasks when pushing or updating only one task
BugEDU-1567Add unitId for lessons in export stepik ids action
TaskEDU-1352Upload different task types to Stepik
TaskEDU-1503Provide a way to update course from zip
TaskEDU-1504Export Stepik Ids action
TaskEDU-1437Synchronize course creator project to get unsupported task types from Stepik
ExceptionEDU-1446Assertion error when opening "Introduction to Python" and not logged in to Stepik
ExceptionEDU-1519AE at com.jetbrains.edu.learning.stepik.StepikSolutionsLoader.lambda$updateTasks$3(StepikSolutionsLoader.j\nava:167)
Task DependenciesBugEDU-1441Previous task for framework lessons works really strange
TaskEDU-1400Drop subtasks
Task DescriptionFeatureEDU-1222Support links to psi elements in task description
BugEDU-1514Show 'share feedback' button
BugEDU-1479Task Description toolwindow: synchronization with task.html is completely broken
TaskEDU-1535Turning off links to Stepik comments
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