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Django Templates:

  • syntax and error highlighting
  • tags, filters and template variables navigation and autocompletion
  • completion and type resolve of parameters passed from view methods
  • code formatting (Ctrl+Alt+L)
  • auto-indent
  • structure view
  • inspections: duplicate block names, 'extends' tag position, tags open-close structure, unresolved template references
  • live template macros
  • template references navigation and autocompletion in 'extends' and 'include'
  • tags and filters quick documentation (Ctrl+Q)
  • block references navigation and autocompletion
  • custom tag navigation
  • surround with tag (Ctrl+T)
  • code assist: brackets and quotes autoclose
  • commenting (Ctrl+/ and Ctrl+Shift+/)
  • tag folding
  • smart block selection (Ctrl+W)


  • django model relations code insight(navigation, autocompletion, type inference)
  • django model fields type inference
  • urls.py: files, folders, view methods, templates navigation
  • urls.py: create view(with template) quick fix
  • urls.py: regexp injection(highlighting)
  • reference from render_to_response and similar methods to template
  • settings.py: file path autcompletion, navigation and highlighting(from TEMPLATE_DIRS, MEDIA_ROOT and database name)


  • server run configuration
  • creating Django project in New Project Wizard
  • test runner
  • run manage.py task: shows all tasks, task auto-completion, task description, interactive argument inquire
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