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Course creatorFeatureEDU-1251Allow referring IDE shortcuts in task descriptions
FeatureEDU-1290Support markdown in hints
BugEDU-1343Delete Task/Lesson does nothing for Java/Kotlin in IDEA
BugEDU-1349Course creator: text is not editable in task description
TaskEDU-1216Make "generate course archive" remember the location (or the history of locations)
BugEDU-1324"Get Course From Stepik" action creates broken course
TaskEDU-1346Implement Ide task type
BugEDU-1232Subtasks test files in kotlin course are created in src folder
BugEDU-1230Out folder is shown in project structure
CosmeticsEDU-1345Task description tool window content shouldn't be closeable
Stepik integrationBugEDU-1338Course post/update upload some info incorrectly
FeatureEDU-1314Theory tasks should have class + main method template for java courses
FeatureEDU-1207Stepik allows to pass 100 parameters or less for multiple api requests
ExceptionEDU-1322Failed to create java courses if didn't login to stepik
BugEDU-1293Remove "posted from edu tools" from loaded solutions
BugEDU-1245Progress for tasks with Subtasks
BugEDU-1221Progress for courses with multiple files
BugEDU-1205Add progress for theory
BugEDU-1240Set default score for every step
BugEDU-1282Failed to launch checking if course was open for a long time
BugEDU-1320ask to login for choice tasks if user is null
BugEDU-1297Course update doesn't work correctly
ExceptionEDU-1298java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException while progress update
Usability ProblemEDU-1319Do not show "code complexity" for code tasks check
BugEDU-1309Wrong task count for the copies of the same course opened in IDEA
GradleBugEDU-1365Generate course archive doesn't work for gradle courses
BugEDU-1351Java/Kotlin course creation: Gradle toolwindow needs restart to appear
Task DescriptionBugEDU-1353Task description tool window content shouldn't be closeable
BugEDU-1340Do not allow to "apply changes" from compare with answer action
BugEDU-1040"Open on Stepik" link overlaps task description
BugEDU-1294Colorize code regarding default instead of using only python
Usability ProblemEDU-1328Use system font in task description panel
TaskEDU-1315Open first task automatically after opening course
FeatureEDU-1254Support tables in markdown in task descriptions
Usability ProblemEDU-1079Adding a local .png image to display in task description
IDECosmeticsEDU-1334Move progress bar to the toolbar in the Project tool window
Usability ProblemEDU-1281Course structure is shown only after gradle finished syncing
TaskEDU-1259Do not force showing tool window stripes
Usability ProblemEDU-1325Do not show standard “New Project” message if one project already opened
BugEDU-1195Adaptive Python course: "Configure python interpreter" link in Editor's bar is incorrect
Usability ProblemEDU-443Show Members and Sort by Type in PyCharm EE
Course ViewUsability ProblemEDU-1189Hide solved lessons
BugEDU-1226User created files are not shown in project view for java and kotlin student courses
JavaTaskEDU-1186Make Adaptive Java non-adaptive
FeatureEDU-1223Use gradle for java courses
Project generatorTaskEDU-1308Don't show "Build" tool window while gradle project creation
FeatureEDU-1279Make 'build.gradle' part of course
BugEDU-1286'Unpack Course From Archive' action create additional default lesson
TaskEDU-1212Specify source and test directories for each language
BugEDU-1288'Unpack Course From Archive' action doesn't create course structure for python courses
ActionsBugEDU-1285'Get Course From Stepik' action doesn't work from welcome screen
BugEDU-1283Course archive creation doesn't consider files with legacy kotlin test name as tests files
ExceptionEDU-1264NPE at com.jetbrains.edu.learning.EduProjectComponent.actionsIds(EduProjectComponent.java:388)
BuildTaskEDU-1272Add Learner/Educator statistics
TaskEDU-1228Role selection window is shown every time
KotlinExceptionEDU-1248KtOptionsProvider throws exception if no Kotlin project opened
AndroidBugEDU-1193EduTools plugin forces Android Studio to open projects in Project View instead of Android View
Course contentCosmeticsEDU-1049Missed space in description of "Introduction to Classic Ciphers" course
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